Stuck on a hill and spinnin’ our wheels…


Q: Priorities

Pax: Rhymes, Sharkbait, Sawdust, Priorities

Another great week in the books in Monterey!  4 pax hit the La Mesa hill with a vengeance on Tuesday morning.  Sawdust may or may not have mentioned something about the hill last week.  It may have been how he could demolish us on the hill or how easy it was or how we couldn’t handle it…  Somewhere in there is a truth nugget.  Anyway, challenge accepted.  After a brief warmup of SSHs, Abe Vigodas, Merkins and Mountain Climbers, the pax headed down the hill.

Brief statistical aside:  La Mesa hill is roughly 1/4 mile long with an elevation gain of 160 ft.

Started with 10 Burpees oyo to re warm up.  Next, YHC attempted to imitate a Dreamliner exercise from Hampton Roads with little success.  It was supposed to be timed ladder line drill that got harder with each round and then reverse direction and run the opposite line drill faster than you ran the first time.  Each time you hit the end line (“The finish line is the end line…” Classic.  Look it up…) you did 5x some exercise.  Merkins, Squats, Burpees, Iron Mikes, something else?  Can’t remember.  Basically after multiple stop watch fails and shoddy work from a veteran q,  we all ran up and down a hill and were exhausted.  Mission accomplished I guess.  Personally, YHC thinks it has been the hardest F3 Monterey workout to date.  Disagree?

Another humorous note:

Priorities: “Have you seen my F3 orange cones?”

M Priorities: “Yes.”

Priorities: “Oh good.  Where?”

M Priorities: “I put them somewhere, I think…”

Priorities: “…”

Luckily Priorities 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 necessitate dozens of neon colored IKEA kids cups so we’re good.

Later that week…

Croc: (paraphrasing) “Priorities, do you have any cups for Croc 2.0?” Pause. “Probably not any without sand in them, huh.”

Also, Sawdust did indeed crush us all on the hill…

Back up the hill to the flags for Numbers, Names and some words of wisdom.  This morning was from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 “Do you not know that in a race all runners run but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.”  F3 Monterey has really been putting in the effort in the gloom lately, especially that morning leaving sweat and tears on La Mesa hill.  How much more should we be working at building up not just our bodies but our families, community and faith?


Q: Priorities

Pax: Sawdust, Croc, Priorities

No hills at the beach so leg week continued in the sand…  3 pax started with a warm up of SSHs, IWs, AVs, Merkins and Mt Climbers.  Next was a little mosey to an awesome exercise borrowed from F3 Dallas and repeated often in Hampton Roads called paint the lines.  This is basically sprinting forward to the net, then backwards and side shuffling repeating along every line of a tennis court.  Well, there are no tennis courts at Monterery Bay Park but there are LOTS of beach volleyball courts.  This was unbelievably harder in the sand.  Seriously, you have no idea…  So after 4 courts, the pax stopped for some 7s (Dips/Derkins) then off to the beach to perfect the tuesday morning’s failed attempt at ladder line drills.  This time, 2 minutes each and stop exactly where you are at.  Then 2 more minutes.  Rest.  Repeat but exactly in reverse (2 minutes). Rest. 2 more minutes.  Exercises were Iron Mikes and Crab Cakes.  Pax finished with roughly 7 seconds to spare.  Well done.  Also, A dozen neon IKEA kids cups reprised their role as marker cones.  YHC is sure our normal orange cones with turn up eventually and the Priorities 2.0’s will once again get to drink, sand and grit free…

Mosey to a grassy area for some 6MOM and paint half the lines of a court on our way past.  So much complaining… Mostly from YHC…  Boxcutters, Freddy Mercuries, Dollys and Sawdust got such a kick out of Dollys that we introduced Rosalitas.  Good times.

Mosey Back to the flag for COT.  Numbers, Names and Words of Wisdom.  Today from Ephesians 5.  Lets be Men.  I mean real Men. Our families don’t need boys leading them. We are called in Ephesians to be the head of our households.  So do it.  This doesn’t mean we are the most important, quite the contrary.  We should be making decisions with the needs of our families first  and our own self interest last.  In F3 terms, that’s living 3rd.


  • Monterey is filling a clown car and heading up to F3 SF Peninsula on December 9th (slight change of date but now it’s solid…)  Priorities, Sharkbait and Croc are in. Get your HCs to YHC soon.  Departing La Mesa at 5:15am and making a stop in Fort Ord to fill the clown car.  Feel free to invite an FNG as well.  Be back around 11 depending on traffic.  Don’t let SF Peninsula know we’re coming…
  • A couple of regular pax will be out of town for Thanksgiving so the normal Thursday morning will likely turn in to something else.  Possibly a Turkey Trot in Toro Park, fertile ground for EHing.  Make sure to wear your F3 swag.
  • Get your F3 Monterey shirt ideas to Croc.  I believe the suggestion from Tuesday was something like a shark fighting a squid in front of the lone cypress.  Lets make that happen.
  • Make sure to follow @F3Monterey on twitter for all the latest.  Seriously, if you’ve been avoiding twitter, get on there and follow us, @F3nation and @F3MustardSeeds!
  • Sawdust is relocating this Saturday.  Luckily only across town.  If you’re available for some heavy lifting (or light lifting…) let us know.

That’s all,

Priorities out


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Singin’ in the Rain

Q: Priorities

Pax: Croc, Priorities, Rhymes

Monterey’s first test of F3’s rain or shine policy happened in the gloom this morning to great success!  3 regulars and 1 kinda creepy kinda genius paparazzi made it out of the warm, dry fartsack for a soggy shower at the beach.


  • SSH x25 IC
  • Setup field for F3 draft lottery.  Tested it out with a round of Burpees. (5 line suicides with 5 reps at each line)

The Thang:

Mosey to the pullup bars for Cindy. 20 minutes AMRAP x5 pull-ups x10 Merkins x15 Squats.

Back to the draft lottery field.  Normally for this Priorities classic, you choose your own exercise from the bucket of pain.  This morning, all pax performed the same exercises.  3 Rounds total, leg lifts, flutter kicks and lunges.  Mosey back to flags.


Numbers, Names and a some words of wisdom.  This morning focused on veteran’s day weekend.  Take some time to remember those that have paid the ultimate price and those that daily put themselves in harms way to protect this great nation of ours.

A random onlooker caught this spontaneous picture of our Ball of Man:

It’s only creepy if she doesn’t show us the photo, right?


  • Sawdust is feeling better after his sniffles and claims he’s better at the La Mesa hill than the rest of us.  Bring your hill climbing game on Tuesday!
  • Don’t like to run hills?  Let us know what you want to do when you are the Q!  Sign up here
  • F3 Monterey t shirt ideas?
  • Tentative date for the SF Peninsula takeover set for December 2nd.  Any HC’s? Shhhh, don’t tell San Francisco…

Priorities out


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Rocky Horror Workout

Q: Flutie Flakes

Pax: Bobo (EC), Kicken’ It, Flutie Flakes (EC)

Three men escaped the Fart Sack on a beautiful, crisp New England fall day.  I planned to  get to the AO 30 minutes early and set up and chill before the festivities began, however when I arrived, Bobo was already there waiting for some Extra Credit running.  So off we went for a nice jog at fellowship pace to get the juices flowing.  Knowing what I knew was in store, I did not want to burn up too fast. So we came back to the AO and waited.  When the bells rang, we were joined by Kickin’ It and off we went…

Warm up-

  • SSHs x 20 In Cadence
  • Imperial Walkers  x15 IC
  • Merkins x15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC

Mosey to the rock pile and find your new best friend for the hour…A nice lifting/running rock.  then mosey with rock in tow to top of the parking lot for instructions:

Round 1 -With rock, do 10 curls, 10 chest presses and 10 tricep extensions, drop rock and sprint to Shovel Flag (100 yds), do 10 jump squats and sprint back to rock.  5 sets  – Plank when finished

Round 2 – With rock, 10 goblet squats with overhead press, sprint WITH rock to Shovel Flag (100 yds), do 10 burpees jumping over your rock, sprint WITH rock back.  5 sets – Plank when complete

Interlude: Mary

  • 50 Little Baby Crunches (LBC)(IC – so 100)
  • Dollypalooza (IC) – 10 low Dolly, 10 Rosalita, 10 Low Dolly

Back to the PG:

Round 3 – Burpn’ Merk – Leave your rock behind.  Run entire parking lot.  At every other light pole, stop and do 5 Burpn’ Merks – a regular burpee but every increase in number will increase the pushups – so 1 burpee (1 pushup), 2 Burpee (2 pushups)…8 total light poles.

Round 4 – Mosey over to benches and do 10 Jump Ups, 15 Derkins (declined pushup) and 20 Dips – 2 Sets

Run back to collect your rock and run long way around parking lot and back to pile to return him to his home.

Round 5 – Mosey to stairs for calf raises (IC)

  • regular X10
  • Toes in, heals out x10
  • Heals in toes out x10
  • Regular x10

6 Minutes of Mary-Go-Round – Each man calling an exercise:

  • Kickin’ It – Burpees (x10)
  • Bobo – His patented Ab cross thing (x10)
  • Flutie – Heals to Heaven (x10)

Elbow Plank until Bells



COT – Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, BOM



  • The new website is up and running.  This should be obvious if you are reading this. All Monterey pax should be receiving an email with login info at some point so that you can comment and post backblasts after you Q.
  • Click here for all the latest F3 swag
  • Discussion continues for adding mid-week workouts.  We need to just decide and do it.  Get the word out!
  • Bobo on Q for next week.

Daily Lexicon:  “Q” – A leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome.

Flutie Flakes out!

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