Million Dollar Views

20 Jan 2018

Q Sawdust

Pax Sharkbait, Croc, Priorities


Warm Up:

SSH 25

IW  25

Merkins  20

Squats  25

Sun gods

Milkjugs  25


The Thing:

Mosey to PB Hill

Pebble Beach 2018… Sprint up the hil. Add 1 Merkin for each rep.

Mosey Back to the Beach

L.I.M.P.S 3 rds; Lunges, Imperial Walkers 10, Merkins  10 , Squats 10 all while while partner planks

Howling Monkeys  4 rnds

4 minutes of planks

Shout out to Croc who didn’t spill merlot on the hill….  And luckily for us Asilomar Beach was not shut down due to the raw sewage spill that impacted the beaches to the north. Hope no one drank any of the sea water.

Will you be selfless or selfish? How can you make yourself more selfless each day for everyone around you?

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