Musical Leg Day


Q: Priorities

Pax: Rhymes, Mud Duck, Priorities

2 of Monterey’s finest (and YHC) stormed the beach in the blue moon light this morning.  The weather app said 50 degrees but that wind off the water was chilly on YHCs sleeveless like cheech arms.  Good thing F3 TC tagged me in a tweet this morning to remind me what cold really is.  -1 degree. -18 wind chill.  THAT is cold.  #cantore


SSHs x20 IC

IWs x20 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x20 IC

Copperhead Squats x20 IC

Paint the lines x 2 courts

With the legs officially warmed up, a friendly competition ensued in the form of a sprint back to the flags.  The purpose was to even the running speed of all pax.  The 1st back to the flags were voluntold to carry the heavy coupons.

Commence Musical Leg Day!

All the credit for this one goes to Mentos.  Just a little mosey.  With some heavy stuff.  To music.  Here’s the play list:

Mosey – Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

Wall sits – No Sleep Till Brooklyn – Beastie Boys

Mosey – It’s Tricky – Run D.M.C.

Lunges – Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mosey – Runnin’ With The Devil – Van Halen

Merkins – Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Mosey – Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

Monkey Humpers – Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas

Numbers, Names, BOM

Words of Wisdom today were about toughness.  Sometimes we need to be pushed beyond comfort.  That might mean occasionally posting in sub balmy temperatures and sometimes getting sand in your britches.  Maybe the adversity comes from removing oneself from their fartsack before the sun comes up.  The choice to take the DRP, to choose the hard-true over the easy-false, isn’t easy but if you’re not accelerating forward, you’re moving backwards.


“Lunges till Free Bird is over” was a legendary event that played a big role in YHCs F3 infancy.  The legs burned for days and it needed to be shared.  All 9 minutes and 7 seconds. Thanks Mentos!

We’re right back here at Del Monte Beach on Saturday.  Sharkbait has the Q.  Sharkbait. On the beach.  Sounds dangerous.  Sounds hard.  Too hard. You probably shouldn’t go.  I’ll be going but maybe YOU should sleep in.  Red Pill or the Blue Pill?  #DRP

Still looking for a Q for 2/10!  You get to pick the location. Sign up here.




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