Plate workout


Q Rhymes
Pax Priorities, Mud Duck, Sharkbait, Croc

Imperial Walkers 20
Hill Billies 20
Abe Vigoda 20

The Thing
Bolded exercises done with 25# plate
First round 90 seconds of exercise, 15 second rest

Squat Hops

Steering Wheels
Bicep Curls

Sneaky Lunge

Overhead Tricep Extension
Clean and Press

Bear Crawl

Single Arm Row

Overhead Lunge

Side Tri Rise
Oblique V-Ups

Quick feet

American Hammer
Lying Down Tricep Extension


Bent Over Row
Upright Row

Round One Complete

Round Two was 60 seconds/15 seconds. Completed through Oblique V-Ups before it was time to quit.

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