F3 Monterey Grows Up…

2/6/18 – 2/8/18

We can no longer sit idly by.  We have things to do. Places to go. Families to provide for.  Communities to care for.  No longer can we rest in the warm comforts of our fartsacks until the sun rises.  F3 Monterey has changed its start time to 0530.  Here’s how it sleepily happened in the very early gloom…

Tuesday – 

Q: Priorities

Pax: Croc, Rhymes, Sharkbait, Priorities

SSHs x40 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x20

Sun gods x10

Each pax picks an exercise:

Merkins, Squats, LBCs and Burpees were selected.

Commence The Cooper…

10 of each exercise – Indian Run a lap

9 of each exercise – Indian Run a lap



Finished 4 and a lap and then did 10 of each for good measure.


Coffee on the back porch, still in the pitch dark…

Thursday – 

Q: Priorities

Pax: Rhymes, Priorities

You Betchya stopped by on his bike with 3 minutes to go… doesn’t count…

Despite the fact that neither Rhymes nor YHC have responsibilities before 0900, it was really great to be there a half hour early.  (clears throat…)

SSHs x30 IC

IWs x20

Copperhead Squats x20

Mosey to Pullup Bars

Cindy 1-2-3:

Team inverted rows/Merkins/Squats – 100/200/300 w/ 50 yard run

Back to the flags for a true 6MOM

LBCs/Flutter Kicks/American Hammers

Numbers and Names

As a pax, we’ve got a lot of things going on in life right now.  We have pax trying to have kids, some sooner than others, pax starting new jobs, pax moving, and it goes on.  In that oh so special and awkward moment that is the 2 man BOM, we prayed for each individual pax of F3 Monterey.  May God be with each of you as you roll through life’s rollercoaster!


  • We’ve got a good number of pax who are excellent at Qing.  The goal is to a have a rotation of Qs.  If everyone who has Qed signs up for 2 Qs a month, we’d have every workout covered.  Here  is the Q schedule.  Step up for 2 a month!
  • This saturday 2/10 we’ll be at Del Monte Beach.  Rhymes has the Q.
  • Next Saturday 2/17 somewhere in Fort Ord.  YHC has the Q.
  • Also next Saturday, F3 Monterey will be helping to lead a Family Fitness event with Shoreline Church at Del Monte Beach at 1000.  Come on out and support and bring your families and friends.  Not an F3 workout but it will be eerily similar minus names for FNGs.
  • There is an opportunity to help with the launch of F3 Phoenix on March 24.  We’d like to send a contingent from F3 Monterey and SF Peninsula.  YHC will be driving but its a pretty quick flight from Monterey down to Phoenix. If interested, please let me know.  This will be a great opportunity to meet other seasoned F3 pax from Hampton Roads and Charlotte Metro and spread F3 to a FNGs in Phoenix. Aye!!

Priorities out

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