The 90’s


AO change to Western Michigan University – Miller Parking Garage

Q: Iverson

Pax: Iceman, Iverson, Ping, Ryder, Stardust, TickTock

Arm circles, Merkins, Plank shoulder touches – all IC

Competition up stairs, passing block.

The Thang:

90’s beatdown

Mosey with blocks  to incline of parking ramp. B2W

One of the PAX jump rope to 90x, while rest of PAX AYG reps with blocks workouts listed below until 90x  jump rope were competed. In between each block set PAX completed one of the following; Sprint down and back on the incline, Bear crawl weave, crab walk weave, wall sit with punches

  • Block Workouts
    1. plank jacks
    2. monkey humpers
    3. flutter kicks with block
    4. overhead block hold
    5. shoulder press
    6. squats
    7. diamond Merkins on block
    8. curls
    9. ruck raise

We jammed out to some great 90’s music playing in the background including; Marky Mark, MC Hammer, and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

A great 18 Deg Saturday am beatdown, with 60 year old Iceman showing us all up on the crab walk (freakishly) and friendly competitions on the sprints!! A healthy showing considering the weather and AO change. Stardust getting better by the week, and TickTock back at it from taking some family time was great! Till next time…

Iverson Out

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