Gloom Swing

Gloom Swing

Q Sharkbait
Pax Beach, Priorities
Warm Up

Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Annie Plank 10

The Thang
3 rounds
Mountain climbers IC 10
Groiners Plank to Feet outside of Hands x10
3 Rounds
Crab Humper Crab Position hips up and down cadence IC 10
Dying Coachroach IC 10
3 Rounds
Pulse Row IC 20
On belly hands at sides lift hands up
Supermans 3 count hold 20
Hey Watch Iss
10 Burpee, 10 Diamond Merkin, 10 90 degree squat jumps
One Calls 15 count wait in Back Plank
Ciabatta Routine Swing Rows
Ciabatta Routine Carolina Dry Docks
Rosalita IC 12
Dolly IC 12

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