We’re all Irish Today

QIC: Iverson
Pax: Ryder, Bloomer, Ping, Simba, Iverson, DPug, Dig, Roary.
Welcome FNGs! F3 and Disclaimer

Indian Run with:
Dublin Dry Docks 20 IC
Celtic donkey kicks 20 IC
St Patty cake Merkins 10 IC
Cherry pickers 20 IC
Leprechaun lunges -Zombie Walk 100yds
Pull-ups AMRAP
Irish Hill climbers 20 IC

Guinness bearcrawls up hill with partner Irish twists at the bottom totaling 400

Concrete block Circle (run and push down)
Then wave of Merkins in block

Farmers carry around flag x2
Partner overhead claps
4 leaf clover (legs) for 6MOM

The morning after a long Ruck for some had a legs and feet in a bind, got out in the gloom pushed one another Irish style. 3 FNGs joined with 5 vets (further growth expected next week!) but Bloomer felt weird doing Dublin Dry docks, but Carolina Dry socks are ok for his masculinity 😉 The message of “we aren’t lucky but here with a purpose” was left to chew on. Great way to start a beautiful weekend here in Kzoo Region.



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