Back-2-Back beatdowns

27 June 2018, 7 HIM posted for my Back-2-Back beat downs and to watch a beautiful sunrise over the canal and fishing fleet

Warm-up  50 SSH, 25 cherry pickers, 25 windmills

The Thang-  Mosey 1 lap inside tennis court, 1 lap karaoke switch sides at half way, half lap high knees, half lap toy soldiers.

Deck-of-death –  Deck of cards each suite represents an exercise  deal off 1 card at a time face value represents reps lots of spades seemed to of showed up during the beginning to create a little chatter

Diamonds- diamond merkins

Clubs- prisoner squats

Spades- big boy sit ups

Hearts- Bobby Hurleys

left 2 Jokers in the deck if joker showed up that was 5 burpees

With the message I asked each pax to tell the group what F3 meant to them lots of good input

ended with Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama and COT


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50th Birthday beat down

26 June 2018

12 HIM beat the fartsack  and posted for my 50th birthday beatdown

Warm-up  50 sidestraddle hops, 25 cherry pickers, 25 windmills, 25 MNC

The Thang,  Mosey from the AO to the town fishing pier for the  pain station #1

dragon crawl the length of parking spots, 10 merkins, crawl bear back to starting point, 10 merkins.

Mosey to grass lot across from firehouse for pain station  #2

25 flutter kicks,  Toy soldier set 30 LBCs,  E2Ks 20 each side, 15 big boy sit-ups

Mosey across footbridge to town park for pain station #3

50 prisoner squats, 20 step ups on benches,  10 burpees

Mosey back to AO

Quote from John Quincy Adams- If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more you are a leader.

Talked about how to me being in the military along with F3 is a brotherhood

Ended a great beat down with count-o-rama, Name-o-rama and  a COT







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Knocked Down


6 HIM posted

warm up- tubthumper -chumbawamba. Every time he says “I get knocked down” you do a burpee. Follow Q doing SSH and marrocan night clubs in between.

Start upper body station at circle. All with cynder block as coupon. 10 irkins. 10 dirkins. 10 left side stagger merkins. 10 right side stagger merkins. 20 triceps extensions. 20 shoulder press. 20 curls.

Run .5 mile to middle school.

Ab station. 75 lbcs. 50 reverse crunch. 50 flutter kicks. 25 big boys.

Run .5 mile back to circle.

Rinse repeat.

3rd F. 2nd Corinthians 4:7-16. Definitely would recommend reading this again on your own and digesting it. So much good information.

Because time restriction did 1 more set of upper body station and ab station all at circle. Without the mile run.

Totals- 27 burpees in warm up! A lot of arm and ab stuff! And 2 mile run. Great push HIM!

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Ace is the Place

Great push this morning, especially by those whose legs have been put to the test 3 days in a row this week!
Warm up-
SSH- 25
Arm circles forward – 15
Arm circles reverse- 15
Cherry pickers – 10
Prisoner squats – 10
Mountain climbers – 15
The Thang- 
Mosey to Ace Parking Lot.
Line up on one end of lot.
25 ssh – single count
Sprint to 3/4 point
25 ssh. Bear crawl  to end of lot.
25ssh. Mosey back to start. Plank for 6
25 merkins
Sprint to 3/4
25 merkins
Lt Dan to end
25 merkins
Mosey back to start. Plank
25 squats
Sprint to 3/4
25 squats
Bear crawl to end
25 squats
Mosey back to start. Plank
25 Big Boys
Sprint to 3/4
25 lbc
Lt dan to end
25 Big Boys
Mosey back to start. Plank.
3rd F –
Toy soldier set – 30lbcs, 20 etks each side, 10 …. or 15 Big Boys.
Mosey back to AO.
Round of Mary.
Hello dolly , leg climbs , box cutter, flutter kick, American hammer
3rd F-

Present Tense

It was spring, But it was summer I wanted,

The warm days, And the great outdoors.

It was summer, But it was fall I wanted,

The colorful leaves, And the cool, dry air.

It was fall, But it was winter I wanted,

The beautiful snow, And the joy of the holiday season.

It was winter, But it was spring I wanted,

The warmth, And the blossoming of nature.

I was a child, But it was adulthood I wanted,

The freedom, And the respect.

I was 20, But it was 30 I wanted,

To be mature, And sophisticated.

I was middle-aged, But it was 20 I wanted,

The youth, And the free spirit.

I was retired, But it was middle age I wanted,

The presence of mind, Without limitations.

My life was over.

But I never got what I wanted.

Jason Lehman

This poem has insight for all ages. But also touches heavily on the reality that we can often focus on what we don’t have , and miss what’s in front of us.   This carries different meaning for each of us- depending on what you may be going through, your age, your health, firtness, family, friends, Job , business, etc.
I take it as a message of – you are right where you need to be. do not miss the blessings right now because you are solely wishing for what’s next.   Live at the fullest now. See how you can impact and improve others lives where you are now and don’t wait for the next season. You’re life will be better for it.    It’s ok to set goals, be driven towards achieving  them, but go after them now and don’t wait for the next season, or tomorrow , or perfect timing to do it,  because It won’t come.  Now is the time.   Live life the way it’s intended to be.  And be an High Impact Man.
HIM seize the day- go after what they need, live life with anticipation of what’s coming,  but dont allow themselves to be paralyzed today  in false hopes That tomorrow will bring what they want.
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Death Wish


Without knowing what the weather was going to bring, 14 PAX posted including one FNG! Way to post Excel and Snare! Hitting it with a workout before heading out for vacation! Thanks Jeannine Perry for the motivation!


QIC: Eagle

AO: Rapho Township Community Park

PAX: Inspector, Squared, Snare, 10AC, Marvel, Flintstone, Fridge, Skater, Sunspot (30-pound ruck), Zepp, Excel, Bourbon, HOA (FNG)

Windmills – 15 IC
Arm Circles Front – 15 IC
Arm Circles Back – 15 IC
Chinook – 15 IC
Monkey Humpers – 15 IC

THE THANG: Charles Bronson – Death Wish
50 SSH’s
Sprint 100 yards
Army crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Merkins
Sprint 100 yards
Bear crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Burpees
Sprint 100 yards
Army crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 LBC’s
Sprint 100 yards
Crab walk 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Jump Squats
Sprint 100 yards
Duck walk 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

Freddie Mercury – 25 IC
Homer to Marge
Guantanamo – 1 Round

Whoa, great workout! You guys all did awesome and killed it like Charles Bronson. Great having you join us FNG HOA. Glad you are here and looking forward to seeing you at the next workout!


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3 Thangs for 3 PAX


QIC: Vanilla

AO: Aegis: Georgetown, DE

PAX: Fireplex, Summit, Vanilla


Cherry Pickers – 19 IC

SSH – 20 IC

Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Smurf Jacks – 20 IC

Plank Jacks – 20 IC

Mosey to Napa Autoparts

Cherry Picker – 20 IC

Windmill – 10 IC

Mosey to Georgetown Middle School for Tha Thang

The Thang 1: Chappie Challenge aka Scary Spice Circuit

Start: PAX lined up along sidewalk 1 on near side of school front yard.

Round 1: Bearcrawl to sidewalk 2, mosey back to start, complete 30 merkins OYO.

Round 2: Bearcrawl to sidewalk 2, Lt. Dans to sidewalk 3, mosey back to start, complete 20 merkins.

Round 3: Bearcrawl to sidewalk 2, Lt. Dans to sidewalk 3, Dragoncrawl to sidewalk 4, mosey back to start, complete 10 merkins.

The Thang 2: Quarter Pounder

Sprint 25 yards – 25 Merkins, Nur Back

Sprint 50 yards – 50 Prisoner Squats, Nur Back

Sprint 75 yards – 75 Mtn. Climbers, Nur Back

Sprint 100 yards – 100 LBCs, Nur Back

Break for 3rd F

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

Read excerpt from Freed to Lead by OBT & Dredd

There are many great Workout locations in F3Nation, but Charlotte’s Freedom Park was the first. It is where it all started. Not only is it a great place for a Workout, it also serve the community in a thousand different ways. The average man in F3Metro probably spends an average of 7 hours a week there in one capacity or another. Go there on a Saturday morning in the spring or fall and you will see the parking lots stuffed full of minivans and the fields overrun with kids playing soccer and baseball. There is so much sweet America there it will make your teeth hurt. When the world is running particularly amok, a day in Freedom is all a man needs to keep him focused on what we have here, what is worth protecting. The World may be afire, but we have Freedom, brothers. We have Freedom. Is it likewise in every park that is part of F3Nation? We imagine so. That is really why we do this, isn’t it?

One day after soccer, Dredd was walking toward his minivan with his daughters when the youngest one asked him why there were never any police officers at Freedom Park. He had never thought about it until that moment, but she was right. Except at the front gate (enforcing the no-left turn rule), he had never seen a police officer patrolling the park. So he answered, “They are probably at other places where they are needed.”

Which prompted her older sister (in her older sister voice) to say, “Yeah, we don’t need them here because we have the daddies.”

Little sister replied, Riggggght we have the daddies to keep us safe at Freedom. The police are at the parks without the daddies.” At that, Dredd kind of looked away so his daughters wouldn’t see the tears in his eyes, and he noticed that he could see about five other F3 guys within nine-iron distance, coaching soccer or cheering their kids on. And he knew there were another twenty F3 men that he couldn’t see from where he was standing. But there were there. 

It occurred to Dredd that if the bad guys came to Freedom they might have thought it easy pickings because they would see no police on duty. But they would be mistaken. If evil came to Freedom it would have the daddies to contend with, and it would not stand a chance. While we might be outnumbered Brothers, we have locked our shields and will keep them locked in the heat of battle. We know that to be true. 

Alone, we may go down fighting but we are still easily overcome. But we do not fight alone. We fight behind the Locked Shields of the Minivan Centurions. That shield wall will not be broken. That is Why We Are Here. We are F3.”

Mosey back to AO for Tha Thang 3: Captain Thor

1:4 ratio of big boys & American hammers, work to 10:40

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,


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The Stinks… Hair Burners

June 19, 2018
QIC- Ping
Pax: Ryder, Ping, Dig, Stardust

Hello Pax!
Disclaimer: Brandon IS A professional 🙂

1)Warm up:
Mtn climbers IC
Merkins IC
Patty cake Merkins OYO

Walking leg pull (glute stretch) IC with block overhead

Hair Burners – Concrete blocks on ground, push the distance approximately 50 yards at end then complete10 OH claps IC.

Rinse and Repeat x 10. Halfway through jog around park with stops for American hammers IC and pull ups

More legs to finish us off – squats IC

Friend competition to see who could hair burn the farthest or back to parking lot.

Freddy Mercury
Seal sit-ups as a group, linked arms

That’s all for this beat down.



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Ultimate Frisbee???

June 16, 2018
QIC- Iverson
Pax: ryder, Bloomer, Ping, Simba, dig, stardust, cheesesteak, Who’dat, Petros, HoneyBear, Iverson

-all 20 IC

Partner up with your 2.0 or another pax that will challenge the stomach juices outta ya.

Animal Baseball (bear crawl, crab walk, Lunges, frog hop)

THEN Go to back drop, assume wall sit, wait until pax get there… IC punches while assuming and holding the squat.


ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! 5 on 6… no worries for the 5 man team 😉
your team drops? 1 burpee penalty
Your team is scored on? 10 reps of the other teams choice.

Was a great all around fun cardio game, which we will play randomly in the evening and throughout the winter I can imagine. Trudging through the snow in boots, laying out for a frisbee will be an epic game.

10 min to go…another Father’s Day favorite for kickball. Same teams, all time blind pitcher to be fair (Bloomer makes fun of it himself so it’s ok). Pitcher gives the batters box 10 reps of an exercise to do, then throws,outfield has to do 2 burpees before fielding the ball and runner bear crawls the bases.
In a game of World Series type athletics, team 2 won 2-1 in Walk off fashion!!

COT: we all went around saying exactly why we came this am and without surprise 100% came for the nice workout and fellowship associated to be stronger men. Accountability is being gained slowly and each trust forming for us Midwestern hard-working men. Love it guys and keep it up!

All for now—Iverson.

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Improvise Adapt Overcome

Date: 6/14/2018

QIC:  Bloomer

PAX:  Bloomer, DPug, Stardust

Portage Central’s McCamley Field is officially under construction so beginning next Thursday KNIGHT will shift to Portage Central Elementary School’s parking lot.  The construction necessitated gonna no from Plan A Workout to Plan B, and then eventually Plan C!  Where there’s a will there’s a way!  #ImproviseAdaptOvercome

  • Warm Up: Rucks On
  • 3 Rounds in cadence
  • 5 Merkins
  • 10 4 ct. Flutter kicks
  • 15 Squats

The Thang:

  • Ruck up
  • From STARTEX to Centre St. ruck on back
  • SWestnedge to Shaver Rd. flip ruck upside down
  • Corner of Shaver Rd. to RR Tracks in front of lumber yard use only one strap of ruck
  • RR Tracks to Melody St.  ruck on front
  • Length of Melody ruck must be carried by top handle only
  • Melody back to STARTEX “High boat” drills w/ruck
  • ENDEX with 1:00 ruck OH Hold


Great fellowship this morning, while on the move. Note AO parking change for next week. Shout out to Stardust, his first post since turning the big 4-0



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A Trip to the Hospital…Uh, oh!

Date: 6/20/18

QIC: Chappie

YHC was given the honor to Q it up at our newest AO. He was actually a little “giddy” the night before, knowing that he would FINALLY get to take the PAX to the hospital. To borrow words from Hetfield, Hammett, and Ulrich, YHC was so excited about Q’ing the new AO he “slept with one eye open, gripping the pillow tight.” (First to name that tune, sets me up for 10 Burpees in the Gloom.) So, yeah, the title of this Backblast is a little misleading, but since it got your attention…Keep Calm and read on!

Technically we did go to the hospital, but not because anyone was hurt. We simply went there for a STS (Sadclown Therapy Session). He, he! Anyway, the hospital has a great parking garage that YHC has been drooling over. With that said, 4 HIM won an undoubtedly hard-fought battle with the Fartsack and posted for the therapy session. It went a little something like this…



SSH – 18 IC (There’s a reason for YHC’s 18 rep count. To be shared at a later date; stay tuned)

Shell Pickers – 10 IC (Cherry Pickers with a local culture name — When in Rome…)

Sealjacks – 18 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Smurfjacks – 18 IC

Steph Curry’s – 10 OYO (Warm-up on basketball court prompted us to move to 3-pt. line for this)

Mosey to Beebe Hospital Parking Garage

The Thang:

Mosey up first level, Prison break second level

Mosey up third level, Prison break fourth level

Mosey up fifth level to bottom incline on sixth level

Escalator by 5’s

Crawlbear to top, 5 Mexican Jumping Beans OYO, mosey to bottom of incline

Segnul (reverse lunges) to top, 10 Stagger Knerkins OYO, mosey to bottom

Fiddler Crab to top (switching on the half), 15 Burpjacks OYO, mosey to bottom

Karaoke to top (switch at the half), 20 Apollo Lunges OYO, mosey to bottom

Lt. Dan to top, 25 Plankjacks OYO, Lt. Dan to bottom (well, because its different)


Breather for 3rdF Message – YHC shared this as a repeat from a couple a weeks prior, when it was only he and Summit who posted, the reason for the repeat speaks for itself:

My buddy Wade (F3 Nunchuk) put the EH on me early in 2016, and I remember the very first workout I ever posted for. After the warmup, in which I was trying to figure out all the new lingo (not to mention trying to do Imperial Walkers IC!), we Mosey’d to the opposite side of the AO where I was inducted into F3 with a rigorous set of “21’s”.

I was seriously out of shape, doing Merkins at one end and then LBC’s at the other. I actually never finished 21’s that day. Pretty much everyone else had completed their rounds and was waiting for me, when it was simply time to move on. But I knew immediately I’d found something I wanted (needed) to be a part of!

You see, when I was running back and forth from end to end, between Merkins and LBC’s, veteran F3 PAX were running past me or running in the opposite direction low-fiving me and saying things like : “Great job, brother! You got this man! Hang tough, keep going!” I LOVED THAT SPECIAL CAMARADERIE, especially because I was thoroughly gassed, and these guys were encouraging me to keep going! To some degree, all the encouragement was ALMOST overdone. But because of that, there was no way I could stop!

Have you ever wondered why we encourage one-another so much (instead of the opposite)? I think I discovered it a few months later when I read this in Freed to Lead: “A leader has to reward I2 (individual initiative) wherever and when ever he sees it, and take responsibility for any adverse outcomes that may result. LEADERS ALWAYS GET MORE OF WHAT THEY REWARD AND LESS OF WHAT THEY PUNISH.” (81)

That phrase and concept has had more of an effect on me and my leadership than any other principle or truth I’ve encountered, outside of Christ who is Himself the truth.

What I mean is that, for a man with a critical eye, who more easily sees what is wrong and what needs to be fixed, it has changed my whole attitude in terms of leading and relating to those whom I lead—whether it be family, the church, or in the community!


I.e. there is life created or life diminished by the way we either encourage one another or by the way we tear one another down. Speaking life, though slightly overdone in the moment of my first F3 workout, has been experienced in every workout since. Coupled with that statement I read in Freed to Lead, it has literally proven true and produced fruit in every area of leadership in my life–not just the workouts.

Being more critical in nature, I’ve had to be intentional about “rewarding” and encouraging the behavior I see or want to see, but I can tell you that it works! Though it might seem overdone, maybe even a little superficial at times, try it on for size and see if you’re not a better, more productive, and more respected leader because of it. After all, it’s what HIM do!



ST Session cut short (actually a little OT…sorry guys)! Full session would’ve been a reverse of the escalator (see above) but we ran out of time.

Mosey back to AO – total mosey distance according to Measure My Run = 1.75 miles


Name change ceremony: Spokes changed to Cupcake, here’s the reason why…




  • PAX encouraged to EH Lewes but also to check out other AO’s to get in more days
  • F3 Mustard Seed Shirts – see the link of GroupMe, deadline July 2 (tell Chappie what you want, pay him, and let’s order together to get free shipping


  • For Leatherman’s M
  • For Chappie’s nephew, Aaron, getting another shot a Swamp Phase in Ranger School
  • Something else? …YHC forgot

So, as it turned out a trip to the hospital was much needed. Sadclown Therapy Sessions continue…check out an AO near you!

Honored to lead and to workout with such HIM, special thanks to Vanilla for putting YHC on the Q Schedule.

Chappie, out!

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