Knocked Down


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warm up- tubthumper -chumbawamba. Every time he says “I get knocked down” you do a burpee. Follow Q doing SSH and marrocan night clubs in between.

Start upper body station at circle. All with cynder block as coupon. 10 irkins. 10 dirkins. 10 left side stagger merkins. 10 right side stagger merkins. 20 triceps extensions. 20 shoulder press. 20 curls.

Run .5 mile to middle school.

Ab station. 75 lbcs. 50 reverse crunch. 50 flutter kicks. 25 big boys.

Run .5 mile back to circle.

Rinse repeat.

3rd F. 2nd Corinthians 4:7-16. Definitely would recommend reading this again on your own and digesting it. So much good information.

Because time restriction did 1 more set of upper body station and ab station all at circle. Without the mile run.

Totals- 27 burpees in warm up! A lot of arm and ab stuff! And 2 mile run. Great push HIM!

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