ReeeSPECT Workout to [try to] Remember

QIC: No-Show Jones

Lol, a little humor at Waterfall’s expense. Apparently our fearless leader suffered a foot injury from Roving RuckF3st Friday and put himself on the IR, so he could not make his Q. Word was put out but no one stepped up to Q (Somehow Chappie missed it on GroupMe). That left Chattahoochee and Chappie to fend for themselves. Tempted to go for a cup of Joe and just do some coffeeteria, instead we tag-teamed a Wienke-less workout and filled the hour with some beatdown at the hands of two, count ’em, two, respectables. (That is to say we’re both over 50 and might not remember every part of the beatdown but we’ll give it a shot.) Help me out Chattahoochee; here goes…


SSH – 18 IC

SJ – 20 IC

CP – 15 IC

WM – 18 IC


The Thang:

Mosey to side entrance steps of County Admin Building

1 PAX ran steps up and down, while other did Merkins. Kept switching out until reaching 100 Merkins combined.


Mosey to library

Lt. Dan, length of lot

Bearcrawl back

Lindsey Vonn parking lot lines, length of lot


Mosey to Georgetown Elementary

On the short steps:

100 Squats, bottom

10 Burpees, top

100 Squats, bottom

10 Hand Release Burpees, top

100 Squats, bottom

10 DerkinBurps, top (on the high wall!)

Total: 300 Squats/30 Burpees

Wosey to nearby curb, 30 Dips (Chattahoochee said 25 but YHC did 30, so they’re being counted)


Mosey to intersection of N. Margaret & W. Laurel Streets

4-Count Freddies – 25 IC


Mosey to intersection of Robinson & Laurel Streets

Toy Soldier Set


Double-time Mosey (not quite prison-break) to intersection of Elizabeth & W. Laurel  Streets

…drawing a blank, again!


Mosey to wall @ County Bank

*discovered a new set of two-story steps on the way (for future reference, Q’s)

Aussie Mt. Climbers – 15 IC

20 OH Claps – OYO


Mosey to AO



Called it a day. Good stuff Chattahoochee, glad you posted brother! Waterfall, hope your foot heals up quickly so you get off the IR. Hang tough, see you soonsday.

All PAX: Keep EH’ing anybody and everybody you know in Georgetown.

Let’s own the mission: Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership. It won’t happen if we don’t make it happen!

Chappie & Chattahoochee, out!


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