99 Problems

8/11/18 Georgetown, DE beat down.

Nugget on Q!

4 HIM posted to get a full body beat down.

Warm-up. 20 ssh. 15 windmills. 15 cherry pickers. 15 maracon night clubs. High knee lap half way around circle. Switch and do other half as butt kicks. Mosey to middle school.

Leg station. 3 workouts, 33 times =99 sets and a problem at the end. 1. Single leg lunge. 2. High jump squat. 3. Scissor jacks. Problem was wall sit til Chatahoochee said stop. Mosey to microtel.

Arm station. Same 3×33+pain station. 1. 1,2,3 tempo merkins. 2. Elbow extensions. 3. Dips. Pain station. Balls to wall til vanilla says. Mosey to circle.

3rd F on Excuses. Proverbs 22:13. The lazy person says, “There’s a lion out there, if I go outside I might be killed!” F3 says, “Go chase that lion!”💪

Mosey to fire hall. Ab station. Same style. 1. Reverse crunch. 2. Superman’s. 3. Big boys. Pain station 6” till 7:59:40 and 20 seconds of insane courage to finish with a sprint to the circle. Except for summit because he though he saw a sniper. 😆🤐

End in COT and name a rama!

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