Petros back to back Q!

Date: 10/1/18 Monday Evening at 7PM
Q: Petros
PAX: Petros, Ryder, Stardust, T. Probert, PeeWee, Sunshine

Date: 10/2/18 Tuesday Morning at 5:15AM 
Q: Petros 
PAX: Petros, Ryder, Stardust, Iverson, Ping 

MONDAY NIGHT – X 2, 5 Gallon bucket Ruck

The Thang:

With Rucks on our backs and no warm up needed, we jumped right in by teaming up with a 40 lbs bucket of salt. Teams of three took a turn bear hugging buckets and running across field. When PAX reached light pole they completed 5 bucket Squats then bear crawled back to other two PAX who were AYG on Mountain climbers. Rinse and repeat, this time other two PAX AYG on Merkins

Mosey to Playground

One PAX grabbed both 40 lbs buckets and Farmers Carried them well over 200 yards while remaining PAX complete a static circuit of Pull up holds, Planks, Dips, Squats. Also Threw in some flutter kicks for fun.

Once all PAX complete their 200 yard Farmer Carry. PAX took off on a Ruck while taking turns Farmer Carrying the buckets! 

Tuesday Morning – AHHHH another set!!!

Warm Up:
Mosey down hill to parking lot.
Cherry Pickers – IC x 20
Four Corner – High Knees and Butt Kickers
SSH – IC x 25
Four Corners Kindergarten Fitness Test – Forward Shuffle and High Knee Skips

The Thang:

20 reps squat jacks
20 reps each leg speed skater
10 reps Mary Catherine Burpee
10 Rep High knee Jump Burpee
Run up hill to water tower and back (Approx 300 yards) 

We completed 4 rounds, by the 4th round the PAX was begging Petors to Modify the workout! Modification was x20 squat jacks, x20 speed skater, X10 mary Catherins lungs, x10 Merkins, x10 High Knee Jumps.

Mosey back to water tower and completed a around of 4 count low plank alternating punches.

PAX was smoked to say the least.

both Workouts Finished with CoT

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