Monkeying Around

10/3/18 Leatherman on Q

PAX: Leatherman, Ruxpin, Chattahoochee, Chairman

Warm Up: 

SSH 15 I/C

Prison Squats 15 I/C

Cherry Pickers 15 I/C 

The Thang: 

4 HIM went for a mosey around Lewes stopping throughout for some fun exercises. We made our way to Bethel Church stopping along the way for 10 Derkins . Mosey to the Church Steps for 10 Erkins. Picked back up and Mosey across Savannah Rd. for a little Nur to Kings Highway found a little grass and did 15 Big Boys Mosey back towards BeBe and did 10 Monkey Humpers on Savannah Rd to give the hospital a show. Mosey to empty parking lot lunged across parking spaces and Lt. Dan back. Mosey over to the graveyard for some Mummy Walks arms extended out  kicking legs straight out Left leg to Right Hand and so on alternating steps down the parking lot. then to the wall for Dips feet on the ground and Dips feet on parking block. Mosey back to Graves Uniform Parking Lot for some more Monkey Humpers.  We picked back up and went down on the docks for some AB work Hanging off the docks we did Leg Lifts and Gas Pumpers. Bear Crawls from the dock up to Pilot Town Rd. Mosey back to the Compass by The Overfall Ship and did plank work. Wosey back to A/O.

Ended with CoT . 

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