F3Lanco 1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago we launched F3Lanco with 2 guys willing to meet me at a park to workout. 3 PAX Strong in the beginning to have 19 PAX strong in the summer. We had the pleasure of F3-Lehigh Valley & F3-Valley Forge join us today in celebration. With the celebration we had another 19 PAX strong ready for a solid beatdown. Here is what we did…

PAX: Eagle, Uptown Girl, Side Effects, Open House, Inspector, Tattoo, Skater, Squared, Turnpike, Dos Equis, Spike, Excel, Long Haul, Hershey Kiss, Fridge, Herbie, Flame, Wheels, Sunspot (Q)

WARM-UP: Short Mosey

Finkle Swings x10ic/leg

Annie x10ic/arm

The Motivator 10-1


Bear Snake

Decline Burpees/Squats 10-1 w/ Quadrifilia up hill

Monkey Humpers x15ic

Merkin Time Bomb x10

Tunnel of Love

Diamond Merkins x15ic

Flying Squirrel x10ic

Mosey to back of park

Step ups x20ic

Calf Raise x10ic

Derkins x15ic

Gorilla Humpers x10ic

Mosey to front of park

Burpees x10oyo

Merkins x15ic


Flutter kicks x20ic

Box Cutters x20ic

Freddie Mercury x20ic

LBC x30 oyo

I can’t even begin to say how much all of you MEN mean to me! It’s a pleasure each and every Saturday to work out with you guys! I love seeing the camaraderie among the PAX and everybody challenging each other to be better than they were yesterday. Thanks for the love from the PAX from Lehigh Valley & Valley Forge! Can’t wait to converge on your location for your anniversaries! This is yours to #GiveItAway and keep EH’ing your connections as we all know LOTS of men that need F3. What better way to start your weekend than sharpening iron with your fellow man! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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