Lottery in the Mud


Q: Priorities

Pax: Sharkbait, Flea, Burgundy, Beach and Priorities

The winds and rain stormed all night long leaving the soccer field soft and pillowy, albeit a little damp, for 5 pax to get after it this morning!

Warmup: SSHs, IWs, Arm Circles, Copperhead squats, mosey

The Thang: F3 workout deck: lottery style

Cones were setup every 10 yards or so out to 50 yards making 5 lines. Each pax draws a card and performs each exercise at the 1st cone and runs back to the start. Repeato at the next cone and so on. If it’s an exercise like merkins, it’s 5 reps at each cone. If something like bear crawls, it’s to the cone and sprint back. 5 Pax made it about 2/3rds through the deck! The most fun was any ab exercise laying on your back in the mud! Just getting ready for the Spartan in June or the Tough Mudder next October! Bring on the mud!

COT: I’m not a morning person. Maybe you’ve heard that. You might be surprised to know that I’m also not a big fan of working out. Well why on earth did I start an early morning workout group here??? If you’re in F3 Nation then you know. It’s more than a workout. I wake up this early because I know I need it and I know I won’t regret it every morning I do. If I was left to my own devices, I’d maybe hit the elliptical at the gym enough to think about sweating and call it a day. I’ve realized that I need someone there holding me Accountable or I’m probably staying in the fartsack. Which is the 2nd reason I’m there. Maybe there is someone that needs me to be there or they’d be fartsacking too, sleeping in instead of getting better. I’m not gonna let that guy down! SYITG!


Beach is cleaning up the beach! Join him and the Monthly Fun Ride bike group on Saturday at 2pm at Municipal Wharf #2. Make sure to sport your F3 gear! Contact Beach for more details.

February camping trip is filling up fast. Sign up here.

Put the June 1st/2nd Spartan Race on your calendar.

Sign up to Q here.

Priorities out

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