Supermoon Spartan


Q Sharkbait

Pax Priorities & Burgundy

Warm Up


Imperial Walkers 20

Hill Billies 20

Abe Vigoda Slow Stretch Wind Mill 20

CooperHead Squat Lower 3 count up on 4

Annie Plank and One Arm circular 10 each

The Thang


PAX enjoyed lining up and sprinting 100 yrds ish, doing 10 merkins at the finish and walking back to the start all together. 30 rounds.

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One thought on “Supermoon Spartan

  1. Priorities says:

    My legs are so sore from sprinting through the mud pit we call a soccer field! Or “pitch” as Burgundy would say! Great Q and some great discussions on masculinity between sprints!

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