The Freeze

This is a free, peer-led workout. Do not hold the Q or AO liable. Modify the exercises if you need to.

Warm up

20 Seal jacks
15 Cherry picker
20 Seal wave
15 Windmill
20 Ssh


Mosey to fishing pier, down union, turn in front of library, and follow path along river.

30 step ups per leg
15 derkins
20 squats
15 urkins
10 barfys
15 diamond urkins
20 split squats per leg
15 diamond derkins
30 Mexican jumping beans

Mosey back to CHOP per Mulberry

3rd F

Read #36 out of True Competitor, Mark of Excellence.
Leave a God-mark, not a me-mark.
Excellence starts with the heart.
3 questions:
Who do you serve?
How’s your work?
What’s your foundation?

Toy soldier – descending/ascending
30 lbcs
20 e2k – pair
10 big boys
20 e2k – pair
30 lbcs

9 HIM showed – semi, wildwing, chappie, Waterfall, Fireplex, Chattahoochee, Chairman, leatherman, fng – yeti

Number Rama

Name Rama


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