Modified mini cooper

8 HIM posted on this glorious Feburary morning to partake in a slight Chattahoochee beatdown starting off with a little warmup at the AO then a mosey downtown

Warmup- 22 SSH, 20 seal jacks, 15 windmills, 15 MNC, 15 Merkins all in cadence

The Thang– Mosey down union street to the firehouse for a round of Howling Monkees Pax in a circle all pax grab ankles in the monkey humper position first pack does 10 monkey jumpers while all pax hold ankles until all pax do 10

Mosey across footbridge to the park for a modified mini cooper.

10 pullups, 10 squats, 10 Merkins, 10 War Hammers then mosey a lap around gazebo rinse and repeat taking of 1 rep of each excersise until 1 rep per exercise finished up with a mosey back to the AO .

3rd F pulled from the Q source:

TEAM DEVELOPMENT = Dynamic teams are essential to both communities and organizations. If a task can be performed by one man than there is no reason to form a team, but when it is to complicated or difficult for a single person acting alone then people must combine to see it through and as soon as they do then BOOM a team is formed whether they realize it or not. For a team is nothing more than a proximate combination of 2 or more people formed to perform a specific mission for the benefit of a community or organization or both.

F3 uses the acronym TEAM

T- is for trust reliance between team members builds a leaders trust.

E- is Equipping a leader ensures his team has what it needs

A is Accountability setting and maintaining high standards within a team

M is for missionality prioritizing team accomplishments

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