Mustard Seed Planted at Mettle of Honor

It was about 25 degrees out there and working out in the gloom with some wind gusts wasn’t easy at all. So special thanks to the fellow F3 members for showing and supporting my 4th Q. I thought of doing some weights so I request Newton to bring his gear (bricks/blocks) but I changed the day’s theme to track and stack to keep ourselves warm.

QIC: Globetrotter

PAX: Photo Op, Newton, Golden Pinky

GLOOM FACTOR: Dark, Windy, 28ºF

Theme – Track and stack. The PAX starts with a jog, stops for an exercise of 10 reps and starts to jogs again. For every new stop we add a new exercise with 10 reps and stack 10 more reps for every exercise we did in prior stop.

Here is the order of exercises listed along with a total count of reps by end of day:

  • LBC (150)
  • Merkins (100)
  • High knees (60)
  • Balls to the walls (Bonus, one time only, single count 40)
  • Mountain climbers (30)
  • Crawl bear up the stairs (Bonus, one time only)
  • Squats (10)
  • Pull ups and Dips (Bonus, one time only, single count 10 set of 4)

No time for Mary today.


  • NATX Mustard Seed page is now live!
  • Photo Op has the Q this Wednesday, March 6 at #thegreyhound

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