Co-Q day with Props


AO: Thunderdome

Q: Ponch & Rabbit

Pax: Hobo, Sparky

The Thang:


Capri lap


Jog backwards

Finkle Swings




Mosie to Coupons

Coupon Set

Colt 45

Duck walk to soccer ball, jog back

11 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Bear crawl to soccer ball, jog back

Elf on the shelf 7 each side

Lunge walk to soccer ball, jog back

11 Lion Kings

Broad jumps to soccer ball, jog back

Cusak to soccer ball and back

Mosie to tennis courts


20 dips, 20 merkins

15 dips, 15 merkins

10 dips, 10 merkins

5 dips, 5 merkins

Mosie to B-Ball Courts

20 Sit-up football tosses

Rabbit took Q

Bridge over the nest

10 Dr. W

10 Laney Lu Plank and Merk

Modified Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee toss Indian run

Count o rama, Name o Rama, BoM


Run Rocklin Run team has been started by Ponch. Sign up under team F3 Rocklin on the race website. 6 pax would make a team and get “F3 ROCKLIN” put on the back of the shirts for free.

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