Birthday Bash for the M

PAX: Eagle, Hershey Kiss, Tattoo, Baymax, Squared, Garden State, Inspector, Brinkley, Sunspot (Q)

9 PAX came out to celebrate a birthday, however only a few people knew whose birthday we were celebrating which was my #M. With that, the exercise count had a medium level number of reps. You will figure out the number…


Mosey to basketball court

Cotton pickers x20ic

Around the court: Toy Soldiers on the long side/ bearcrawl short side all the way around the court


Four corners:

Pax hold plank in one corner while 2 PAX head to corner and do the following:

35 SSH call out Happy Birthday then next set of 2 PAX head out

35 Squats on next corner

35 Lunges/leg on the next corner

Sprint back to start and plank it out till the PAX finish

Motivator x35: the PAX got a little reprieve as we only did 35 but thought we were going all the way down to 1. You are welcome!

Long mosey over to Silo for some block work:

Toe Taps x35ic

Al Gore Twist x35ic

Lunge Thrusters x35/leg

Curls x35

Skull Crushers x10

Indian Run half park to benches

35 Step-ups

35 Dips

35 burpees


Fire Hydrants x15ic/leg

Rosaritas x10ic

Tick Tock’s

Warrior Yoga Pose

Runners stretch / Pigeon stretch


It’s always great having PAX #DR come and join us at the AO. Love that Brinkley made the trip over to see and take time away while on vacation. Shows the power of F3 that PAX will post whenever possible! It was great to celebrate my #M 35th birthday with you guys. When your legs are sore later, you can thank her for that as the Q was brought to you by her. Always great having such a strong group of MEN posting each week to get better!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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