Lake Effect – 1 Year Anniversary Workout


Launch Aug 19, 2017 3 pax (Iverson Q, TickTock, Buzz)

LakeEffect already named: 3 Post LakeEffect named: 44 
Total: 47 PAX

Now KZoo 4 AO’s (3 GR) 
Total workouts:118
VQ: 11

Weight Lost: Over 120 lbs! Muscle Gained: Over 40lbs!

Co-QIC: Bald Eagle & Iverson

Pax: Boiler, Starchild, Ping, Petros, Kimball, Stardust, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Dungeon Master, Forrest, Stalin, Trigga, Ryder, Iverson, Bald Eagle.

Welcome!!!! Quite a ride so far this year, developing Men into Leaders and then Leaders leading leaders day in and day out, challenging and encouraging the right way.


To reject passivity and live intentionally, In a place of weakness that is where grace shine through. We often are not good enough, but that is the beauty of brotherhood…To stand together and do life together, away from isolation.

#Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, #lets go

Warm up:

SSH IC x20
Squatty arm circles x30
Mtn climbers IC x30


MOSEY to lap circle: Partner UP! 
Patty cake Merkins 
Wheel barrels 50 yds x2 
Partner Carry 200yds

Bald Eagal:
Mosey to swings (partner up) 
Groups of 4 – 1 pax completes 20 swerkins, the 3 other pax complete 2-3 pull ups at a time (supporting the pax in front) if needed and rotate through. Next pax up for swerkins while pull-ups continue.

Iverson To field:
MOTOR CITY SHUFFLE = lunge, lunge, burpee, 5 merkins, 5 plank jacks, frog hop forward. X 10
Partner jump overs x 10 each

Bald Eagle:
DORA’s Little Sister: 50 Carolina Dry Docks -100 Bobby Hurleys -150 LBC’s

Mosey to COT
Merkins IC x10

Bald Eagle Wrap up  and Prayer

Bonus Time!!!     Half Hour of Ultimate Frisbee GR vs Kzoo. 
GR came out on top this time 5-4!!!

COFFETERIA was on point after the workout with everyone chipping to hava full spread of fruit, beagles, Donuts, beacon, apple cider, and of course BEER!!!

Why We still want to be around for F3 12 months later:

Its been a great year guys! I’m a horrible writer and I’m at a loss for words for how humbled and joyful for the brotherhood that is forming here in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. The deeper relationships in progress throughout west Michigan among men, is the reason I wanted to bring F3 with me here from NC.  To be honest, keeping this silly thing called F3 going hasn’t been easy for anyone. But, frankly nothing worth having in life comes easy and is maintained without constant work.  We started out with 3 guys at the neighborhood park for a Saturday morning workout.  I knew 2 others were HC’s but was entirely hopeful for just 1 more from the neighborhood (that about 60 flyers went into paper boxes the week before).  NO ONE else came besides us 3, and 3 deer… and at this moment, I knew it was going to take tons of work.  To ask men to challenge themselves, when they “already have commitments,” is a great challenge itself. Dark Helmet Facetimed us before the workout and gave the 2 FNGs (then named TickTock and Buzz) the disclaimer that I’m an idiot and by NO means a professional.  That was amazing! TIckTock Splashed merlot TWICE, Buzz was nauseated, I think because they had never experience uphill Bear Crawls.  It was a solid workout indeed, but even though I have this sickness of enjoying pushing men to the brink physically, the fellowship is the glue and that is what I had to push for the most.  So why is F3 kalamazoo still here? Because of guys taking a chance, then coming back a second time, becoming vulnerable to each other about marriage, kids, work, things that we need help with, and overcoming weakness to do so (but wait men are weak?!), stepping out to VQ when it wasn’t perfect, building trust, constantly EHing others for the possibility of gaining deeper friendship that help men be healthier, live stronger, live longer, and love better. So, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith….3 words that represent so much across the nation, building men in ways that they never imagined and I personally can’t wait to see the end of chapter 2.  Cheers! -Iverson

Bald Eagle: T-Claps to Iverson for bringing F3 to the Mitten! When I first worked out with the Kalamazoo crew in March during a 34-degree raining Saturday I knew they had the real deal going. Five pax from Kalamazoo showed on Cinco de Mayo for the Grand Rapids launch – we would not be where we are without them and are proud to call them brothers. In F3 lingo we’ve taken a hybrid launch approach as a LEAP of a Mustard Seed, but we’ll always identify ourselves as part of the Lake Effect (we get the snow to prove it) as we grow F3 Grand Rapids. We were honored to be a part of celebrating F3 Lake Effect’s 1 year and look forward to continuing to grow our brotherhood together! – Bald Eagle

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