Rocky Horror Workout

Q: Flutie Flakes

Pax: Bobo (EC), Kicken’ It, Flutie Flakes (EC)

Three men escaped the Fart Sack on a beautiful, crisp New England fall day.  I planned to  get to the AO 30 minutes early and set up and chill before the festivities began, however when I arrived, Bobo was already there waiting for some Extra Credit running.  So off we went for a nice jog at fellowship pace to get the juices flowing.  Knowing what I knew was in store, I did not want to burn up too fast. So we came back to the AO and waited.  When the bells rang, we were joined by Kickin’ It and off we went…

Warm up-

  • SSHs x 20 In Cadence
  • Imperial Walkers  x15 IC
  • Merkins x15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC

Mosey to the rock pile and find your new best friend for the hour…A nice lifting/running rock.  then mosey with rock in tow to top of the parking lot for instructions:

Round 1 -With rock, do 10 curls, 10 chest presses and 10 tricep extensions, drop rock and sprint to Shovel Flag (100 yds), do 10 jump squats and sprint back to rock.  5 sets  – Plank when finished

Round 2 – With rock, 10 goblet squats with overhead press, sprint WITH rock to Shovel Flag (100 yds), do 10 burpees jumping over your rock, sprint WITH rock back.  5 sets – Plank when complete

Interlude: Mary

  • 50 Little Baby Crunches (LBC)(IC – so 100)
  • Dollypalooza (IC) – 10 low Dolly, 10 Rosalita, 10 Low Dolly

Back to the PG:

Round 3 – Burpn’ Merk – Leave your rock behind.  Run entire parking lot.  At every other light pole, stop and do 5 Burpn’ Merks – a regular burpee but every increase in number will increase the pushups – so 1 burpee (1 pushup), 2 Burpee (2 pushups)…8 total light poles.

Round 4 – Mosey over to benches and do 10 Jump Ups, 15 Derkins (declined pushup) and 20 Dips – 2 Sets

Run back to collect your rock and run long way around parking lot and back to pile to return him to his home.

Round 5 – Mosey to stairs for calf raises (IC)

  • regular X10
  • Toes in, heals out x10
  • Heals in toes out x10
  • Regular x10

6 Minutes of Mary-Go-Round – Each man calling an exercise:

  • Kickin’ It – Burpees (x10)
  • Bobo – His patented Ab cross thing (x10)
  • Flutie – Heals to Heaven (x10)

Elbow Plank until Bells



COT – Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, BOM



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  • Discussion continues for adding mid-week workouts.  We need to just decide and do it.  Get the word out!
  • Bobo on Q for next week.

Daily Lexicon:  “Q” – A leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome.

Flutie Flakes out!

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