PAX: Eagle, Tattoo, Sunspot (Q)

In honor of the rest of #F3Nation and posting today and discussing mental health, an impromptu Wednesday beatdown commenced and here is what we did.


Short lap mosey

Windmill x10ic

IST x10ic


Brief discussion on mental health, male suicide rates and anxiety. Made it a point, that as we push through these exercises, think of the others in our lives that are pushing through significantly greater things that nobody even knows about. Use that strength that they find everyday to survive to push even harder through every single rep.

Introduction to the Robbie Miller WOD which is a WOD that I will be doing at my GORUCK Heavy, so guess what, the F3Lanco PAX will embrace this WOD many times before September. You’re welcome! This was the modified version due to time.

6 pull-up OYO

6 Burpee Squats

6 Mountain Climbers IC

6 ruck get-ups

Repeato 6 x’s

***The full WOD is bookended with a 3 mile ruck and a total of 12 rounds**


1 mile ruck


I was pleasantly surprised that Eagle and Tattoo posted this morning as nobody HC’d on Band so I thought this was going to be a true test of mental fortitude, because lets face it, I was tired! I’m very grateful that these guys post regularly alongside me as they encourage me regularly to be a better man. Doing the GrowRuck with Eagle was an experience you will always remember. Nothing grows a bond than sharing in 15hrs of fun of carrying heavy things and doing lots of PT. Thanks for the brotherhood fellas!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Won’t get fooled again.


A couple weeks ago, Hershey Kiss had us all fooled into thinking we were doing the Murph.

Because everyone was so upset that we did a different workout (and because Memorial day is only 2 months away), it only felt appropriate to actually do the Murph.

PAX: Garden State, Square, Herbie, Inspector, Tattoo (Q)

Warm up:
SSH – 10 IC
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Hillbillies – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
Lunges – 10 IC, alternating legs
Overhead Claps – 10 IC

The Thang:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Merkins
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT:
Thoughts and prayers for Sunspot and Eagle who are at #GrowRuck this weekend and Inspector’s wife.

Awesome job to all the PAX today! Even though we didn’t get the warm Spring weather we anticipated, everyone pushed hard and finished strong.

Tattoo, out.

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Pre-GrowRuck WOD

PAX: Tattoo, Sunspot (Q)

Although Tattoo isn’t able to attend GrowRuck, he chose the harder thing and posted ITG to put in some work under weight. I didn’t know this beforehand, but this was his first #RuckWOD. Here is how it went down


SSH x25ic

Arm Circles OYO

Hamstring stretches 10count/leg

THE THANG: everything w/ ruck, hence Ruck WOD…

Ruck Curls x10ic

Sit-ups w/ ruck on chest x30 oyo

Ruck curls x20ic

Mountain Climbers x10ic

Ruck Squats x20ic

Pike Merkins x10ic

Z Press x20ic

Burpees x20 oyo

Ruck Get Ups x10/side

Burpees x15 oyo

Mag-tar-jai x10ic

Burpees x10 oyo

LBC w/ ruck on chest x20ic

Ruck Rows x15ic

Sit-ups w/ ruck on chest x10 oyo

Pike Merkins x5ic

Mountain climbers x20ic

Ruck Get-up x5/side

Ruck curls x15ic

OH Press x15ic

Cool down 1 mile ruck


For Tattoo’s first ruck WOD, he crushed it! It was a challenge, especially with all those burpees but we persevered through it all and got stronger because of it. Tattoo will be doing a GRT in no time! Great job today brotha!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Drainage Bowl Bowling


11 PAX showed up on a blustery day to celebrate Tatoo’s #maniversary with a game of bowling.

Everyone pushed hard, no one got struck by the bowling ball, and we witnessed Fridge and Turnpike wrestling.

PAX: Sunspot, Eagle, 10AC, Marvel, Spuds, Square, Fridge, Turnpike, HK aka Hershey Kiss, #FNG Blockbuster, Tattoo (Q)

Warm up:
SSH – 20 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Arm circles – 20 IC forward, 20 IC backward
Windmills 10 IC

Mosey to get bowling balls
Mosey to the drainage bowl

The Thang:
Partner up //
Roll bowling ball down hill and carry back up w/ Merkin ladder, 1-20 (210 total, each PAX)
*partner holds Al Gore or does squats while waiting

1 each of the following up the hill:
Crab walk
Bear crawl
Reverse bear crawl
Reverse crab walk

Back with partner //
Roll bowling ball down hill and carry back up w/ WW2 ladder, 10-20 evens (90 total, each PAX)
*partner does flutter kicks while waiting

Thoughts and prayers for Inspector’s wife, Fridge’s cousin’s family, 10AC’s church, Eagle and Sunspot at Growruck next weekend

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Today marked the first true cold day of the winter season bringing us a brisk 18 degree temperature morning. Luckily the wind held off but that still posed a challenge for the lungs to expand. Garden State reached out for a Q, and since nobody took the lead, the PAX paid the price with #Sharknado.

PAX: 10AC, Hershey Kiss, Marvel, Herbie, Garden State, Eagle, Squared, Fridge, Inspector, Sunspot (Q)


SSH x25ic

IST x20ic

Arm Circles x10ic/each direction

Windmill x10ic



15 Burpees

20 Merkins

20 WW2’s

20 Diamond Merkins

20 Scorpion Dry Docks

After each exercise do a loop around the parking lot. Completion = 5 rounds. Burpee total = 75. Everything else = 100


Man what a WO it was in the cold weather! As the PREBLAST said, You Asked For It hahaha. I have been wanting to bring #Sharknado into the mix and was waiting for the right time. I didn’t feel like actually being creative but sometimes lack of creativity leads to a punishing WO. You guys did well with your first round of Sharknado. I’m glad we reduced the distance running as the PAX were pushing hard to get through those 5 sets. Congrats to those that finished as the 5 sets equated to 2 miles running. On the next round we will increase the loop size to push yourself to the next level.

Thanks for following the lead! Special shoutout to Eagle for the patch. Thanks brother! Means more than you know!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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The Murph

PAX: Eagle, Sunspot

2 PAX chose the harder thing and posted in the frosty gloom. Eagle agreed to post and I figured we might as well close out the year right with #TheMurph. Here is what The Murph is…

1mile run

100 pull-ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats

1mile run

The exercises are done in sets 10 oyo/assisted, 10ic, 15ic with the mile runbook ending. We do this in memory of Michael Murphy who would do this daily under weight. It was hard enough for us today after vacation and the ever healthy holiday food so no rucks were worn.

It sure is great seeing the change with Eagle and how much better of a runner and the strength he has gained in his time in F3! I love seeing those transformations! Keep putting in the work brotha! Thanks for following the lead today.

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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F3 Lanco Christmas Eve Celebration

PAX: Nails, Sunspot (Q)

2 PAX got after it this morning to earn to abundance of food that shall be consumed over the coming days. Here is what we did…


Mosey 0.5mi

IST x20ic

Windmill x20ic

Grass pickers x20ic

SSH x25ic


Mosey to playground:

Pull-up x5 oyo

Toe to bar x5 oyo

Hanging Crunch x5oyo

Repeato down to 1 of each

Mosey over to the pit, realize it’s a muddy and nasty mess, so mosey to parking lot

Squat/Merkin ladder 10-1 sprint 10 parking lot spaces between

Head to pavilion:

Lt. Dan

Mosey 0.5mi to shake legs out back to pavilion

Pinky Pie

Mosey 0.25mi


LBC x20ic

Left Side LBC x20ic

Right Side LBC x20ic


Great job today Nails! Great to have you back out there and catch up and learn more about you. I was already sore from Flintstone’s Q on Saturday and this just added another layer of soreness to it. Good luck with the litter of new puppies! Let’s all remember was Christmas is all about, that it was God fulfilling his promise to send a savior for us all. Enjoy the time with family, friends, and those close to you! Thanks for following my lead today Nails.

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Ring Around the Mosey

Fourteen Pax showed up on 12/22/2018 for my VQ and it was a fun mild winter morning.

The R.A.M:
Mosey in between every exercise
Arm Circles- 15 each direction IC
Calf Raises- 40
Windmill – 20 IC
Rosalita – 20 IC
Oblique Crunches – 5 each side IC
Inclined Merkin
Squat – 15 IC
Burpee – 10 Ic
Glute Bridge – 20 IC
Mtn Climber – 15 IC
Dip – 10 IC
Flutter Kick – 20 IC

Lunge walk
Chuck Norris Merkin – 10
SSH – 30 IC
Glute Bridge – 20 IC
Mtn Climber

ended with another mosey for a total of about 4 miles of running.

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Oh Brickmas Tree

Oh Brickmas Tree, Oh Brickmas Tree, how lovely are thy cinders! 12 PAX posted in the rain to get better and worked on their lumberjack skills. Here is what we did. 

PAX:  Magneto, 10AC, Marvel, Bourbon, Inspector, Garden State, Fridge, HK-Hershey Kiss, Flintstone, Turnpike, Herbie, Sunspot (Q) 

WARM-UP: Mosey lap to get bricks, SSH x25ic, IST x20ic, Windmills x20ic, Arm Circles x10ic/each way

THE THANG: all of the following was done with bricks with a short mosey after each set (10 parking lot spaces)…

5 Burpees

10 merkins, 5 burpees

15 dips, 10 merkins, 5 burpees

20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

30 Mason Twists, 1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

40 Curls, 30 Mason Twists, 1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

50 SSH’s (no bricks due to safety), 40 Curls, 30 Mason Twists, 1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

55 LBC’s, 50 SSH’s (no bricks due to safety), 40 Curls, 30 Mason Twists, 1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees


60 Lunges/leg, 55 LBC’s, 50 SSH’s (no bricks due to safety), 40 Curls, 30 Mason Twists, 1min plank, 25 Squats, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Dips, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

MOLESKIN: it’s always great when a PAX (Marvel) informs his brother (Bourbon) is returning and he wants to make sure the WO is very difficult, so what better thing to do that the Brickmas Tree! Solid beatdown that had our shoulders, arms, wrists, hurting. #Gainz were made today brothers! You guys were KILLING it today! Love seeing the physical gains you have all made. I think the best part was the LBC’s right in the water. Great job not being afraid of a little sogginess to get better. Thanks for following my lead! I appreciate you guys more than you know! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

TClap |

Core Shredder

1 PAX braved the first cold day (feels like 23 degrees, so not really cold) and worked the core muscles to keep working on that beach bod. 

PAX: Sunspot (Q)


Windmill x10ic

Arm Circles x10ic/forward/backward

SSH x25ic


All done with a ruck…

3ct sit-up x10

Plank w/ ruck on x30 sec

Freddy mercury (ruck held up) x15ic

Leg lever (ruck held up) x20

Z-press x20ic

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x10ic

Ruck get-up x15

Z-press x10ic

WW2 (ruck on chest) x20

WW2 (ruck on chest) x30

WW2 (ruck on chest) x10

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x20ic

Freddy Mercury (ruck on) x5ic

Mountain climber (ruck on) x15ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x50

Leg Levers (ruck held up) x10

LBC (ruck on chest) x20ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x20

Leg levers (ruck held up) x15

Mag Tar Jai (ruck on) x10

WW2 (ruck on chest) x40

8 ct Body Builder (ruck on) x10


Solid work on the core this morning. My lower abs will be feeling that later. No matter the weather, post and be better because of it! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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