Core Shredder

1 PAX braved the first cold day (feels like 23 degrees, so not really cold) and worked the core muscles to keep working on that beach bod. 

PAX: Sunspot (Q)


Windmill x10ic

Arm Circles x10ic/forward/backward

SSH x25ic


All done with a ruck…

3ct sit-up x10

Plank w/ ruck on x30 sec

Freddy mercury (ruck held up) x15ic

Leg lever (ruck held up) x20

Z-press x20ic

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x10ic

Ruck get-up x15

Z-press x10ic

WW2 (ruck on chest) x20

WW2 (ruck on chest) x30

WW2 (ruck on chest) x10

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x20ic

Freddy Mercury (ruck on) x5ic

Mountain climber (ruck on) x15ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x50

Leg Levers (ruck held up) x10

LBC (ruck on chest) x20ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x20

Leg levers (ruck held up) x15

Mag Tar Jai (ruck on) x10

WW2 (ruck on chest) x40

8 ct Body Builder (ruck on) x10


Solid work on the core this morning. My lower abs will be feeling that later. No matter the weather, post and be better because of it! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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1 Mighty Warrior

It’s not easy to do the harder thing and get-up even when you know no other PAX are joining you in the gloom, but that’s what you have to do in order to become a better version of yourself. I want to be stronger, better, faster each and every day. I wish I could WO everyday, but life and work doesn’t always allow for that, but when the opportunities are there, #GiveItYourAll. 

PAX: Sunspot (Q)


SSH x25ic

Arm Circles x10ic

Windmills x10ic


Ruck up…

Freddie Mercury w/ ruck held up x20ic

Merkin pull/drag x15

8ct Body Builder x5

Ruck Curls x15ic

Lunge x10/leg

Ruck Curls x20ic

Z-press x15ic

Ruck OH Press x10ic

Ruck Squats x30ic

Plank 30 seconds

Merkin pull/drag x10

Z-press x20ic

Ruck get-up x5

Leg lever w/ ruck held up x20

Merkins x20ic

Ruck get-up x15

Ruck OH press x20ic

8ct Body builder x15

Ruck OH Squats x5ic

Pike Merkins x10ic

Ruck Squats x40ic

Merkins x10ic

Freddy Mercury x20ic

Ruck get-up x10


Whew, what a WO! This was brought to you by AllDayRuckOff #SoulCrusher WO generator. How the generator works it does NOT have them in cadence, so to make it suck even more, I added the IC to it. Nothing like 40ic squats to get those legs burning. You can do this at home without a ruck and it will still be a significant challenge. The PAX missed out but there is always next time to #GetSome

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Modified Soul Crusher

2 PAX weren’t afraid to do the harder thing this morning and posted to push the limits. I was made aware of the Soul Crusher WO generator via AllDayRuckOff so I took the gamble. Had to modify due to time but here is how we #Crushed the Soul Crusher. 

PAX: Fridge, Sunspot (Q)

  • Fridge used bricks and Sunspot did all w/ a ruck


Arm circles and a mini lap because we had lot of work to do


Ruck Curls x15ic

WW2’s x50 oyo (brick/ruck on chest)

Merkin / Ruck Drag x10

Mountain Climbers x20ic

Ruck Row X20IC

Z-Press x15ic

Burpees x30 oyo

8 Count Body Builder x10

Rows x10ic

Flutter kicks w/ brick/ruck held up) x10ic

Rows x25ic

Plank 90 seconds

Rows x15ic

Freddie Mercury x10ic

OH Press x15ic

WW2 x 40 oyo (brick/ruck on chest)

Merkin Drag x10

Curls x10ic

Mountain Climbers x10ic

OH Press x10ic


The only modification we did was for the sake of time we had to eliminate the distances with the ruck on. Regardless we CRUSHED it this morning. One day the weekdays morning WO’s will pickup and the PAX will get even more #Gainz. Nice work Fridge this morning. Way to help keep me accountable and post in the Gloom.

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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10/27/2018 F3 LANCO – Deck of Cards

Seven PAX ignored the rain and wind to show up for a game of cards.

PAX: Eagle, Inspector, Tattoo, Skater, Squared, Garden State, Magneto.

We let the deck do the thinking and the PAX did the work. Each PAX was the Q for the card they pulled.

Each number card was the number +10 for the reps, Royal Cards were 20 reps.

Too many cards were pulled to remember what we did and what order but every Ace was pulled:

100 SSH
100 Flutter Kicks
100 Arm Circles
100 Calf Raises

And each Joker was pulled:
The Motivator
Pinky Pie

Great job today guys. Proud that each of you ignored the weather and posted.

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F3Lanco 1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago we launched F3Lanco with 2 guys willing to meet me at a park to workout. 3 PAX Strong in the beginning to have 19 PAX strong in the summer. We had the pleasure of F3-Lehigh Valley & F3-Valley Forge join us today in celebration. With the celebration we had another 19 PAX strong ready for a solid beatdown. Here is what we did…

PAX: Eagle, Uptown Girl, Side Effects, Open House, Inspector, Tattoo, Skater, Squared, Turnpike, Dos Equis, Spike, Excel, Long Haul, Hershey Kiss, Fridge, Herbie, Flame, Wheels, Sunspot (Q)

WARM-UP: Short Mosey

Finkle Swings x10ic/leg

Annie x10ic/arm

The Motivator 10-1


Bear Snake

Decline Burpees/Squats 10-1 w/ Quadrifilia up hill

Monkey Humpers x15ic

Merkin Time Bomb x10

Tunnel of Love

Diamond Merkins x15ic

Flying Squirrel x10ic

Mosey to back of park

Step ups x20ic

Calf Raise x10ic

Derkins x15ic

Gorilla Humpers x10ic

Mosey to front of park

Burpees x10oyo

Merkins x15ic


Flutter kicks x20ic

Box Cutters x20ic

Freddie Mercury x20ic

LBC x30 oyo

I can’t even begin to say how much all of you MEN mean to me! It’s a pleasure each and every Saturday to work out with you guys! I love seeing the camaraderie among the PAX and everybody challenging each other to be better than they were yesterday. Thanks for the love from the PAX from Lehigh Valley & Valley Forge! Can’t wait to converge on your location for your anniversaries! This is yours to #GiveItAway and keep EH’ing your connections as we all know LOTS of men that need F3. What better way to start your weekend than sharpening iron with your fellow man! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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2-2-2 or the Army Physical Fitness Test

PAX: GardenState, Feeny, Turnpike, Herbie, Sunspot, Square, Nails, Magneto (FNG), Eagle (Q)  


  • Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC 
  • Imperial Storm Troopers – 20 IC 
  • Toy Soldiers – 20 IC
  • Arm Circles Front – 20 IC 
  • Arm Circles Back – 20 IC 

The Thang: APFT 

PAX Buddy Up.  One PAX Exercise, Second PAX Counts 

  • Two Minutes – Merkins AMRAP
  • Two Minutes – WWII’s AMRAP 
  • Two Mile Run 


  • Stretch
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch 
  • Tricep Stretch 
  • Frog Stretch 
  • Knee to Chest Stretch 
  • Standing Quad Stretch 
  • Leg Levers – 20 IC


Great job today PAX!  Way to push on the APFT.  It is awesome to use the results from today as a baseline.  We will do it again in three months or so and you will definitely see results!  Welcome FNG-Magneto!  It was great having you join us for the workout and Coffeteria!

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Dance to the Music

16 PAX showed up for some musical challenge!

PAX: Wheels, Quigley, Excel, Skater, Eagle, Flintstone, Inspector, Fridge, GardenState, Marvel, Feeny(FNG), Tattoo, 10AC, Bam-Bam, Sunspot, Square(Q)

Mozy around the park
Motivator 10-1
Arm circle (IC) X 10
Reverse arm circle (IC) X 10


Frisbee toss x 16
Cha cha slide plank routine 
Lunge (IC) x 25
Wall squats (time length varied determine by Q) x 2

Leg lever with “Bring Sally Up” music
Side planks (IC) x 10
Opposite side planks (IC) x 10
LBC (IC) x 10
Finished with 4 rounds of Duck Jousting.  The winner (Tattoo) chose the winning WO – Burpees x 20

Great job fellas pushing through!

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Sunspot’s 3 Year MANiversary

3 years ago I decided to post to this thing called F3 after grabbing a flyer from the church bathroom. I had the pleasure of spending 2 years @F3NWInd where I met many PAX, held various leadership roles, and had my life changed forever. When I relocated to Lancaster, PA, there was NO WAY that I wasn’t going to have F3 in my life. Within 3 weeks of moving we had our first workout with 3 PAX. Today we have an average of 15 PAX every Saturday. I never would have imagined we would have grown as fast as we have and I thank every day for having all of you guys in my life. #F3Lanco has helped tremendously to make this feel like home.

Today, 14 PAX came out to celebrate my 3 year MANiversary.

PAX: Tattoo, Inspector, Garden State, Squared, Fridge, Quigley, Herbie, 10AC, Marvel, Eagle, Turnpike, Skater, Sunspot (Q)


Mosey 0.25mile
IST x3ic
Toy Soldier x6ic
Arm circles x9ic / each arm
Diamond merkins x12ic
Perfect squats x15ic
Motivator 11-1


Grab some blocks OH carry to front hill…
Block Complex / Burpee ladder 11-1
Block rows x9ic
Block curls x15ic
Block Swing x12ic
quick Mosey to parking lot…
Tuck Jump-icides x6 lines
quick mosey back to coupons…
Block chest press x12ic
Block Curls x15ic
Block Squats x15ic
Block curls x15ic


VA-W x9ic
American Hammer x12ic
Bay city scissors x9ic
WW2 x15 oyo
Leg levers x15ic

With this being my 3 year MANiversary Q, everything had to be in multiples of 3. The motivator was a nice challenge as that was 264 reps! I wanted to throw a tough Q at you guys and you pushed through like champs! That front hill ladder was a doozy and loved seeing all the PAX pushing everybody when they were hitting the wall. Thanks for posting with me and celebrating my MANiversary!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Ultimate Frisbee

BACKBLAST: 07/07/18:

15 PAX Posted to play a killer game of Ultimate Frisbee!

PAX: Inspector, Squared, Snare, Eagle,10AC, Herbie, Marvel, Skater, Zepp, Bourbon, Garden State, Tattoo, Nerf (FNG), Strider (FNG), Matlock (FNG)

Garden State led the PAX is some much-needed stretching

THE THANG: Ultimate Frisbee!

Three rounds of Ultimate Frisbee were played on a slippery field. Hopefully Inspector didn’t need any stitches and Herbie can still walk.

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Death Wish


Without knowing what the weather was going to bring, 14 PAX posted including one FNG! Way to post Excel and Snare! Hitting it with a workout before heading out for vacation! Thanks Jeannine Perry for the motivation!


QIC: Eagle

AO: Rapho Township Community Park

PAX: Inspector, Squared, Snare, 10AC, Marvel, Flintstone, Fridge, Skater, Sunspot (30-pound ruck), Zepp, Excel, Bourbon, HOA (FNG)

Windmills – 15 IC
Arm Circles Front – 15 IC
Arm Circles Back – 15 IC
Chinook – 15 IC
Monkey Humpers – 15 IC

THE THANG: Charles Bronson – Death Wish
50 SSH’s
Sprint 100 yards
Army crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Merkins
Sprint 100 yards
Bear crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Burpees
Sprint 100 yards
Army crawl 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 LBC’s
Sprint 100 yards
Crab walk 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

50 Jump Squats
Sprint 100 yards
Duck walk 10 yards
Mosey back to start
Plank or Al Gore for PAX to catch up

Freddie Mercury – 25 IC
Homer to Marge
Guantanamo – 1 Round

Whoa, great workout! You guys all did awesome and killed it like Charles Bronson. Great having you join us FNG HOA. Glad you are here and looking forward to seeing you at the next workout!


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