Little Baby Beatdown

Waterfall Brings the Little Baby Beatdown (His 2.2 is scheduled for Tuesday.)

August 18, 2018 at The Aegis

QIC:  Waterfall

The warmup:  37 SSH IC (37 because we are at 37 weeks) Diaper pickers (formerly shell pickers, formerly cherry pickers) 21 little BABY crunches (because she will be born on the 21st) and windmills

The THANG:  Mosey to a little field next to the little league fields.  At this point Leatherman joined us because he was rolling in way past hot.  LOL I am calling this the LITTLE BABY BEATDOWN.  We started with three exercises: Little baby crunches, little baby arm circles, and little baby merkins.

OK, I made up the little baby merkins “LBMs”.  You take the plank on your elbows position and do merkins on your elbows.

After the 3 exercises you push your partner across the field and they push you back.  Because you have to push the baby out (which is ironic since there will be no pushing involved in this c-section)  This beatdown is descending.  I think we got down to about 31 LBCs, LBACs, and LBMs.

We mosied back to the AO and used the ball of suck a couple of times along the way.  More merkins and mexican jumping beans!

Countarama, Namarama, and COT

We had the ceremonial passing of the shovel flag to Summit.  Way to step up Summit!!

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500 flutter kicks?

7 PAX rolled in ready to get their sweat on this Gloom.    A lot of chatter about two strong Qs back to back with Fireplex and Leatherman bringing the heat Tuesday and Wednesday.    Pressure was on…
  • Warm-a-Rama
SSH- 15
Cherry pickers – 15
Moroccan Night Club- 15
Bolt 45s- IC
  Standing to half way- 15 .
  Half way to full squat- 15
  Full squats -15
SSH- 15
  • Mosey to Ace parking lot.
Split into 2 groups.
1st group – 4x4s oyo
2nd group – Nur across lot. Lt Dan back.
Groups switch once all Pax return
Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds.
  • Mosey  to Dr office lot.
Pair up
One partner stays and does exercise while other runs circle around dr office. Switch when partner gets around circle. Group Totals. PAX keep count.
Total of 150 dips on curb.
Once finished dips move on to total of 500 flutter kicks.
  • 3rdF-  I had a message typed out that was on my heart.  About consistency in all areas of life and how true High Impact Men stay consistent to develop trust, always add value and lead from the front.   But when I arrived to the AO this morning I opened up F3 nation and when I selected QSource a message popped up from nearly two ears ago written by ‘Dancing Idiot’ on ‘the Q’
Immediately when I read it I thought of our local leader , Chappie , who with out him I wouldn’t be here today at 5am preparing to start my day with other Men who likely have been influenced by him as well.    We  are grateful for you leading the way in your Chappie style. And excited to expand F3 throughout the state with your guidance.  Maybe it was fitting he was on vacation today, but we all appreciate your vision and have grabbed ahold of it ourselves.  Each of us are better because of it.
  • Full 3rdF message is below –
  • Mosey back to CHOP
To the Wall
10 count wall sit
10 diamond merkins
10 count wall sit
10 wide merkins
10 count wall sit
10 merkins
10 count wall sit
10 ranger merkins
10 count wall sit
10 wide merkins
10 count wall sit
10 ranger merkins
10 count wall sit
10 hand release merkins
Go dominate your day.
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Super 21 – “Rump Skin” or Ruxpin

Date: 08/14/18

QIC: Fireplex

Warm up

SSH – 21 IC

Cherry Pickers – 21 IC

Prisoner Squats – 21 IC

Windmills – 21 IC

Patriot Run around the block – .48 mile

The Thang

The Super 21 as it appears in the Exicon.  1 Merkin to 1 Big Boy Sit up.  2 Merkins to 2 Big Boy Sit-ups.  3 Merkins to 3 Big Boy Sit-ups, etc., etc., etc.  But wait there is a twist….after each set completed of #1 though #5 complete 21 Imperial Walkers.  After each set completed of #6 through #10 complete 21 Mountain Climbers.  After each set completed of # 11 through #15 complete 21 Monkey Humpers.  After each completed set of #16 through #20 complete 21 Prisoner Squats.  After the final set of 21 Merkins & 21 Big Boys then finish strong with 21 Burpees.

Q received multiple reports of the loss of “Rump Skin” due to PAX choice of completing the set on the asphalt instead of the available wet grass that was just steps away.  I think our FNG dodged the bullet on this one when he received his F3 name…:)…Welcome Ruxpin…..

F3 Message

Q spoke about several characteristics of leadership as gleaned from an article by Thomas A. Merrill as it appears on  “Mr. Merill  is a 35-year fire department veteran and a former chief of the Snyder Fire Department in Amherst, New York. He is a fire commissioner for the Snyder Fire District. He served 26 years as a department officer including 15 years in the chief officer ranks. Merrill recently completed five years as chief of department. He has conducted various fire service presentations throughout the Western New York area as well as at FDIC. He also is a fire dispatcher for the Amherst (NY) Fire Alarm Office.”  Mr. Merrill stated that ” it is important for leaders to exercise good judgement and strive to lead their department in a positive manner; otherwise, so much of what I call wasted energy is invested in leadership quandaries that can truly bog down an organization and prevent good work from getting done.  It can also cause good people to leave.”  This observation can be applied to any business, group or organization.  Mr. Merrill went on to identify 8 “must have” traits that all leaders should possess.  The first is ownership and responsibility for any success or failure.  The ability to admit mistakes, be accountable, and move forward.  The second is consistency.  “A good leader will do jobs for which he is responsible in a consistent and regular manner, all while maintaining a positive attitude.  The third is being tired.   “All leaders should expect to be tired.  Simply, if you are doing your job as a leader, you will be tired.”  You may need to put in the extra time and effort to accomplish tasks with excellence.  The fourth is a positive example.  “All great leaders have learned to lead by their own personal example.  “Learn to lead by the power of your example, not by examples of your power.”  The fifth trait is organization.  “All leaders need to develop an organizational plan that works for them.  Find a system that works for you and strive to be as organized as possible.”  The sixth is Integrity.  “People are watching you all the time; they pay attention to what you say and how you handle yourself.  Once it’s lost you may never get it back.  A leader without integrity is certainly not a professional in any organization.”   The seventh identified trait of a great leader is honesty.  “Coupled with integrity, honesty is equally as important. Don’t ever think your people won’t know if you lie to them. Similar to losing integrity, once you are branded a liar, it sticks to you forever and your people will lose all trust and confidence in you. It’s okay to not have an answer to a question. It’s okay to not know how to do something. It’s not okay to make up answers and pretend to be something you are not. Be upfront and honest with your membership at all times, and don’t ever lie to them.”  The last trait identified by Mr. Merill is trust.  “All good leaders are trustworthy. Your members must know that you have their backs at all times. They need to know that when you tell them you will do something or get an answer for them, you will follow through and do it.  Learn to gain your members trust, and more importantly, work hard to maintain it.”

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, possessed all of the traits identified by Mr. Merill and so many more.   As a leader and teacher he was judged and scrutinized mercilessly.  He humbly served and provided the ultimate sacrifice in laying down his life so that we might have the opportunity to choose everlasting life.  Is he your President, Chief, Chairman, CEO…..??

James 3:1 New King James Version (NKJV)  1 My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.

James 4:10 New King James Version (NKJV)  10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

Matthew 20:26 New King James Version (NKJV)  26 Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and the Circle of Trust.  Welcome to FNG (Ruxpin).  Prayers the Savini Family, Betts Family, and Sanders.  Please keep all our HIM in your thoughts and prayers as we go about the business of being HIM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Name-O-Rama 8/14/18

A beatdown so brutal Chappie forgot his age, FNG tried to name himself, and Q forgot how to work his own phone. Too many fumbles to count in this Name-O-Rama and we wouldn't have it any other way. Fireplex brought he heat! Backblast coming soon. #f3nation #f3firststate #miltonde #miltondelaware #fitness #fellowship #faith

Posted by F3 First State on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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99 Problems

8/11/18 Georgetown, DE beat down.

Nugget on Q!

4 HIM posted to get a full body beat down.

Warm-up. 20 ssh. 15 windmills. 15 cherry pickers. 15 maracon night clubs. High knee lap half way around circle. Switch and do other half as butt kicks. Mosey to middle school.

Leg station. 3 workouts, 33 times =99 sets and a problem at the end. 1. Single leg lunge. 2. High jump squat. 3. Scissor jacks. Problem was wall sit til Chatahoochee said stop. Mosey to microtel.

Arm station. Same 3×33+pain station. 1. 1,2,3 tempo merkins. 2. Elbow extensions. 3. Dips. Pain station. Balls to wall til vanilla says. Mosey to circle.

3rd F on Excuses. Proverbs 22:13. The lazy person says, “There’s a lion out there, if I go outside I might be killed!” F3 says, “Go chase that lion!”💪

Mosey to fire hall. Ab station. Same style. 1. Reverse crunch. 2. Superman’s. 3. Big boys. Pain station 6” till 7:59:40 and 20 seconds of insane courage to finish with a sprint to the circle. Except for summit because he though he saw a sniper. 😆🤐

End in COT and name a rama!

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Yea, Though I [Mosey to] the Valley…

Date: 8/7/18

QIC: Chappie

What happens when you buy sidewalk chalk at Family Dollar (not a commercial) and pick up a prescription next door at Walgreen’s (not a commercial)? You discover a yet-to-be-minted F3 pain station. YHC couldn’t believe these two walls separated by about a 20′ alley-way had somehow been overlooked for the past 2+ years, even after working out in and around the parking lot so many times. How’d we miss this grand station of a beatdown location? Who knows! YHC noticed it a few weeks ago and could hardly wait to get his Q on and personally introduce it (like a new found friend) to the rest of the PAX from the Milton Mustard Seed CHOP AO – Semper anticus! Well, this little “canyon” or “valley” IS ON THE MAP NOW! YHC will tell you all about it. In meantime, what say ye, men? Shall we call it The Valley of the Shadow of Death (even though there really was no “walk” through it) or Death Valley (because it was so doggone hot and there was no air)? The place will live up to its name either way. Here’s what it looked like after the Gloom — YHC had to go back and get a shot for this post:

Well, call it what you will…here’s how it all went down:


SSH – 18 IC

MNC – 15 IC

Shell Picker, Crab Flipper, Cherry Picker – 10 IC

Hillbillies – 18 IC

Flying Squirrel – 10 OYO

Calf Raise (toes in) – 20 OYO

Calf Raises (toes out) – 20 OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to the new station (The Valley of the Shadow of Death  or Death Valley): Steady Mosey interchanged with a Picked-Up Mosey, switching between power poles/light poles all the way to Food Lion parking lot, ending in front of Walgreens:

Between the Walls (in the valley) – all OYO

5 Mike Tysons on one wall

10 Bombjacks in middle of alley

5 Mike Tysons on other wall

15 Burpees in middle, and so on…

5 Mike Tysons

20 MJB’s

5 Mike Tysons

10  Count/Breather (PAX had to get out of the valley because it contained no air!)

Back between the walls…

BTTW – 10 Count

People’s Chair – 10 Count

BTTW – 10 Count

PC, Leg Up (L) – 10 Count

PC, Leg Up (R) – 10 Count

YHC  forgot all who counted, but some counts were brutally slow. But, hey, it was in the valley of the shadow…

3rd F Message – a Brief Shared By YHC:

One leadership principle I’ve been pondering lately is this: “OUR REFERENCE POINT IS CRITICAL.”

Years ago I heard someone say that “if the whole world stinks, check your mustache.” The idea being that if there’s some old moldy cheese or other leftover food in your stache and that’s all that you’re able to smell, then from THAT reference point the whole world is going to stink. The metaphor is clear. It may not be the whole world at all; it might be your perspective, the reference point from which you “smell” [see] the world.

HOW WE SEE ANYTHING DEPENDS ON OUR REFERENCE POINT. I shared that thought in a recent sermon, but I think it’s just as applicable here, in F3. In fact, part of what we do here at O-GAWD-THIRTY (the Gloom) just about every day of the week, in some measure gives us a reference point for leadership. We get up very early; that’s the hard thing to do. We Q and prepare workouts and 3rd F messages hoping to inspire one another in spiritually, mentally, and physically in leadership; that’s the hard thing to do. We push ourselves and each other past self-imposed limits; that’s the hard thing to do! And we do all this and more, not just because of the fitness but because it does make us better leaders.

How does all this make us better leaders?

I believe one of the ways it makes us better leaders is that doing the hard stuff gives us a reference point. Let me explain, Mark Batterson mentions that psychologists refer to this as the contrast effect: If you lift a really heavy weight, then lift a lesser weight, it will seem lighter. We do this simply enough by doing really hard workouts. We do this with sandbags and cinderblocks. We do this with our rucks especially — we carry around 40lbs and then when we carry around 30lbs or less and everything else seems lighter. The reference point is the 40lbs or its the hard workout before anything else in the day comes along. Having that reference point is to help us to see things from a different perspective, one that is meant — in terms of leadership — to give us the reference point that just about everything else that follows throughout the day will not seem all that tough or difficult because we’ve already done something incredibly harder by comparison. This, again, is called the “contrast effect.”

The practice of Q’ing a workout also leads to the same outcome: We practice that leadership here regularly, and, in part, that practice carries over where it ought to most (it’s supposed to) — at home, in the workplace, and in the communities in which we serve.

In real life, it might bring about a different reference point after going through difficult circumstances. We are to see them differently after God carries us through them. (Point being that He is the One, then, who actually carried the weight…POINT BEING that Christ must be our reference point.) That’s why we cling to verses like Romans 8:28, “AND WE KNOW THAT GOD CAUSES ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD…”

Those words of Scripture and the experience or fulfillment of them train us and give us perspective — and how you see anything depends on your reference point. When we’ve been through something, tough circumstances, and we can see how God turned them around for our good, it gives us a new critical reference point. Doing the hard thing here, carrying the extra weight here (in the Gloom) trains our bodies and our minds with the reality of these truths.

Back to work:

YHC’s failed attempt at the Hands of Time (one of his favorites, but its been awhile and he forgot how to do it. Oh well, still got in some ab-burn)

Steady mosey return to the AO.

Meanwhile, back at the AO…

GFerkins (Good Form Merkins) – 10 OYO

Mary, all 9 PAX got in a round but YHC can’t recall all that was chosen

Time’s up, only thing we missed on YHC’s Weinke was a round of Partner Push; next time. It’s all good, the Valley of the Shadow of Death (a.k.a. Death Valley) took a good bit out of us.

Great push by all the PAX.



Everyone is welcome to join Grace Church’s Warriors for Him men’s ministry for a hot dog cookout at The Home of the Brave this evening at 6. Home of the Brave is a homeless shelter for our veteran’s. Join us for some dogs and a few rounds of cornhole as we serve those who’ve served us.

Thursday Gloom we’ll have a guest Q – Nunchuk will be here serving up the beatdown and getting his F3 Passport stamped; let’s make a good showing in support of our brother from York, SC!

Prayers: Prayed for the substance abuse blanket to be lifted from Sussex County; prayer for others…


Welcome back Ying Ying, we’ve missed you brother! Good to see you. It was a privilege to lead all the fine HIM who broke the hold of the Fartsack and posted! Humbled and honored to lead the way.

~Chappie, out!

TClap |

Shipcarpenter Square

8/8/18 Work out. Lewes, DE.

Warm up. 20 SSH. 15 cherry pickers. 15 windmills. Start on baseline, high knees to half, butt kick to end. Start on opposite baseline, right shuffle to half, switch and left shuffle to start. Warm up basketball. First team to 5 wins. After every point, opposing team does 5 burpees. Losing team does suicide. 

Run to ship carpenter square. 

While going clockwise,complete 2 rotations of square. Starting at bottom left corner you run to first station and do 25 merkins. Right shuffle to second and do 25 big boys. Nur to 3rd and do 25 shoulder taps. Left shuffle to 4th and do 25 mountain climbers. 

3rd F is on utterly obsessed vs uninterested.

 Have the right priorities. Be more all in with things that matter like your relationships, especially with wife and kids & with God. Be utterly obsessed with things that matter in your life but also turn away from things that don’t move you and your family, and your relationship with God forward.

Run back to AO. Quick game of knock out as cool-down. End in COT. Excited for guest Q tomorrow! Continue to be HIM!

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Monkeying Around


QIC: Vanilla

AO: CHOP: Milton, DE

PAX: Chappie, Chattahoochee, Fireplex, Hideous, Skipper, Summit, Vanilla,


SSH – 20 IC

Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Smurf Jacks – 20IC

Plank Jacks – 20IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Windmill -20 IC

A “Friendly” Patriot Run to Milton Memorial Park

The Thang: Monkeying Around

PAX rotated between 5 stations doing as many reps as possible for as many rounds as possible. Rotation happened when PAX running at station 5 completed their loop.

  1. Pull Ups
  2. Swerkins w/ Tuck (Complete a merkin with feet in swing then pull feet in for a tuck – BRUTAL!)
  3. Box Jump to Incline Merkin
  4. Forearm Plank
  5. Run loop around gazebo

3rd F Message: Extreme Ownership

“On any team, in any organization, all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. The leader must own everything in his or her world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them and develop a plan to win. The best leaders don’t just take responsibility for their job, they take Extreme Ownership of everything that impacts their mission.” – Jocko & Leif, Extreme Ownership

“As individuals, we often attribute the success of others to luck or circumstances and make excuses for our own failures and the failures of our team…Total responsibility for failure is a difficult thing to accept, and taking ownership when things go wrong requires extraordinary humility and courage. But doing just that is an absolute necessity to learning, growing as a leader, and improving a teams performance.” -Jocko & Leif, Extreme Ownership

“You can’t make people listen to you. You can’t make them execute. That might be a temporary solution to a simple task. But to implement real change, to drive people to accomplish something truly complex or difficult or dangerous you can’t make people do those things. You have to lead them.” -Jocko & Leif, Extreme Ownership

Thoughts from QIC: Extreme Ownership is a man in the mirror mentality. In every and all situation, regardless of “fault,” the only thing we as leaders can control is our attitude and actions. Taking extreme ownership sets an example that will trickle down into your team, family, subordinates, etc. As a byproduct those that look to you for leadership will start to apply extreme ownership to their own selves. If you want to see change in those around  you, as a leader, they need to see change in you. This means 100% extreme ownership in all situations.

Patriot Run back to AO

Site Q Handoff from Chappie to Chattahoochee (See Video Attached)

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,


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4X4 by chattahoochee

30 july 2018

9 pax posted for a 4×4 beatdown

chattahoochee,fireplex, leatherman, vanilla, skipper, chairman, toy soldier and 1 FNG (gristle)  welcome gristle

warm up

35 ssh threw in a few extra as chairman was coming across parking lot , 20 cherry pickers, 20 MNC, 20 windmills

Mosey to first corner for a little merkin mania

15 merkins. 15 hand release merkins, 15 ranger merkins, 15 diamond mekins

Lt dan to light pole mosey to 2nd corner 20 glutter kicks ic, super toy soldier set 50 LBCs, 30 E2ks each side, 20 big boys

Dragon crawl to  telephone pole mosey to 3rd corner,  20 lunges, 20 squats, 20 split jacks,20 monkey humpers

Mosey to 4th corner 50% to 1st pole 75% to 2nd and 100% to corner  20 mt climbers, 15 water striders, 10 mule kicks, 10 burpees

Mosey to AO for a wall sit and 50 over head claps

Finished off with a round of mary which i cant remember everything (respect has a couple minor setbacks with memory sometimes)

Ended with number rama. Name o rama and COT.

My notes got a little damp couldnt read all of my message  on struggle

  Struggle makes you stronger

struggles challenges and hard times offer you much more value than any other time in your life, you can not grow without struggle you can not get stringer without resistance. Think about a time in your life that may have been hard but forced you to become better. Get grateful for the struggles and work on yourself to ensure your future has much more pleasure than pain

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Circle station

QIC: Nugget

Date: 7/28

AO: The Aegis

Warmup. SSH, Cherry Pickers, High Knees, Butt Kicks & left and right Karaoke.

Run to first station, do 33 big boys, 50 American hammers & 50 Heal Touches x2. Mosey back to circle.

Run to second station and do ladder of 9’s. With Scraper Merkins and BTTW Derkins (45°). With Lt. Dans in between. Mosey back to circle.

Run to third station and do quick core workout: Mt. Climbers & Shoulder Taps. Mosey to fourth and last station.

Do Inch Worms. Dragon Crawl. And Bear Crawl. Mosey back to circle.

End in COT! Ran 2+ miles and had a nice full body workout! Thanks for joining HIM!

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Not So Safe Harbor

Date:  7/25/18

AO:  Primis

A couple of HC’s from the day before went soft, but five HIM broke the grip of the Fartsack, dropped a dose of the DRP (cf. the Matrix or F3 Lexicon), did the hard thing, and posted for another Q greeting in the Gloom.

Warm-O-Rama(Q tried to get the warm-up in on the move)

  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Shell Flipper – 10 IC
  • “Good Form” Merkins – 10 Down/Up on the Q
  • Wosey to Lightship Overfalls dock bollard’s for…Derkin Wave: PAX placed feet up on bollards, each did took turn doing 1 Derkin down the line and back until reaching #10 (a crowd-pleaser it was)
  • Bearcrawl across field to walking path
  • Lt. Dan, length of deck


The Thingy Thang:

Mosey south on Pilottown Rd. across canal bridge, left on Anglers Rd. to parking lot of Safe Harbor Hotel (herein affectionately referred to as Not-so-Safe Harbor) …mmm, smell that bacon!

Took a 3rd F breather here:

Q began by taking about the privilege he had last week in going to see his nephew graduate from Army Ranger School in Ft. Benning, GA. Great time had by a proud uncle! Ft. Benning is THE infantry training post for the Army. It has statues all over the place of a soldier in a forward moving stance, mouth wide open, and waving onward those who were apparently following him. You can, in fact, buy smaller desk-top versions of this infantryman. YHC used the statue all week as a life lesson for two of his 2.0’s who joined him on the trip. The soldier in the statue is an infantry icon. He is shouting “follow me!” That’s what leaders do, they lead…from the front. No cli-boarding there! The Rangers take it even further with their motto: “Rangers lead the way!” RLTW!)

YHC pointed out to the PAX that there was one more critical element; that to be a good leader, whether in the infantry or elsewhere, one had to first be a good follower — a follower of Christ, that is. Many of his 3rd F’s come from his Army experiences, so here’s the tie in: The words, “O well” were the infamous words of Drill Sergeant Allen, one of my DS’s in basic training. DS Allen was a SFC (platoon sergeant) and any time there was an issue, or we got ourselves into a pickle of sorts, that’s what he’d say…”Oh well, private!” He said it real slow and cool, of course.

DS Allen taught me to walk circumspectly, to be watchful–a good discipline for all warriors…for all HIM.

Once, while we were in the field the chow hall had trucked out hot food to us for lunch, a precious commodity especially in the winter (-30 windchill). After eating chow I went to dump my food tray into the trash-can, and as I was doing that, I kind of had my head down and wasn’t paying much attention to who else was around me. Another soldier came up and starting stuffing his trash into the can, but he was stuffing it down in between the outside of the trash-bag and the trash can. I distinctly remember trying to stop the guy, saying, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” The other soldier put his hand firmly on top of my Kevlar helmet and promptly lifted my head. I was ready to come up swinging. But it was at that point that I discovered the “other soldier” was DS Allen! Oh man, I must have turned 10 shades of red! Either that, or I turned white as a ghost! I was so glad I didn’t come up swinging!

And DS Allen, well, he just stood there looking at me face to face. He cracked a “possum eatin’ crap” grin, and then, without saying a word, he turned and walked away. In that moment he taught me a lot about being a good leader, he could’ve really busted my chops but didn’t (he wasn’t worried about his own ego). Also without saying a word, he taught me a lasting warrior lesson: Walk circumspectly, be watchful and alert. Know who’s around you and what’s going on around you at all times.

In Galatians 5:16 Paul wrote, “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.” Here the Greek word for walk is “peripateo“; it is from this that we get our English word parapet: A barrier which is an extension of the wall at the edge of a roof or terrace. This is a protective wall that keeps one from going over the edge. Paul was likening that to the Holy Spirit who the Lord has given to help us to walk circumspectly, to keep us from going over the edge. To protect us with a proper boundary.

In the same chapter in v. 25, he goes on to say “If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” But in this verse he uses a different word for walk. Here it is “stoicheo.” This word means to proceed in a row as the march of a soldier; to go in order. So the Bible says that living and walking by the Spirit is like marching precisely in formation, staying in step with the One who is leading us, the Spirit of God. He is the One saying, “Follow Me,” the One we must stay in step with and follow. If you’ve ever seen troops walking in formation, marching to the cadence of their commander, then you know how noticeable it is when one gets out of step. (Note: It is actually noticed by others around him!) In order to be a good follower, the one who misses his stride must correct his step and begin again to listen to the one leading the troops, and stay in step with him. Just some things to think about. But whatever you do, don’t say, “Oh, well!” because in order to be good leaders we must first be good followers.

Leaders leading leaders, aye! Back to the workout…

PAX partner up. Being the odd man out, YHC joined in with Chairman & Nugget. Objective: 1 partner runs parking lot to road loop (with descent or ascent on opposing ends — nice loop!) while other partner does exercise. Partners run then continue to switch until each of the following was accomplished accumulatively:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Dips (curbside)
  • 300 American Hammers (because we’re Mericans!)
  • 400 Squats

Well, that makes Safe Harbor not-so-safe! 🙂  Mosey return to AO. Time flew by today, but here’s some extras the Q had on his Weinke: 500 Plank Jacks and Hands-of-Time in the pavilion on the return. Maybe next time fellas!


Announcements: Keep EH’ing men in and around Lewes. Ownership is especially important for Lewes PAX in order for the Primis AO to grow—its time to lock shields with Vanilla, your QIC. Aye!

Prayers: Prayed especially for guy in motorcycle accident (details shared on site)


Nothing like overcoming the Fartsack and doing something hard and which most other people simply won’t do. YHC wouldn’t do it if you guys weren’t there! So, thanks for being HIM and posting. Great work by all, even those who didn’t have fresh legs (Summit, Chairman & Chappie). Eh, hem! Boom! Always honored to Q!

~Chappie, out!


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