On the run

QIC : semi
Warm up

25 Seal jacks. I/c
20 Cherry picker. I/c
Capri lap
25 Seal wave. I/c
20 Windmill I/c
Capri lap
25 Ssh. I/c


Mosey to alley by bank

10 chicken peckers i/c

10 derkins i/c

Mosey to grassy hill along water south of bridge

Crawl bear down hill,
5 burpees
Bear crawl up hill,
5 burpees

X 2

Mosey to parking lot by bridge

Danger lt. Half way across lot, jailbreak back to start.
Nur full length of lot mosey back to start
Side shuffle across lot, 25 lbcs, side shuffle back to start

Mosey back to AO

3rd F

From True Competitor, #50, Don’t believe everything you believe. Train your brain.

10 HIM showed – semi, Chairman, Chattahoochee, Ruxpin, leatherman, summit, Wildwing, hideous, FNG (rocky), FNG (megabit)

Number Rama

Name Rama


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Mary no mercy!

9 PAX posted this morning for too much Mary! Waterfall on Q.

The Warm Up: 20 SSH IC, 20 Moroccan Night Club IC, 20 Cherry Pickers IC, Bolt 45 (AKA zoo keeper special)

The Thang: PAX teamed up in pairs of two. Half shuffled with their ruck sacks around the church. The other half did Mary. Then they swapped. We did Mary off of this sheet provided by Waterfall’s M, “Flamingo.” See the sheet here:
https://darebee.com/ab-exercises.html We got through the “side jack knives” before we ran out of time.

The Message: Q read from the Easter story, John chapter 20. Waterfall commented that he is like Peter because he is always getting outrun.

Countarama, Namarama, COT

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The Robert Mueller Report

APRIL 18, 2019

PAX: Chappie, Fireplex, Chattahoochee, Ying Ying, Summit, Chairman, Ruxpin, Waterfall, Semi, Toy Soldier, Wildwing


WARMUP (IC x 20):  Jumping Jacks, Morrocan Nightclub, Cherry Pickers, Windmill

THE THANG:  Based upon irrefutable press reports, the PAX received an early summary of the investigation:

1.  “The Wall”:  Lt. Dan carries cinder blocks from point to point.  And back.  Mosie one block.  20 jumping jacks.

2.  Russian Meeting – Junior’s Report:  one block interval run with 20 jumping jacks. Mosie to parking lot.  2x

3.  Clinton Russian Reset:  Bear crawl 20 yards, 10 jumping knee touches at “Reset” 6x

4.  Pelosi Virtual Wall:  Al Gore’s with partner doing 20 American Hammerjacks.  3x

5.  Clinton Reset repeated

6.  Mosie to corner for F3 summary of “3 blank page” method for resolving conflicts with others – one page with their positive attributes, one page with negative attributes, one page with action steps such as ignore, contront, accept, or fire.

7.  Russian Meeting – Jared’s Report: two block interval run using “30-20-10 ” methodology

8.  Unbuild Wall – Lt Dan cinder block removal at CHOP

Count-o-Rama and Name-o-Rama


Wildwing on Q (with thanks to Cpt Mueller, recipient of Bronze Star and Purple Heart).

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Rain & Wind… just another day at the AEGIS

QIC- Summit 

7 High Impact Men didn’t let the wind and pouring rain stop them from starting the day strong!   

And as always with this Squad- some high quality chatter helped distract from the conditions!!

Warmup – IC 

Windmills – 15

Moroccan NC- 15

Mosey Lap around circle 

SSH- 15 

Cherry Picker – 15 

Mosey lap around circle 

Mountain climbers- 15

Imperial walker – 15 

The Thang-

Mosey to large parking lot by church. 

For……. 10 cones!   10 cones set up across parking lot, spaced at every other parking spot.

Burpee broad jump to cone 1 

11 Merkin 

Nur back 

Inch worm to cone 2 

12 merkins

Nur back 

Lt dan to cone 3 

13 merkins 

Nur back

High knees to cone 4

14 merkins 

Nur back 

Mosey to cone 5

15 merkins 

Nur back

Side shuffle to cone 6

16 merkins

Nur back 

Side shuffle to cone 7 

17 merkins 

Nur back 

Karaoke to cone 8 

18 merkins

Nur back 

Karaoke to cone 9 

19 merkins 

Nur back 

Nur to cone 10 

20 merkins 

Nur back 

Mosey to cone 9 

9 merkins

Mosey back 

Karaoke  to cone 8 

8 merkins 

Karaoke back 

Side shuffle to cone 7 

7 merkins 

Side shuffle back 

Lt dan  to cone 6 

6 merkins 

Lt dan back 

High knees to cone 5 

5 merkins 

High knees back 

Nur to cone 4 

4 merkins 

Nur back 

Sprint to cone 3 

3 merkins 

Sprint back 

Burpee broad jump to cone 2 

2 merkins 

Burpee broad jump back 

Inch worm to cone 1 

1 merkin

Inch worm back 

3rd F message-  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crosswalk.com/faith/men/love-s-bottom-line.html%3famp=1

Before leaving the lot , we got a round of 10 cone Abs ! At each cone pax would do lbc’s – 5x the number of cone they were at …

Mosey to 10 cone

50 lbc 

Mosey back 

Mosey to 9 cone 

45 lbc 

Mosey back 

At cone 5 switched to The American Hammer / Mosey combo 

Finishing of at cone 1 with 5 American Hammers 

Mosey back to AO 


Name – a- Rama 


Have a Blessed Easter! Remember , it’s not about the bunny….

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Lt. Danger Bridge


QIC : semi

10 HIM showed this beautiful morning. The thang took to long so we had mosey back without a 3rd F.
Warm up

22 Seal jacks. I/c
19 Cherry picker. I/c
22 Seal wave. I/c
19 Windmill I/c
22 Ssh. I/c


Mosey to park

Pair off

1 pair of HIM mosey to bridge and lt. danger across and danger lt. back across bridge and mossy back to pax. Rest of pax will AMRAP the other exercises.

Pull ups

Mosey back to AO

10 HIM showed – semi, summit, Chappie, Chairman, leatherman, Chattahoochee, doubtfire, Fireplex, toy soldier, Ruxpin

Number Rama

Name Rama


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Just the 2 of us


2 HIM posted for A nice warm morning at the circle with no rain at first and then just a nice cooling mist followed by a good soaking down pour for about the last ten mins of the beat down I washed my weinke so hope my memory serves me correctly

WARM UP- 30 SSH , 25 Windmills, 20 cherry pickers, 25 MNC, Butt ki kersey half way around the circle followed by high knees then other half.

THE THANG– Mosey to the school bear crawl to first sidewalk 20 squats. LT danger to 2nd sidewalk 20 mountain climbers, NUR to third sidewalk 20 split Jack’s

Wosey to the wall- 10 4 count chicken peckers ( balls to the wall with alternating shoulder taps) followed by taking a seat against the wall for 20 overhead claps and 20 seal claps next we took a nice wosey to the opposite end of the school then a mosey to the library for an ab station.

30 flutter kicks IC

Toy soldier set- 50 LBCs, 30 E2Ks, 15 big boy

20 Xs and Os IC

Mosey to gazebo in front of Dominos luckily we had cover this is where the rain got heavier

15 Ranger merkins, 15 wide arm merkins, 15 regular merkins, 15 diamond meekins, 10 knuckle merkins 10 finger tip merkins followed by 1 last mosey down 2 blocks and back around to the circle

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True Confessions

Date: 4/9/19

QIC: Chappie

Okay, as you can see by the BB title YHC has to come clean. True Confession: Tuesday’s workout, as quickly perceived by the astute Vanilla, had a hidden two-fold motive–1) YHC signed on to complete the GORUCK April #RuckingChallenge and needed to get in Day 1, so WE did, and, 2) A “ruck” workout without a ruck (sandbags instead) might just be a catalyst for someone to step into the circle and buy a ruck, and hence, get into rucking. Did it work? THAT is the question.

12 PAX won THAT FIRST BATTLE and got jump-started with a good Warmup VQ by Doubtfire, then those who did not have a ruck with them (ruckers were alerted night before) were directed to the shed to grab a sandbag coupon. Shout out to Leatherman, each bag NOW weighs 40lbs. PAX circled up again in the parking lot where YHC esplained the forthcoming routine…

Day 1 of the GORUCK Lucky 7 Rucking Challenge: 7 Ruck workouts 7 days during April.

PAX would carry either a 40lb ruck or a 40lb sandbag throughout the workout. PAX went 2x around the block to complete 1 mile by doing the Double-Deuce shuffle. That’s 22 shuffle/mosey steps to remember that the average of American Servicemen and women who take their own lives on a daily basis is 22. The average is said to have come down to 20, but even 1 is too many. So we shuffle 22 steps, with PAX taking turns to call a bit of a cadence, then we stepped for 22. Rinse and repeat for the entire mile.

While doing the Double-Deuce the PAX circled up for pain at corners #1 and #3:

Corner #1: PAX paired up and alternated back & forth to complete 10 sets x 10 Ruck/Sandbag Squats each…Double-deuce to corner 3.

Corner #3: PAX paired up and alternated back & forth to complete 10 sets x 10 Ruck/Sandbag Merkins each (#brutal!). Continue Double-Deuce shuffle around block to circle up again at corner 1…

Corner #1: PAX paired up and alternated back and forth to complete 10 sets x 10 Ruck/Sandbag American Hammers (a.k.a. Russian Twists) each. Continue Double-Deuce Shuffle all the way around the block, back to the AO to complete 1 mile.

Upon returning to the AO we circled to close it out with the following 3rdF:

At the beginning of March YHC posted a meme on our GroupMe that said:      “THERE’S A FIGHT RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, JUST WAITING…” The idea is to get ready for whatever the fight might be. In the last couple of months, I’ve been walking through fights with people who never saw them coming. Health battles. Marriage battles. Financial battles. Emotional battles. Pornography battles. Anger battles. Etc. But my point is that I’ve NOT been in these battles with people JUST because I’m a pastor.

We tend to read or hear a statement like the above and respond individually. While it takes a personal response, that phrase was/is meant to move us into the arena of that fight corporately/together (whatever the fight may be). I.e. We are supposed to battle along side one another. After all isn’t that the 2ndF part of what of why we get together?

You can try to prove me wrong on this, but you’ll find it to be true: Did you know that almost ALL of the references to spiritual growth in the Bible are corporate/plural? That means you don’t have to read between the lines. It means that the best (if not, the only) way to grow, to fight, to gauge a victory is through/by way of the relationships we have with one another. As Maverick as we like to be, or think we should be, this means we were NEVER meant to fight alone.

Some of these thoughts were formulated from Friday’s 43 Feet Podcast (great one, listen to it). Practically speaking, we need about 3-4 other men to lock shields with. When our shields are locked together with other men beside us, we notice when they’re down. And they’ll notice when we are. So…who’s backed away, faded away, fallen aside and left a gap where once there was a shield? If you’re not sure how to answer or if you can answer that question, you may need to reevaluate your commitment to FELLOWSHIP–the 2ndF of F3.

To be honest, we don’t often see a fight coming either. Nonetheless WE CAN PREPARE. A phrase I heard on Friday’s 43 Feet podcast really caught my attention: “RELATIONAL ARRHYTHMIA” Think about that. It is TOTALLY DESCRIPTIVE! The question that follows is: Are you out of sync? In your relationships with your M, your 2.0’s, and your F3 brothers you’ve got to be in rhythm. If you’re out, it’s called relational arrhythmia. Your M will tell you when you’re out if rhythm. Your 2.0’s will tell you when you’re out of rhythm, but what about other guys? On the 43 Feet Podcast Dark Helmet said, “Without the 3 P’s you do not have a shield lock and you’re not ready/prepared for the fight. What are the 3 P’s? In short:

1) PROXIMITY: You gotta see each other, there’s gotta be physical contact (elbows, forearms touch in a shield lock). Proximity builds trust. Meeting together with a real purpose. Proximity is key because until you’re beside a man, you don’t know how he feels. You might not even notice he’s backed away from the line.

2) PURPOSE: Meet together for mutual benefit and mutual defense. Why? Because we’ve all got to have 3-4 brothers to get thru the flux of life (fights/mountains/valleys). This is the living out of Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

3) PERIODIC: The point the Dark Helmet was making here on the podcast was simply to lock down when you’re gathering, lock down EXACTLY when you’re going to get together and maintain a shield lock.

There’s a fight right around the corner, just waiting. Being prepared for it means being ready for the unexpected, while staying ready for the expected. The most important part of being ready for the fight is to be a part of a shield lock.

HIM shield lock with other men for mutual defense and mutual advantage.

YHC had a bunch of extras on his Weinke, like RR Tracks, Plank Pull Throughs, Ruck high Pulls, and, of course, Mary. However, time was called. Actually, we went into a little bit of OT; thanks for your patience, men. Great work today by all. The workout was harder than YHC thought it would be. But hey, we all completed 100 Ruck Squats, 100 Ruck Merkins, 100 Ruck American Hammers, & a 1 Mile Double-Deuce shuffle carrying 40 lbs.! Well done!

Once again we had double-digits. More often than not, that is happening and we’re no doubt on the verge of hitting some record numbers. So everybody KEEP POSTING. Awesome to see Ying Ying back out there again–he’s the only PAX in the Name-O-Rama that gets celebrated with onamonapia. Whaaat! Also, welcome Circuit, YHC was wondering if you were just a made-up “Unicorn” PAX who supposedly posted up when he was out. You’re real!

Number-Rama: Dirty Dozen




  • Fundraiser mentioned by Chairman, he will post it on the GroupMe.
  • PAX are to begin thinking through Memorial Day Mini, a bit of a CSAUP 2-hour workout at CHSP. Maps and recon suggested as each PAX is asked to bring a portion of the heat.


  • Jay, Bob, Brenda & Denny, Doubtfire’s friend/co-worker, and a few others were lifted up in prayer.


As always, it was an honor for YHC to Q it up. Site-Q’s don’t forget to add Doubtfire to your Q list for the cycle. Everyone, keep posting. Aye!

~Chappie, out! (And 6 Days to go. Who’s in?)

TClap |

2 RIH, but they were here.

QIC- Summit 

4 HIM beat the fart sack this morning to push through ‘shaking off’ Chappie’s beatdown from yesterday.

Warmup – IC

SSH- 20 

Windmills – 10

Moroccan NC- 20

Mountain climbers- 10

Cherry pickers – 20

Smurf jacks – 10 

The Thang- 

Mosey to pavilion by Cupcakes Bike Shop

1 set of Bolt 45s – IC

1 toy soldier set -oyo

Split group in half – 

1 group does 25 dips IC  , while other holds high plank.   

Rinse and repeat until each group does 100 dips. 

Mosey to wheel house sign.

Partner up – 

1 man does box jumps while other does 20 lunges.  Switch. Until each man has done 60 lunges. 

Mosey to Dockmaster’s stairs

Partner up – 

1 man stays at bottom of steps doing burpees while the other runs up steps, for 20 lbc and 20 merkins. Runs back down and switch. 

3 sets totaling 60 lbc and 60 merkins…… and who knows how many burpees. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Mosey to basketball courts – 



3rd F- 

I’m reading from a couple books right now, Along with some recommended articles. Last night while reading- the same phrase showed up in two different readings and I thought I’d share some on it this morning. 

-Esprit de Corps- 

“Esprit de corps is a French phrase that translates into ‘group spirit’. Esprit de corps is one of Henri Fayol’s 14 administrative principles. The principle states that an organization must make every effort to maintain group cohesion in the organization. It notes that dividing your competition is a clever tactic, but dividing your own team is a serious error.”

Probably the best example of esprit de corps can be seen in military. Especially those who have been in battle together.  A loyalty is formed from experiencing the good , bad and everything imaginable in between.     

For those of us who may not have served in that same capacity, it’s doesn’t mean we can not live our lives with the same loyalty. The same commitment to group spirit – whether that group is F3, workplace, a business, a team or your family.     

  The reality is that we as men are in battle and the challenge to each of us is – What is your commitment to creating cohesion in this areas? an environment that people desire to be a part of and know is always in charge, Leading and pressing forward. 

 The esprit de Corps is felt here, every gloom. Lead by men who choose to roll out and not roll over.  Who choose to sharpen others. Who choose to change. Who choose to even be a little vulnerable. Who choose to allow themselves to take what they learn here and use it through out their day to add value to everything they are involved in.   

So as you think of the esprit de corps -remember 

We leave no man behind. 

We never discourage , but encourage. 

Men want to achieve something that is hard, challenging and worth pursuing. 

When seeking leadership , goals to achieve and tasks to compete – we seek like minded – goal oriented men to achieve them with.  

And this is the brotherhood that F3 has created.  

‘ Esprit de corps ‘


TClap |

Firehouse Circuit

Date: 3-30-2019

AO: Aegis, Georgetown DE

QIC: Ruxpin

The Warm-up: Imperial Walkers 20 IC Cherry Pickers 20 IC Windmill 20 IC Plank Keg Raises 20 IC

The Thang: @ the Circle Capri Lap #1 to 10 Derkins Capri Lap #2 to 20 Merkins Capri Lap #3 to 30 Wide Arm Merkins Capri Lap #4 to 40 Erkins Capri Lap #5 to 25 Bench Dips

With 2 Mini Coupons (paver bricks) in hand, Slow Mosie Shuffle to the Firehouse

Mini Coupon circuit: 3 rounds of 20 reps each Wall sit: 20 Curls to 20 Overhead Press to 20 Straight Arm Raises Drop to your 6: 20 Crunches to 20 American Hammers to 20 Flutter Kicks Wash, Rinse, Repeat x3.

3rd F: 10 tips for a health and balanced body 1. Healthy Diet and Nutrition (whole foods) 2. Get Adequate Rest (good REM patterns) 3. Stay focused in the Present (Avoid feelings of regret and worry about the past) 4. Exercise (a body in motion) 5. Mental Stimulation (challenge your mind to expand, grow, experience) 6. Pray & Meditate (feelings of peace, serenity, spiritual faith) 7. Support System (family and friends to lean on) 8. Laugh Often (release of stress and worry) 9. Positive Thoughts (positive, forward thinking, don’t dwell on negative) 10. Deal with Emotions (don’t hid them away, they will only build)

Firehouse Parking Lot: Lt. Dan to each parking spot, 1st spot-1 Merkin, 2nd spot-2 Merkins, 3rd spot-3 Merkins………..continue to 9th spot for 9 Merkins.

Mosie back to the circle for a round of Mary: PAX alternated calling out Ab exercises with Arm exercises as we Mary-go-Round

Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT

TClap |


DATE: 4-3-2019




Up Straddle Hops 10 I/C each leg

Finkle Swings 10 each leg

Imperial Squat Walkers 10 I/C

Up Straddle Hops 10 I/C each leg

The Thang-

We had a String of Pearls style workout this beautiful Gloom!!!! So we moseyed around Lewes and stopped for the exercises.


25 E2Ks each leg


20 War Hammers


10 Marionettes


10 Outlaws L and R


Protractors all different angles because well because the Q struggles with some stuff but the PAX is always so graceful anyway back to it.



Mosey back to the A/O

3rd F

We did 3rd F back at the A/O and I took a quote from Stan Lee


This quote speaks for it self and for all of us HIM that are F3. The men in F3 are true Superheros in our Homes, Community and Workplace.

Ended with Number- O-Rama, Name-O-Rama and COT.

Your QIC, Leatherman

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