Beach Rhymes


Q Rhymes

Pax Beach

Deck of Cards Workout:
Hearts – Mountain Climbers
Diamonds – Squats
Clubs – Reverse Lunges
Spades – Spiderman Murkins
Jokers – 10 pullups/20 rows

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Q Rhymes

Pax Sharkbait

100 reps done with 25 # plate:
Floor Presses
Bent Over Rows
Overhead Press
Good Mornings
Bicep Curls
Overhead Extension
Reverse Lunges
50 reps American Hammer

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Warm 41


Warm 41

Q Sharkbait

Pax Priorities, FNG PorkButt, SawDust

Warm Up

Imperial Walkers 25

Hill Billies 25

Abe Vigoda Slow 20

CooperHead Squat 20

Annie Plank 10


The Thang

Prison Cell Merkin Burpees PCMB’s 15


10 Squat Jumps, 20 burpees, 30 merkins, 40 squats, 50 lunge-walks. One Lap around End Zone and 50 Yard Line between Exercise’s.  Wait for 6 in Reverse Plank.

Merkin Ladder Run

From End Zone run 50 yard Line 20 merkin, Run Back 19 merkin etc.

Gas Pumps IC 10

Dollys IC 10

Sun gods IC 10

Ephesians 6:4

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.


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Gloom Swing

Gloom Swing

Q Sharkbait
Pax Beach, Priorities
Warm Up

Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Annie Plank 10

The Thang
3 rounds
Mountain climbers IC 10
Groiners Plank to Feet outside of Hands x10
3 Rounds
Crab Humper Crab Position hips up and down cadence IC 10
Dying Coachroach IC 10
3 Rounds
Pulse Row IC 20
On belly hands at sides lift hands up
Supermans 3 count hold 20
Hey Watch Iss
10 Burpee, 10 Diamond Merkin, 10 90 degree squat jumps
One Calls 15 count wait in Back Plank
Ciabatta Routine Swing Rows
Ciabatta Routine Carolina Dry Docks
Rosalita IC 12
Dolly IC 12

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30 Degree’s


Q Sharkbait

Pax Priorities

Warm Up

Imperial Walkers 25

Rockette Hill Billies 25

Abe Vigoda Slow 20

CooperHead Squat 20

Annie Plank 10


Dutch Skate


The Thing


3 Rounds

Pulse Row’s




Lt Dans

Merkin Ladder

Back Plank


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Tardy BackBlast 20180213


Q SharkBait

Pax Mud Duck, Beach & Priorities

Imperial Walkers 25

Hill Billies 25

Abe Vigoda Slow 20

CooperHead Squat 20

Annie Plank 10

UpDowns- High Knees Call DROP Chest to dirt Bounce Back Up to High Knees Repeat


The Thing

Ciabatta Routine Hurpees

Broad Jump Burpees

Indian Bear Crawl

DirtyMacDeuce Dips / Step Ups / Gas Pumps

Wait in Al Gore

Arm Circles





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Birthdays everywhere


Q: Priorities

Pax: Rhymes, Mud Duck, Sawdust, Priorities

YHC doesn’t know what is so romantic about mid May but from all the birthdays going on, that’s when people are getting bizzay!  Croc’s birthday was 2 weeks ago, Priorities 2.0 had a birthday on Monday, M Croc is having a baby (quite possibly as I type this), M Rhymes is getting induced tonight and this morning F3 Monterey celebrated Sawdust’s 33rd birthday the best way we know how…


SSHs x33 IC

IWs x33 IC

Copperhead Merkins x33 IC

Paint the lines (only 1 court, gotta keep the legs fresh…)

The Thang:

The traditional F3 Monterey Birthday Run – (this is the second such event so it’s now a tradition…)

– 1 pax takes off with the jugs.  All other pax do 3 burpees.  When the jugs are caught, new pax takes over.  When you are caught with the jugs, you do 3 burpees and chase down the jugs again.  Repeato.

Mud Duck didn’t quite understand the point as when we all were coming back to pick him up, he turned around and got a head start back to the flags.  Good thought but we still had places to go.

Next, the S.A.W.D.U.S.T. commenced at the wharf courtyard.

Scorpion Dry Docks – x16.5 each leg – OYO

American Hammers – x33 IC

Wheel of Merkins x33 – OYO (33 merkins, turning 90 degrees between each rep)

Derkins – had to be skipped on account of time and exhaustion

Up-downs – See Derkins

Sun Gods – x33 IC (16.5 fwd/16.5 back each sides/front/overhead) – Aye!!

Birthday run back to the flags

Thigh Masters x16.5 each leg IC

COT:  Numbers/Names

Words of wisdom from last weeks F3 Round Table:

An old man going a lone highway,
Came, at the evening cold and gray,
To a chasm vast and deep and wide.
Through which was flowing a sullen tide
The old man crossed in the twilight dim,
The sullen stream had no fear for him;
But he turned when safe on the other side
And built a bridge to span the tide.
“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
“You are wasting your strength with building here;
Your journey will end with the ending day,
You never again will pass this way;
You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wide,
Why build this bridge at evening tide?”
The builder lifted his old gray head;
“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
“There followed after me to-day
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been as naught to me
To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be;
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!”
YHC rambled on for a bit but said nothing better than the poem above.  Prayers for those coming after us, especially Croc 2.0 and Rhymes 2.0 coming soon.
  • Saturday’s AO is at the Super Park in Fort Ord.  Tell your friends.
  • The Saturday AO on March 10th will be Hill Yeah in San Mateo.  OBT has the Q. #F3Royalty
  • The 2018 Official Race Jersey logo is released!  Pre order yours here. Let us know if you’d like to be part of the group order to save on shipping.
  • Sign up for a Q here. 2 Qs a month from our senior pax would cover it.



So I wrote this post yesterday but never published it.  It was a crazy night.  I was writing quite literally as Baby Hux (Croc 2.0) was being born.  Mom and baby are doing great!  Thanks for all the TAPS, especially to Sharkbait for praying with me at happy hour in the middle of a bar when we got word they were going in for a C Section.  God is good!!

In other baby news, M Rhymes has been admitted to the hospital but no progress yet.  Continue the TAPS for the next new addition to F3 Monterey!

Priorities out


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Beach Yoga

Q: Rhymes

PAX: Beach, Croc, Priorities, Sawdust

All poses held for 20 count, done on each side

Bent Hamstring Stretch
Bent Torso Trist

Split Leg Hamstring Stretch

Ashtanga Sun Salutation x 2

Runners Pose

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Reverse Warrior
Triangle Pose


Twisting Chair

Leg Raises

Right Angle Pose

Side Arm Balance

Prayer Twist


Bridge x 3


1/2 Boat


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F3 Monterey Grows Up…

2/6/18 – 2/8/18

We can no longer sit idly by.  We have things to do. Places to go. Families to provide for.  Communities to care for.  No longer can we rest in the warm comforts of our fartsacks until the sun rises.  F3 Monterey has changed its start time to 0530.  Here’s how it sleepily happened in the very early gloom…

Tuesday – 

Q: Priorities

Pax: Croc, Rhymes, Sharkbait, Priorities

SSHs x40 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x20

Sun gods x10

Each pax picks an exercise:

Merkins, Squats, LBCs and Burpees were selected.

Commence The Cooper…

10 of each exercise – Indian Run a lap

9 of each exercise – Indian Run a lap



Finished 4 and a lap and then did 10 of each for good measure.


Coffee on the back porch, still in the pitch dark…

Thursday – 

Q: Priorities

Pax: Rhymes, Priorities

You Betchya stopped by on his bike with 3 minutes to go… doesn’t count…

Despite the fact that neither Rhymes nor YHC have responsibilities before 0900, it was really great to be there a half hour early.  (clears throat…)

SSHs x30 IC

IWs x20

Copperhead Squats x20

Mosey to Pullup Bars

Cindy 1-2-3:

Team inverted rows/Merkins/Squats – 100/200/300 w/ 50 yard run

Back to the flags for a true 6MOM

LBCs/Flutter Kicks/American Hammers

Numbers and Names

As a pax, we’ve got a lot of things going on in life right now.  We have pax trying to have kids, some sooner than others, pax starting new jobs, pax moving, and it goes on.  In that oh so special and awkward moment that is the 2 man BOM, we prayed for each individual pax of F3 Monterey.  May God be with each of you as you roll through life’s rollercoaster!


  • We’ve got a good number of pax who are excellent at Qing.  The goal is to a have a rotation of Qs.  If everyone who has Qed signs up for 2 Qs a month, we’d have every workout covered.  Here  is the Q schedule.  Step up for 2 a month!
  • This saturday 2/10 we’ll be at Del Monte Beach.  Rhymes has the Q.
  • Next Saturday 2/17 somewhere in Fort Ord.  YHC has the Q.
  • Also next Saturday, F3 Monterey will be helping to lead a Family Fitness event with Shoreline Church at Del Monte Beach at 1000.  Come on out and support and bring your families and friends.  Not an F3 workout but it will be eerily similar minus names for FNGs.
  • There is an opportunity to help with the launch of F3 Phoenix on March 24.  We’d like to send a contingent from F3 Monterey and SF Peninsula.  YHC will be driving but its a pretty quick flight from Monterey down to Phoenix. If interested, please let me know.  This will be a great opportunity to meet other seasoned F3 pax from Hampton Roads and Charlotte Metro and spread F3 to a FNGs in Phoenix. Aye!!

Priorities out

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Beachin Workout


Q; Sharkbait
Pax; Priorities, FNG UBetcha, Rhymes, Croc, FNG AAU, Mud Duck


Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Annie Plank 10

The Thing

3 Rounds
Dying Cockroach IC x 10
Groiners x10

3 Rounds
Gas Pumps IC x10
Crab Cakes IC x10

Prison Cell Merkin w/ David Lee Roth Jump x 10

3 Rounds
Reverse Snow Angle IC x 10
Pike Push ups 10

Aiken Legs

Bear Crawl Burpees

11’s LBC’s @ Beach Fire Pit Run to Waters Edge Merkins Run Back to Beach Fire Pit

I  believe we have a new record for F3Monterey.  Warm and clear with calm seas.  Two FNG’s and a little sweat.

Intelligent design or big bang theory we are all come from the same source.  We are connected even if we do not see or feel it.

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