Burpee Mile +

Q Sharkbait

Pax Priorities, Burgundy, Ponch, Cleveland Rocks, Flea and Great Clips

Warm Up


Copperhead Squats

Imperial Walkers

Hill Billies

Sun Gods

Abe Begotas

The Thang

Burpee Mile

First Stop Wharf Marker

Second Stop Plaza then some work

Alternate 3 rounds of 4 count In Cadence

Dips and Derkins

Lunge Walk across Plaza

20 Plank Jacks

20 Box Jumps onto Ledge

Bear Crawl Back Across Plaza

Finish Burpee Mile same midpoint stop

6 Minutes of Mary

Gas Pumps 20

Flea’s round?

LBC’s 101

Team Leg Raises 20


Words of Wisdom

I am currently riding a high point and I am very grateful and aware this to shall pass.

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The Robert Mueller Report

APRIL 18, 2019

PAX: Chappie, Fireplex, Chattahoochee, Ying Ying, Summit, Chairman, Ruxpin, Waterfall, Semi, Toy Soldier, Wildwing


WARMUP (IC x 20):  Jumping Jacks, Morrocan Nightclub, Cherry Pickers, Windmill

THE THANG:  Based upon irrefutable press reports, the PAX received an early summary of the investigation:

1.  “The Wall”:  Lt. Dan carries cinder blocks from point to point.  And back.  Mosie one block.  20 jumping jacks.

2.  Russian Meeting – Junior’s Report:  one block interval run with 20 jumping jacks. Mosie to parking lot.  2x

3.  Clinton Russian Reset:  Bear crawl 20 yards, 10 jumping knee touches at “Reset” 6x

4.  Pelosi Virtual Wall:  Al Gore’s with partner doing 20 American Hammerjacks.  3x

5.  Clinton Reset repeated

6.  Mosie to corner for F3 summary of “3 blank page” method for resolving conflicts with others – one page with their positive attributes, one page with negative attributes, one page with action steps such as ignore, contront, accept, or fire.

7.  Russian Meeting – Jared’s Report: two block interval run using “30-20-10 ” methodology

8.  Unbuild Wall – Lt Dan cinder block removal at CHOP

Count-o-Rama and Name-o-Rama


Wildwing on Q (with thanks to Cpt Mueller, recipient of Bronze Star and Purple Heart).

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Lt. Danger Bridge


QIC : semi

10 HIM showed this beautiful morning. The thang took to long so we had mosey back without a 3rd F.
Warm up

22 Seal jacks. I/c
19 Cherry picker. I/c
22 Seal wave. I/c
19 Windmill I/c
22 Ssh. I/c


Mosey to park

Pair off

1 pair of HIM mosey to bridge and lt. danger across and danger lt. back across bridge and mossy back to pax. Rest of pax will AMRAP the other exercises.

Pull ups

Mosey back to AO

10 HIM showed – semi, summit, Chappie, Chairman, leatherman, Chattahoochee, doubtfire, Fireplex, toy soldier, Ruxpin

Number Rama

Name Rama


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Bada Bing, Bada…FNG


Q: ’88 (YHC)
Pax: Ponch, Hobo, Sparky and FNG ConAir
Down Range Pax: Bada Bing

Disclaimer: Given

1 BIG Indian Lap
Circle of Pain warm up around flag

Mountain Climbers IC 20
Imperial Walkers 20
Al Gore 60 seconds
Monkey Humpers 20

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire-

Pax circle around shovel flag

  • Bear crawl one lap around shovel flag
  • Pax plank
  • One at a time 10 merkins
  • REPEATO with hand release merkins

Rocklin Death March- Grab coupons mosey to Stanford Ranch
(coupon hill run with stops at each light pole)

Curls and tricep extensions up
Bent over rows and chest presses

50 Overhead claps IC
50 Seal Claps IC


Partner 1 runs approx 200 yds

300 LBCs
200 Squats
100 Merkins

Wall sits:
60 Seconds
30 Seconds

Circle of Trust:
Ball of Man

Naked Man Moleskin:
After a 12 week stretch of no FNG’s, and not for lack of trying by the pax…FNG ConAir posted after YHC applied the EH via his M who YHC met at our 2.0’s school. Glad he posted with us. Bada Bing was with us as well from F3 San Francisco Peninsula, he gave us an update on the happenings in the Bay. Always looking for pax to Q workouts. If you are thinking about it and telling yourself you aren’t ready…take the leap. F3 is about developing leadership skills as well as getting fit. Leading a workout furthers this in you.

1. April 26 & 27 Q School in San Mateo at Hill Yeah! Learn the why and what of F3. Friday is a happy hour 2nd F night. Saturday is a regular beatdown followed by the Q School led by FIB from Naperville, Ill.

2. May 4th- Lincoln PACE Race 10k. We will move the workout that morning to Lincoln. Exact site TBD. Sign up for the race on out team called “F3 Fitness” on the website. We have 4 guys right now!

3. On the horizon…
– F3 Dads Day: A fun time / workout with our 2.0s. Boys and girls welcome.
– 2nd F Event: Social Night to gather out of the gloom and be with the guys.

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4 Corners BLIM


Q Sharkbaiit

Pax Cleveland Rocks & Burgundy

Warn Up


Cherry Pickers

Abe Begota


Hill Billie

The Thang

4 Corners

At the Volley Ball Court exercise at each corner. First corner exercise then backwards run to the next corner, exercise then crawl bear to the next corner exercise, then forward run to the next corer, exercise then bear crawl to the next corner. Exercises Round one 5 Burpees, round two 5 Burpees and 10 Lunges each leg, round three 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges & 15 Imperial Walkers, round 4 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges & 15 Imperial Walkers & 20 Merkins.


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7 of Diamonds, etc.


QIC: Vanilla

AO: Aegis: Georgetown, DE

PAX: Chappie, Chattahoochee, Doubtfire, Fireplex, Hideous, Nugget, Summit, Vanilla


SSH – 20 IC

Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Smurf Jacks – 20 IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Windmill – 15 IC

Circle Burp

Mosey to Georgetown Elementary for the thang!

The Thang 1: “7 of Diamonds”

Using a square of sidewalk in front of Georgetown Elementary with roughly 100 yards between the points, the PAX went through 7 rounds of pain. In each round the PAX stopped at each tip of the “diamond” to perform the given exercise and reps. Mosey transitions

Round 1: 7 Burpees

Round 2: 14 4-Count Flutter Kicks

Round 3: 21 Merkins

Round 4: 28 Squats

Round 5: 21 LBC’s

Round 6: 14 Iron Mikes

Round 7: 7 Diamond Merkins

After first 4 rounds, we broke for a third F. I read an excerpt from “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge


“Which would you rather be said of you: “Harry? Sure I know him. He’s a real sweet guy.” Or, Yes, I know about Harry. He’s a dangerous man…in a really good way.” Ladies, how about you? Which man would you rather have as your mate? (Some women, hurt by masculinity gone bad, might argue for the “safe” man…and then wonder why, years later, there is no passion in their marriage, why he is distant and cold.) And as for your own femininity, which would you rather have said of you–that you are a “tireless worker,” or that you are a “captivating woman”? I rest my case.

What if? What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the life we were meant to live? God gave us eyes so that we might see, he gave us ears that we might hear, he gave us wills that we might choose, and he gave us hearts that we might live. The way we handle the heart is everything. A man must know he is powerful, he must know he has what it takes. A woman must know she is beautiful, she must know she is worth fighting for. “but you don’t understand,” said one woman to me. “I’m living with a hollow man.” No, it’s in there. His heart is there. It may have evaded you, like a wounded animal, always out of reach, one step beyond your catching. But it’s there. “I don’t know when I died,” said another man. “But I feel like I’m just using up oxygen.” I understand. Your heart may feel dead and gone, but it’s there. Something wild and strong and valiant, just waiting to be released.”

Mosey to National Guard for The Thang 2!

The Thang 2: “Grizzcalator”

PAX Complete 1 Merkin with hands on the bottom step and then 2 Merkins with hands on the 2nd step, 3 Merkins on the 3rd step, etc., all the way up to 14 merkins on the 14th step. Total = 105 Merkins

Mosey back to the AO for “Johnny Cash”

Johnny Cash: Part 1

PAX circled up and all hold 6 inches. 1 PAX at a time completes 10 Big Boys while everyone else holds 6.

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,



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Beaching Obamas

Q Sharkbait
Pax Beach & Burgundy

Warm Up
Hill Billies
Abe Begota
Copper Head Squats

The Thang

Mosey to the Plaza

Grateful Dead dancing bear
Basically a plank-o-rama with some stupidity mixed in. Do 5 Merkins. Rotate 360° in place to the left. Left arm up, right arm up, etc. Do 5 Werkins. Rotate 360° in place to the right. Left arm up, right arm up, etc. Do 5 Diamond Merkins. Now while in place, lift left arm and leg up, then quickly swap to right arm and leg up. Do this back and forth as quick as you can, making sure to get full extension. Now you look like a Dancing Bear!

5 rounds of Obama’s and Jonny Drama’s
In honor of the 44th POTUS, this traveling exercise consists primarily of a Bear Crawl, but after every 4 hand moves PAX must stop and perform 4 Merkins. (The 4 and 4 for the 44th, in case you needed that explained to you…)
Jonny Drama
Stand with your toes on a stair. One hand on the handrail to the side. Drop your heels below the stair, and then do a calf raise (Technically a Negative Calf Raise). Johnny Drama wanted Calf implants because his calves were not big enough – get them bigger using this. Will smoke the PAX when multiple sets of 25+ are done in workout and folks start running funny

She Hate Me
10 Lunges (20 movements)/10 Burps (Burpees without the pushup and the standing)/10 Pushups. No rest, as many sets as you can, for as long as the QIC deems necessary.
Mosey Back to the Flag’s

TClap |

Sally Hurley


Q: Chairman

PAX: Billboard, Chappie, Chattahoochie, Fireplex, Leatherman, Ruxpin, Semi, Summit, Toy Soldier, Waterfall

Warmup: All In Cadence – 25 SSH 20 Cherry Pickers 18 Windmills 18 Moroccan Night Clubs 18 Mountain Climbers Mosey to Willow to Union and back to CHOP

The Thang 1: Super Toy Soldier Set. 50 LBCs 35 E2Ks 20 Big Boys. Bring Sally Up Merkin Challenge. Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge. Hurley Merkins – OYO 25 Bobby Hurleys 25 Hand Release Merkins 25 Bobby Hurleys 25 Diamond or Ranger Merkins 25 Bobby Hurleys 25 Merkins 25 Bobby Hurleys OYO 25 Merkins.

F3 Mesaage. Giving Thanks. Need to concentrate on what we have to be thankful for rather than what we dont have or what we want. Psalm 118:19. I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips. …Psalm 34:1-3. I thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I sing praise to you before the gods. …Psalm 138: 1-2. I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;

The Thang 2: Suicides. Sprint to 1st line and Luitenant Danger Back Sprint to 2nd line Nur back. Sprint to grass Bear crawl to 2nd line and sprint back. Karoake to grass and back. 50 Merkins. 10 Burpees.

Circle of Trust: Number-O-Rama, Name-O- Rama, Announcements & Prayers

TClap |

Catch me if you can!

3/26/19. Milton, DE. Nugget on Q.

Warm Up. 20 SSH, 15 windmill, 15 cherry picker. Capri lap.

Catch me if you can… partner up, person A runs to bottom of hill while person B does 7 burpees then runs to bottom of hill. If person B catches person A before the bottom of the hill person A has to do 13 burpees. (we will rotate on way back to AO.)

March Merkin Madness. 10 tricep extensions. 20 rangers. 30 hand release merkins. 40 merkins for a total of 100 merkins, ouch!

Crawl bear up Milton hill and bear crawl down just for fun.

Catch me if you can back to AO. (switch positions, same format.)

3rd F talked about a post I saw on instagram from a Pastor who’s instagram name is dad.tired. title was ‘God is using your wife and kids to make you more like him.’

Ultimate football. when team in possession drops ball they have to do 1 burpee before resuming play. at the end of the game the winning team has to do X amount of ranger merkins while losing team does twice the amount but in regular merkins. MVP was the dynamic duo of Doubtfire and Fireplex. Great push HIM!

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“Weighed Down”

16 Mar 2019

Q: Dirty Jobs

We all recognize that life can get heavy. In those moments of heaviness, we are faced with a decision to give up or carry on. Quitting is not an approved course of action and regardless of how heavy the burdens of life may be, we commit to never leave a man behind, and never leave a man where you found him. At F3 Monterey, we train like we fight. Thus, weighed down was born.


  • 200 yd jog
  • 50 yd walking toy soldier, 50 yd jog
  • 50 yd karaoke, 50 yd jog
  • 25 yd walking lunges, 25 yd jog back
  • 1-minute Arm circles
  • Werkins/Air Squats 10-9-8-7-6

The Thang:

Partner WOD w/ Coupon – 1 partner runs, 1 partner works. PRIZE: Reverse High Planks.

25 yd line – 1 Partner jogs to the 25-yd line and back while 1 partner completes a combined total of 25 reps of DERKINS, GOBLET SQUATS, and 4-ct FLUTTER KICKS. Partners switch after each run portion.

50 yd line – REPEAT run/exercises but increase repetitions to 50 per exercise.

75 yd line – REPEAT run/exercises but increase repetitions to 75 per exercise.

100 yd line – Run/exercises with a combined total of 100 reps of MAN MAKERS, 4-ct ALT LUNGES, KETTLEBELL SWINGS.




“If you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;   
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;   
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;   
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,   
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” – Rudyard Kipling


Slack has proven to be an awesome platform for all things men and F3. Sadly, it’s a ghost town sometimes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m speaking to you directly. We use it for male bonding, communication, and fodder. Check it out here. “Slack. Social media for men.”

It’s official! F3 Monterey has put together a team of warriors and we are taking Monterey by force on 1 Jun 19 at the Spartan Super. We plan to complete the course in 1 hour, or as close to 1 hour as possible. There is still plenty of time left to join the “F3 Monterey” team. Check out the Spartan Race here, June 1-2. Are you a Spartan? Do you want to be? For all others, at least come fake it. If interested, follow the directions below.

  • Buy the  “Entry to Monterey Super (Valid for Saturday Afternoon Race Times- 1 p.m. or Later)” Groupon.  You can save some money or get some cash back if you buy thru eBates or USAA or Samsung Pay (just today).  Groupon also seems to have some discount codes every now and then (see the current banner at the top of groupon).
  • Go to Spartan.com and sign up for the “After 1pm” race.  Go thru filling out the forms etc.
  • Eventually it will ask for a promo code and that’s where you put in the Groupon redemption code.  FYI  Additional fees at spartan added $22.10 to Groupon cost.  
  • When you go thru the menu items at spartan site it will ask you if you want to join a team (not a prepaid team).  Put in “F3Monterey”.  It will ask you a preferred start time. Most have been putting in 1:15pm but the actual start time is subject to change.

Depending on the rebates you do or don’t get it will cost you between $86-$101 to register.

Follow @f3monterey and @f3nation on twitter.

Email us at f3monterey@gmail.com

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