Pyramid of Pain


QIC: Leatherman

A/O: CHOP, Milton DE

PAX: Ruxpin, Chappie, Wildwing, Summit, Fireplex, Chattahoochee, Chairman, Semi, Leatherman

Warm-O-Rama: 15 SSH- 15-Wind Mills- 15 CherryPickers-15 Moroccan Night Clubs

Snake Run with Coupon ( cinder block ) Overhead to the Car Wash.

The Thang :

5 Merkins-5 Big Boys-10 Coupon Swings

10 Merkins- 10 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

15 Merkins – 15 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

20 Merkins – 20 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

25 Merkins- 25 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

20 Merkins- 20 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

15 Merkins -15 Big Boys- 10 Coupon Swings

10 Merkins – 10 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

5 Merkins – 5 Big Boys – 10 Coupon Swings

Break for 3rd F :

The 3 Rs of Habit Forming The reminder the routine the reward

Reminder The cue a trigger that starts the habit

Routine The action you take. The habit itself

Reward The benefit you gain from doing the habit

The Reminder for us setting the Alarm !!!

The Routine for us POSTING , Working hard and Completeing the Exercise set for us !!

The Reward for us Bonds formed ,Healthy body and Mindset.

Quote: We don’t Grow when things are easy: we grow when we face challenges.

Quote: Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits

If you are unwilling to Risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary . Jim Rhone

For us the unusual 5:15am workouts HOT-COLD-SNOW-RAIN-ICE the ordinary a boring gym life.

Thang Part 2:

Mosey with Coupon back to A/O and stack the Blocks at the wall.

All PAX line up wall sits pass the blocks down the line and back

Second Round first man 10 block curls while PAX stay seated on the wall. Pass block and so on once last man is done come back down the line 15 block curls. All finished stack blocks

Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT.

Yours Truly


TClap |


8 HIM beat the fartsack this morning for a good ole leg beatdown

WARMUP- 25-ssh, 10 side lunges each side, 20 windmills, 10 arm circles forward 10 backwards.

THE THANG- Mosey to H and R block 20 flutter kicks IC, 20 4 count freddies, mosey to alley between Walgreens and Family dollar, half pax take the peoples chair while other half does 10 meekins, 10 LBC , 10 burpees switch off followed by 21s between walls 20 Mike tyson’s without the merkin , bear crawl to other wall 1 squat Lt Dan back to first wall for 19 Mike tyson’s bear crawl back to 2nd wall for 2 squats you get the idea. Half way thru there was not much chatter but plenty of grunting and groaning. Took a short break for a 3rd F then mosey back to AO made it with just a couple minutes to spare so 10 War Hammers ( 1 world war II sit up 4 american hammers) The legs may be a little tight but the end of the day.

3rd F I read Isaiah 40: 28-31 the part I thought fit i with today’s beatdown was He gives strength to the weary and Increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall.

Quote by Bruce lee. You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass

TClap |

1st 2019 Beatdown

10 HIM showed up for the first beatdown of the year. To start of the year we passed the baton to give everyone that wanted it a chance to get in on serving a beatdown to the other Pax. Hopefully I can remember everything and get the order close to being right.

Warm up by Chattahoochee



Mosey out back entrance of the AO and around to the front Chappie took the baton on the first round with a little bring sally up bring sally down merkin beat down

Another repeat mosey followed by 40 squats IC by leatherman

Repeat mosey and Summit took the Baton with a toy soldier set with a surprise between sets 30 LBCs, Lt Dan to next parking row bearcrawl back to start, 20 E2Ks each leg, Lt. Dan/bearcrawl, 10 big boys, Lt. Dan/ bearcrawl

I think it was one more mosey after that and Vanilla took over with 20 alternating shoulder taps, 10 side plank 4 count shoulder taps.each side,

Fireplex/ Semi combo by fireplex descending merkins staring at 10 end in at 1 with a burpee after each set

Vanilla again with 25 American Hammers

Chattahoochee with 20 scissor kicks

Chappie with 20 4 count Freddie’s

Chattahoochee with 5 wall crawls start in the plank with feet against the wall crawl up to balls to the wall position crawl back to the plank

I believe I hit it all but still have the feeling I missed something

Number-rama, Name-o-rama followed by COT.

Afterwards we enjoyed some coffee, juice, breakfast casserole and fellowship thanks to Chappie and his M

TClap |