Drainage Bowl Bowling


11 PAX showed up on a blustery day to celebrate Tatoo’s #maniversary with a game of bowling.

Everyone pushed hard, no one got struck by the bowling ball, and we witnessed Fridge and Turnpike wrestling.

PAX: Sunspot, Eagle, 10AC, Marvel, Spuds, Square, Fridge, Turnpike, HK aka Hershey Kiss, #FNG Blockbuster, Tattoo (Q)

Warm up:
SSH – 20 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Arm circles – 20 IC forward, 20 IC backward
Windmills 10 IC

Mosey to get bowling balls
Mosey to the drainage bowl

The Thang:
Partner up //
Roll bowling ball down hill and carry back up w/ Merkin ladder, 1-20 (210 total, each PAX)
*partner holds Al Gore or does squats while waiting

1 each of the following up the hill:
Crab walk
Bear crawl
Reverse bear crawl
Reverse crab walk

Back with partner //
Roll bowling ball down hill and carry back up w/ WW2 ladder, 10-20 evens (90 total, each PAX)
*partner does flutter kicks while waiting

Thoughts and prayers for Inspector’s wife, Fridge’s cousin’s family, 10AC’s church, Eagle and Sunspot at Growruck next weekend

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10/27/2018 F3 LANCO – Deck of Cards

Seven PAX ignored the rain and wind to show up for a game of cards.

PAX: Eagle, Inspector, Tattoo, Skater, Squared, Garden State, Magneto.

We let the deck do the thinking and the PAX did the work. Each PAX was the Q for the card they pulled.

Each number card was the number +10 for the reps, Royal Cards were 20 reps.

Too many cards were pulled to remember what we did and what order but every Ace was pulled:

100 SSH
100 Flutter Kicks
100 Arm Circles
100 Calf Raises

And each Joker was pulled:
The Motivator
Pinky Pie

Great job today guys. Proud that each of you ignored the weather and posted.

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2-2-2 or the Army Physical Fitness Test

PAX: GardenState, Feeny, Turnpike, Herbie, Sunspot, Square, Nails, Magneto (FNG), Eagle (Q)  


  • Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC 
  • Imperial Storm Troopers – 20 IC 
  • Toy Soldiers – 20 IC
  • Arm Circles Front – 20 IC 
  • Arm Circles Back – 20 IC 

The Thang: APFT 

PAX Buddy Up.  One PAX Exercise, Second PAX Counts 

  • Two Minutes – Merkins AMRAP
  • Two Minutes – WWII’s AMRAP 
  • Two Mile Run 


  • Stretch
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch 
  • Tricep Stretch 
  • Frog Stretch 
  • Knee to Chest Stretch 
  • Standing Quad Stretch 
  • Leg Levers – 20 IC


Great job today PAX!  Way to push on the APFT.  It is awesome to use the results from today as a baseline.  We will do it again in three months or so and you will definitely see results!  Welcome FNG-Magneto!  It was great having you join us for the workout and Coffeteria!

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Dance to the Music

16 PAX showed up for some musical challenge!

PAX: Wheels, Quigley, Excel, Skater, Eagle, Flintstone, Inspector, Fridge, GardenState, Marvel, Feeny(FNG), Tattoo, 10AC, Bam-Bam, Sunspot, Square(Q)

Mozy around the park
Motivator 10-1
Arm circle (IC) X 10
Reverse arm circle (IC) X 10


Frisbee toss x 16
Cha cha slide plank routine 
Lunge (IC) x 25
Wall squats (time length varied determine by Q) x 2

Leg lever with “Bring Sally Up” music
Side planks (IC) x 10
Opposite side planks (IC) x 10
LBC (IC) x 10
Finished with 4 rounds of Duck Jousting.  The winner (Tattoo) chose the winning WO – Burpees x 20

Great job fellas pushing through!

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