100 Yards The Hard Way

VQ: Great Clips

Disclaimer: Given

Warm O Rama:
Moroccan Night Clubs
Imperial Walkers
Copperhead Squats
Abe Vigodas

The Thang

Hello Dollys

Mosey one lap slow
Meet back in at the end zone

100 yards the hard way.

Start on the goal lines. Sprint to the 10 yard line and do 10 x merkins, sprint back to the goal. Everyone waits to start the next portion. Sprint to the 20 yard line and do 10 x flutter kicks, sprint back to the goal. Continue this to the other goal.

What goes up must come back….. 100 yards the hardway … in reverse. Sprint to the 100 yard line, 10 x merkins, sprint back. Sprint to the 90 yard line and do 10 x flutter kicks, sprint back. Continue this until you are home free.

Indian Run x 3 laps

Dealers choice

Words of wisdom:

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT

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Gymnastics Prep

16 made it out to Carmel High this morning in the gloom… well, not so gloomy… it was actually beautiful!

Q: Cleveland Rocks



Armies IC, more Armies IC, MNC IC, Overhead Circles IC Abe Vigodas IC, Hill Billies IC, Imperial Walkers IC, SSH IC, Merkins IC, LBC IC, Dying Cockroach IC,

The Thang:

Run 1 lap (Fast)

Hopping.. Left/Right IC, Front Back IC, Chubby Checker IC

Run 1 lap (Fast)

Mosey to wall. 1 minute handstand on wall, break, repeat.

Tubthumping (EP version?)

Bernie Sanders up hill, 1 Merkin, 1 Copper Head, run down, repeat +1 each for 10 minutes.

2 laps last man sprints

Line up on 50, 10 yard bear crawl, 5 merkins, 10 yard crab walk, 5 burpees… repeat until endzone.

Option: Repeat above back to 50 or do Bring Sally Up at 50.



Words of wisdom: None

COT: Thanks @priorities

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Unleash the Hills of Hell

Q: Flea


Cherry Pickers -20 IC
Sun gods -10 IC- kinda
Abe Vigodas – 20 IC
Copperhead Squats 4count – 15 IC
Capri lap


-From EXICON: Find a steep hill (Hill of pain). Set a timer, i.e. 4 minutes. Run forward down the hill and run backwards up the hill repeat until the timer runs out.

Triple Nickel (5 burpees at the bottom/ 5 lunges-each leg at the top)
– From EXICON: Find a hill. Start at the bottom, run to the top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to the bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on a flat surface with launch point and target point.

Mosey to the auditorium steps

Up Steps –
Alternating Workouts on each step +5 dips +10calf raises per step
(i.e. step 1 – 5 dips, step 2 -10 calf raises, step 3- 10 dips, step 4 – 20 calf raises, etc.)

Down Steps –
Alternating Workouts on each step +5 derkins +10LBCs per step [ same as above)

Mosey to the football field
1 minute SSHs to end at 0750 instead of the usual 0800 due to Q commitments.

Wrapped up with announcements and Words of Wisdom by 0800. If you’re looking to Q and haven’t yet, we could definitely use help for days like today!

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COTCoffeeteria

Spartan Race is coming up! Don’t forget!
Several Second F events on the way! See e-mails!

Welcome “Dab”!

LEXICON: Word of the day-
A Q’s determination to never miss an opportunity to transform a Sad Clown into an FNG. Abbr: ABH.

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