Hamburger Hill

Q: Hogs Breath

Disclaimer: Given

Warm O Rama:
Imperial Walkers
Calf Raises

The Thang

Mosey to the bottom of the hill.

Circle up and Dealers choice, followed by 5 iterations of Failure to Launch

Indian Sprints with KettleBell pass

Start at the base of a steep hill, we performed an Indian Run carrying a 15lbs KettleBell. Once the sprinter reached the front of the line, the KettleBell was passed to the back of the line until the last man began the sprint. Continued this for 10mins till we reached the “top o’ hill”.

Performed one round of “Deck o’ Beatdown”

Repeated the Indian Run passing the KettleBell, down and back up the hill.

Words of wisdom:

2 Corinthians 4:16-17 “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For out light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all”

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT, Coffeteria

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Yes, you can sail the seven seas…

08 May 2019

Q: Priorities

Where can you find pleasure
Search the world for treasure
Learn science technology
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
On the land or on the sea
Where can you learn to fly
Play in sports and skin dive
Study oceanography
Sign up for the big band
Or sit in the grandstand
When your team and others meet

8 pax posted for a PFA season themed beat down! NPS is ramping up for their bi annual physical fitness assessment so this morning, we went through the Navy’s physical readiness test.


  • SSHs IC x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs IC x20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x20
  • Copperhead squats IC x20
  • Out n Ups IC x20

The Thang –

  • 2 minutes max situps
  • 2 minutes max merkins
  • 1.5 mile run

Thats it. Can you handle that? See your local military recruiter for more details…

Here’s the minimum passing requirements by age group:

Age group Situps/Merkins/Run

  • 30-34 44/35/14:15
  • 35-40 40/33/14:45
  • 40-45 37/29/15:15
  • 45-50 33/25/15:45
  • 50+ 30/23/16:15

We got done a few minutes early so we did a little circle of pain. Dealers choice. Had to be x15 of a 4 count exercise.

  • Box Cutters
  • American Hammers
  • Chilcutt Peter Parkers
  • Lunges
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Hillbillies
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Shoulder Taps (yay, got ’em all!)


Words of Wisdom: Check out Q1.2 – The King and Q1.3 – The Queen. These are the daily discipline of physically training the body and the daily discipline over what is put in the body.

“You can’t out King your Queen.” – Dredd

It is impossible to train or maintain your body to your expectations by only having discipline over one and not the other.





Lots of VQs coming up! Don’t miss a workout or you might miss something awesome. Check out the Q schedule to see who is Qing a workout near you and sign up!

Make sure you put June 8th on your calendar! Many of us will be leaving Monterey in mid June and we’re planning some kind of big blowout event. Stay tuned!

Other events coming up are The Murph on Memorial Day, Monday May 27th at Toro Park and the Spartan Race on June 1st.

If you haven’t already, join the conversation on Slack.

Priorities out

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Go For a Run

Q: Flea


Cherry Pickers -20 IC
Sun gods -10 IC- kinda
Abe Vigodas – 20 IC
Copperhead Squats 4count – 15 IC

Today’s workout was inspired by a workout created By Jen Eddins at
The run was together, but each workout was an individual effort, rest in Al Gore upon completion

10 minute run around the neighborhood
50 Copperhead squats
40 Freddie Mercuries
30 Curtsy Lunges
20 Merkins
10 Jump-Lunge-Burpees
8 minute run around the neighborhood
40 Copperhead squats
30 Freddie Mercuries
20 Curtsy Lunges
10 Merkins
5 Jump-Lunge-Burpees
6 minute run around the field

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COTCoffeeteria

Spartan Race is coming up! Don’t forget!
Several Second F events on the way! See e-mails!

LEXICON: Word of the day-
CARRIER PIGEON – Delivering a Weinke to a Workout without Posting for it. (NOTE: Didn’t happen, just like the name!)

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Diamond Farmer

Q: Hogs Breath


Side Straddle Hops -25 IC
Mountain Man Poopers -10 IC
20 Hill Billies – 20 IC
10 Alligator Merkins’ – 10 OYO


“Diamond Farmer”

Modified 7 of Diamonds
-From EXICON: “Performed on a large diamond (i.e. a square); For the first round, do 7 reps of an exercise (burpees) at each of the 4 corners with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners. Each round, increase by 7 reps with a different exercise each round, for a total or 4 rounds. Round 2, 14 four count flutter kicks at each of the 4 corners. Round 3, 21 merkins at each of the 4 corners. Round 4, 28 squats at each of the 4 corners.”

Simultaneously, pax took alternating turns at farmers walks, carrying 2 x’s 20KG kettlebells, to the corners of the soccer field. Pax would then trade out at the next corner and jump back into the round.   

Followed up with core finisher:

LBC – 10 IC

American Hammers – 10 IC

10 Plank Jacks – 10 IC

Wrapped up with announcements and Words of Wisdom.

Verse for the Day Matthew 5:41 “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COTCoffeeteria

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Monday Morning BLISs

Q: Flea


20 Morrocan Nightclubs IC
20 Copperhead Squats IC
20 Abe Vigodas IC
Capri Lap IC

PAX were given the option to count up or count down, up was selected. Excercise consisted of a modified Four Corner/BLIMPS

The workout started at the far end of the field as described. Start at first corner, do 10 Burpees. Run to 2nd, do 10 Lunges (each leg). Run to 3rd, 10 Imperial Walkers. Run to 4th corner, 10 Squats. 10 reps were added each lap 10/20/30.

For 10 and 20 movement was Bear Crawls across short side and Karaokes over Long

For 30 movement was Karaoke across Short Side and jog across long

After the 3rd Lap, 6 minutes left so we transitioned to 6 MoM
Ring of Fire w/ 10 4 count Mountain Climbers
25 4-count American Hammers IC
20 4-count Scissor Kicks IC
20 Hillbillies IC

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT, Coffeeteria at Priorities’ House

Spartan Race is coming up! Don’t forget!
The 27th is going to be a busy day alot of opportunities.

Love Our Central Coast (3rd F)

Q School in San Francisco Area (See e-mail or ask me) (1st F)
Sign-up here!

Also there is going to be a BBQ (2nd F) for anyone interested put on by some friends and I in Fort Ord area starting about 4:30 (you do not have to live in the area)

LEXICON: Word of the day-
AMATEUR –  A man ruled by emotional reaction rather proactive Preparedness.

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