Fist Full of Dollars

Extra Credit: 2 PAX rucked some new roads and some old roads in Travisso and racked up 4 miles.

QICs: Slides, WikiLeaks

PAX: Globetrotter, Golden Pinky, Newton, Red Ryder

GLOOM FACTOR: Slightly Windy, 61ºF

10 Neck Circles IC
10 Reverse Neck Circles IC
10 Arm Circles (Make ’em Big) IC
10 Reverse Arm Circles (Make ’em Big) IC
10 Calf Stretches SC

Friendly F3 relay race (break into teams of 3, losers do 20 burpees):
–Partner 1 sprints 2 parking lot laps (~80 yards)
–Partner 2 holds plank while waiting for P1 to finish sprint
–Partner 3 performs sit-ups
–Rotate until all 3 partners perform the sprint
–2 sets

Fist Full of Dollars
–5 Merkins
–5 Burpees
–5 Diamond Merkins
–5 Squats
–5 Wide-Armed Merkins
–2 sets

Shuttle Bust
–Shuttle sprints every 10 yards out to 40 yards
–Finish with 5 Merkins, 5 Squats

20 Side Crunches Left & Right
40 Flutter Kicks
40 WWIIs
15s Side Planks Left & Right
20 Bent Canoes
Stretches – Hammys, Quads, Calves

Prayer of thankfulness for God’s grace and allowing us to push our bodies physically. Prayers for grace to walk worthy of the calling. Requests for mercy as we seek to be awesome husbands and fathers. Thankfulness to be with other men to push each other. Prayer for a relaxing weekend and a worshipful Sunday.


  • The official launch of our Saturday AO – Robin’s Hood – has been pushed to next Saturday, April 6. Make plans to come out, bring a friend or two, and celebrate the launch of NATX’s
  • April NATX Challenge is almost here: April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 59 days away!
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Howl at the Moon

Extra Credit: 3 PAX donned a ruck and practiced some extreme couponing–perhaps a little too extreme…

QIC: Golden Pinky

PAX: Newton, Cable Guy, Slides, WikiLeaks, Red Ryder, Platinum Pinky

GLOOM FACTOR: Dark, Texas-chilly, 55ºF

Circle up!
10 Cherry Pickers IC
10 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Hillbillies IC

Keep circled up!

Merkin Ladder (1 – 10 – 1)

Jump Squat Ladder (1 – 10 – 1)

Mountain Climber Ladder (1 – 10 – 1)

Crunchy Frog Ladder (1 – 10* – 1)
* At this point, the PAX were all feeling it in the hip flexor, so YHC called an audible and had the PAX flip over for Upward Dog. Slides pointed out that Upward Dog deserved its very own F3 Exercon name and offered up the name “Howl at the Moon” – a perfectly fitting name for what it looked like the PAX was doing! The PAX transitioned into Downward Dog and Slides offered up the name “Gateway Arch” – another perfectly fitting name to put in the Exercon!

Flutter Kick Ladder (1 – 10* – 1)
* Break for one more round of Howl at the Moon and Gateway Arches.

Merkin Ring of Fire (10 Merkins each… except for Newton, who might still be doing Merkins at The Big House!)

It was incredibly exciting having 7 PAX at the workout today. Obviously, I enjoy any company I can get at our workouts and I certainly cherish the time I get with any and all PAX that show up. But, at a deeper level, today was special because we had men post at the workout who we haven’t seen in a while, we had men fighting through some pain (that I may or may not have inflicted), and we had men who continue to come out and crush the workout.

I was reminded (by, of all things, one of my F3 shirts) about how iron sharpens iron and I 100% believe this is what happens in this group. We start off by making each other better in terms of Fitness, but we soon start making each other better in terms of being a man and being a leader. I hope I was able to help sharpen each of the PAX today and I can personally attest to being sharpened each and every time I am around every single one of my F3 NATX brothers! Aye!


  • The official launch of our Saturday AO – Robin’s Hood – is planned for next Saturday, March 30. Make plans to come out, bring a friend or two, and celebrate the launch of NATX’s
  • NATX shirts are on sale now until March 27 (5 days left)! Get yours at
  • April NATX Challenge: April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys
  • F3 NATX March Madness is here–check out how F3 does March Madness!
  • The NATX Murph will take place on Memorial Day (May 27)… 66 days away!
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