NATX Challenge: April Headlocks Bring Friendly New Guys

NATX PAX, Welcome to Springtime!

The cold winter weather is behind us and the sweltering summer weather is not yet upon us… that means this is the perfect time to be recruiting FNGs to join our F3 NATX workouts!

The Challenge:

Right now, think of 5 friends/neighbors/co-workers/acquaintances–you will soon put these 5 people in an Emotional Headlock (EH) to join you at one of our F3 NATX workouts.

On April 1, you will post the names of your 5 friends on our NATX Slack channel: NATX-Challenge. This represents your commitment to Headlock your friends throughout the month of April (and beyond).

If you are able to successfully EH all 5 of your friends and bring them to an F3 NATX workout in the month of April, you will receive a brand new F3 Reflective Patch to put on your ruck (or wherever else you put your patches).

On the NATX-Challenge Slack channel, you will also post the name of 1 group or organization you would like to contact in order to spread the word about F3 NATX and recruit FNGs. This group or organization could be a business network, a church group, or anything else where 2 or more people gather.

The Goal:

The most obvious goal in the April NATX Challenge is that our F3 group would grow. This aligns perfectly with F3’s mission to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Right now, on average, we have anywhere from 4 – 6 PAX at our workouts. Imagine if we multiply those numbers by 5… workouts with 20 – 30 PAX adds another level of intensity to the 1st F and reaching those numbers would be an incredible milestone in our journey!

But, perhaps the most important reason to focus on the growth of our region is to share the mission and impact of F3 with as many men as possible in North Austin, TX. My hope is that F3 has been (and continues to be) a positive force in your life and that you would feel compelled to share this group with others.

Good luck with those headlocks, men! Can’t wait to meet our future FNGs!

Golden Pinky

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