Blimp & Dora

QIC Iverson 
Pax: Ryder, stardust, simba, ping, Dory, Petros 

Weather: 32 deg and leftover wetness 

Squat straddle hops IC

Farmer Carry with swerkins
FROG HOPS while partner shrugs rucks 
Tappy Curls with partner 20 each 

To the “smaller” grade, yet longer hill. 
DORA 50-100-150
sit ups – squats – merkins 

As some of us are doing the “push-up / sit-up” charity challenge YHC tried to incorporate those exercises for the old 2 quails with one coconut technique. 

As the night before it rained and rained, mixed with leftover ice chunks… the swerkins did NOT go as planned with only 2 pax at a time instead of 4 (tried to keep finger tips intact)… audible to partner merkins. 

The 45 min went by quick! And we all kicked its ARSE. Well done!


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Winter is Here

Date: 1/24/19
Location: Kindleberger
Q: Stardust
Pax: Dig & Dory
Weather: Cold & icy
To start it was difficult to find a spot with no ice, we did find a spot with minimal ice. I gave the five core principles and disclaimer.
Warm-Up20 SSH IC15 Cherry Pickers IC20 Windmills IC15 Seal Jacks IC10 shoulder taps OYO 15 plank jacks20 arm circles (10 forward & 10 reverse)
WorkoutBaba O’Reilly (Imperial walker during entire song Baba O’Reilly)
4 X 4’s (4 sets of 4 merkins & 4 mountain climbers)
Shoulder Presses with block/ruck, LBC, High knees, & MerkinsStarted with 10 reps and went all the way down to 1 rep
Sally’s Cousin (squats ups when the song flower says Sally up otherwise do a squat hold)
Mary30 seal sit ups
COR = Count-o-RamaNOR = Name-O-RamaCOT= Circle of Trust

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Ring Around Ropey

QIC Iverson
Pax: ping, stardust, dig, probert 

SSH x20 IC
Squatty chest fly SSH x20 IC
Gorilla Humpers x20 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Plank to down dog stretch 

Mosey through snow
Wait, OMAHA! Through the gate routine over and back x a lot. Continue mosey to back of park 

Ring around ropey 
=(lunges and frog hops for the other 4 pax) all rotating through the large rope swing circuit twice. 

Ascending curb bear crawl (Derkin)
1-10 back and forth. 

Mosey back, 40 min when by quick!!

Focused on our word for 2019:
Went around COT: foundation, discipline, faith. 
-3rd F devotional “stop behaving” starting up lead by Stardust for 6 weeks. 
-New simplified schedule out, eliminating a few parks and consolidating tues/wed/thurs and Saturday schedule in portage and kzoo. Preparing for growth with leaders in place and doing a passion rather than a “task”. 


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All New

Conditions COLD!
QIC Iverson 
PAX: Ryder, Petros, Dig, DPUG, Bloomer, TickTock, Serrano, FNG-Charms, Probert, Ping, Dory, HoneyBear 

Warmup IC:
Happy jacks (5 SSH with 2 jump squats) x5
Goofball 20 IC

->elephant walk to baseball field 

Fence- dirty hookup 10 IC
Fire Hydrants 19 IC
Donkey kicks 19 IC

->elephant walk to stairs

Tooth fairy press (as sally) 

->elephant walk to cement pad where “we assumed “ring around the Ropey”
-while pax rope swing for 30 second, the rest circled around him doing an assortment of exercises including:
Frog hop, bear crawl, crab walk, lunges, reverse lunges, plank high and low, Dancing Chillcutt, side lunge both ways.

Febreze: 2 BB sit ups, 10 air presses
4 /20, 6/30 , 8/40, 10/50

Crab vs Bear soccer!!! (Not as exciting as it sounds lol) 

OPP?! = partner up overhead claps (in people’s chair) and planks jacks. IC together 

Partner Shrug x 15

1) Naming and welcome to Charms! 
2) Portage Saturday AO starting in 2 weeks 
3) YHC had a goal to complete an hour workout of exercises that everyone had never seen. 90% success! Some will continue, and 2019 momentum building great!! 

To coffeeteria for QSource #Language 
-Let your actions speak:
You do not write your life with words. . . You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do. 


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12 Days of Christmas


Conditions 30 deg, dry and calm 

QIC: IversonPax: Ryder, Dory, Rostov, Dig, Stardust, Ping

Warm up:
Imperial walkers 15 IC

1 pear tree hill (Bernie Sanders Up) 
2 turtle dry docks 
3 French flutter kicks 
4 calling bird burpees 
5 Golden Rings (Annie, both sides)
6 geese Mtn climbing 
7 swans seal sit ups 
8 maids merkins 
9 ladies lunging 
10 lords leaping (squat jumps)
11 pipers pull-ups 
12 drummers dipping 
All in succession as the song goes. Filled the whole 60 min plus 3 min of OT. Most were done in cadence at the base of the hill. Was a monster of a workout. Core and legs burned. Merry Christmas!!

QSource: Q1= to Get Right
The pursuit of proper personal alignment. 

To be able to help others, a man must first help himself. Have no regrets. 

Picture yourself on an airplane taxiing out to the runway. Doesn’t the flight attendant always instruct the passengers that in the event of sudden Loss of pressure, apply your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Same as in life, you cannot help others until you, yourself has gotten right. We all present are getting right! A pleasure to lead you gentlemen. Until next time! -Peace -Iverson.

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Hair Burners


Conditions: A warm 31 deg, no wind. 

QIC IversonPax: Ryder, Stardust, Probert, FNG-Zpack, Iverson 

Warm up:
SSH 20SSS (chest fly) 20
Plank jacks 20
Mtn Climbers 20

 Mosey to main event with block curls OYO

Cinder block hair burners 
10-1-10 Ladder 
1) squats Jumps or thrusters 2) block merkin or wide Merkin 
Mosey to pull ups 10 / peter Parker’s 5 ICREPEATO 
OH claps 40 ICCOLT 45 with block 
6MOMAmerican Hammers with block 6 ICAmerican Hammers 10 ICOH block flutter kicks 35 IC
COTName o RamaWelcome FNG – Z pack!
Lexicon of the day:

Every man has his own personal Jester

The Jester is the temptation of the flesh that hinders Acceleration. It is that one stumbling block (amongst the many available) that a man finds himself tripping over repeatedly before he turns Pro. No matter how strong his Routines are, if he fails to Prepare for his Jester he will not be able to Get Right. Unimpeded, the Jester will undo his hard work and destroy his proper personal alignment.

For me it’s getting right and spending reading time with the SkyQ, our creator. Especially this time of year remembering the blessing of Love and to be a kind blessing to others. 

PEACE – Iverson 

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IronPax Repeato

Conditions: 22deg, warm breeze 
80’s on the 8’s
QIC: Iverson
Pax: Bloomer, Dig, HoneyBear, Gekko, Probert, DPUG, (trigga and Ping in COT on DL). 

Warm up:
SSH 2O IC for all 
Side straddle shoulders 
Squatting Arm circles 
Squat kicks 
Mtn Climbers 

IronPax! (With coupon for 8 min, after 24 reps, run 25 yds to fence and back, then continue)
1) Thrusters 
2) Curls 
3) KB swings 
4) man makers 

Either used a standard block or ruck. Pax choice. 

Partner up: Farmers carry and CDD X2

Freddy Mercury x30 IC
Protractor x1 min

– Ingraining advantageous tendencies in other men. 

-Bad Habits are easy to slip into, but hard to break. Positive Habits are hard to develop, but easy to slip out of. If it were otherwise, people would simply replace their bad Habits with good ones without the help of anyone else. …..the HIM must also take measures to ensure that his own Guardrails are not crumbling while he is trying to help others build theirs. 

Big weekend next weekend;
Dec 14- 2nd F on 2nd F = rock climbing 
Dec 15- Beatdown then help a community member move places in kzoo 0900
Dec 16- One Well Brewing 1330 for gift exchange with M & 2.0s. 

Well done!!

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Petros back to back Q!

Date: 10/1/18 Monday Evening at 7PM
Q: Petros
PAX: Petros, Ryder, Stardust, T. Probert, PeeWee, Sunshine

Date: 10/2/18 Tuesday Morning at 5:15AM 
Q: Petros 
PAX: Petros, Ryder, Stardust, Iverson, Ping 

MONDAY NIGHT – X 2, 5 Gallon bucket Ruck

The Thang:

With Rucks on our backs and no warm up needed, we jumped right in by teaming up with a 40 lbs bucket of salt. Teams of three took a turn bear hugging buckets and running across field. When PAX reached light pole they completed 5 bucket Squats then bear crawled back to other two PAX who were AYG on Mountain climbers. Rinse and repeat, this time other two PAX AYG on Merkins

Mosey to Playground

One PAX grabbed both 40 lbs buckets and Farmers Carried them well over 200 yards while remaining PAX complete a static circuit of Pull up holds, Planks, Dips, Squats. Also Threw in some flutter kicks for fun.

Once all PAX complete their 200 yard Farmer Carry. PAX took off on a Ruck while taking turns Farmer Carrying the buckets! 

Tuesday Morning – AHHHH another set!!!

Warm Up:
Mosey down hill to parking lot.
Cherry Pickers – IC x 20
Four Corner – High Knees and Butt Kickers
SSH – IC x 25
Four Corners Kindergarten Fitness Test – Forward Shuffle and High Knee Skips

The Thang:

20 reps squat jacks
20 reps each leg speed skater
10 reps Mary Catherine Burpee
10 Rep High knee Jump Burpee
Run up hill to water tower and back (Approx 300 yards) 

We completed 4 rounds, by the 4th round the PAX was begging Petors to Modify the workout! Modification was x20 squat jacks, x20 speed skater, X10 mary Catherins lungs, x10 Merkins, x10 High Knee Jumps.

Mosey back to water tower and completed a around of 4 count low plank alternating punches.

PAX was smoked to say the least.

both Workouts Finished with CoT

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Blocko Motor City Shuffle

Date: 9/30/18
Q: Ryder
PAX: Ryder, Petros, Iverson, TickTock, Bloomer, DPug, T. Probert, Diddy Kong, and FNG Rx.

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 4 count IC x 20
  • Merkin Mountain – 1 Merkin x 4 count Mountain Climber – IC x 10
  • Bat Wings – All 4 count IC x 20; forward arm circle, backward arm circle, seal claps, OH claps
  • Indian Run around park

The Thang:

Blocko Motor City Shuffle (BMCS) – With Cinder Block In Hand

  • 1 – Lunge with OH Press
  • 2 – Lunge with OH Press
  • 3 – First Part of Blockee 
  • 4 – Merkins x 5 
  • 5 – Plank Jacks x 5
  • 6 – second Part of Blockee (thruster)
  • 7 – squat
  • 8 – block thruster throw
  • 9 – Frog Hop to Block
  • All this = 1 Rep!

After 3 Reps of BMCS 
Bolt 45’s with cinder block
After 3 reps of BMCS
Colt 45’s with cinder block

Repeat until we reach Pear tree hill

Partner Up for B.O.M.B.S on pear tree hill. 
Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs up Pear tree Hill. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete. alternating between hill sprints and Bernie Sanders each time up.

  •  50- Burpees
  • 100- Overhead Press with block
  • 150- Merkins
  • 200- Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 250- Squats.

Mosey Half way back to flag.
Bears & Blocks 
Bear Crawl until block is between feet, reach back and pull block past your head, alternate arms.

Finished up with a quick around of Captain Thor
1:4 Ratio-  1 Big Boy Sit Up 4 American Hammer 

CoT – For the next week, each morning pray by asking God, what is Your purpose for me TODAY.

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Lake Effect – 1 Year Anniversary Workout


Launch Aug 19, 2017 3 pax (Iverson Q, TickTock, Buzz)

LakeEffect already named: 3 Post LakeEffect named: 44 
Total: 47 PAX

Now KZoo 4 AO’s (3 GR) 
Total workouts:118
VQ: 11

Weight Lost: Over 120 lbs! Muscle Gained: Over 40lbs!

Co-QIC: Bald Eagle & Iverson

Pax: Boiler, Starchild, Ping, Petros, Kimball, Stardust, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Dungeon Master, Forrest, Stalin, Trigga, Ryder, Iverson, Bald Eagle.

Welcome!!!! Quite a ride so far this year, developing Men into Leaders and then Leaders leading leaders day in and day out, challenging and encouraging the right way.


To reject passivity and live intentionally, In a place of weakness that is where grace shine through. We often are not good enough, but that is the beauty of brotherhood…To stand together and do life together, away from isolation.

#Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, #lets go

Warm up:

SSH IC x20
Squatty arm circles x30
Mtn climbers IC x30


MOSEY to lap circle: Partner UP! 
Patty cake Merkins 
Wheel barrels 50 yds x2 
Partner Carry 200yds

Bald Eagal:
Mosey to swings (partner up) 
Groups of 4 – 1 pax completes 20 swerkins, the 3 other pax complete 2-3 pull ups at a time (supporting the pax in front) if needed and rotate through. Next pax up for swerkins while pull-ups continue.

Iverson To field:
MOTOR CITY SHUFFLE = lunge, lunge, burpee, 5 merkins, 5 plank jacks, frog hop forward. X 10
Partner jump overs x 10 each

Bald Eagle:
DORA’s Little Sister: 50 Carolina Dry Docks -100 Bobby Hurleys -150 LBC’s

Mosey to COT
Merkins IC x10

Bald Eagle Wrap up  and Prayer

Bonus Time!!!     Half Hour of Ultimate Frisbee GR vs Kzoo. 
GR came out on top this time 5-4!!!

COFFETERIA was on point after the workout with everyone chipping to hava full spread of fruit, beagles, Donuts, beacon, apple cider, and of course BEER!!!

Why We still want to be around for F3 12 months later:

Its been a great year guys! I’m a horrible writer and I’m at a loss for words for how humbled and joyful for the brotherhood that is forming here in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. The deeper relationships in progress throughout west Michigan among men, is the reason I wanted to bring F3 with me here from NC.  To be honest, keeping this silly thing called F3 going hasn’t been easy for anyone. But, frankly nothing worth having in life comes easy and is maintained without constant work.  We started out with 3 guys at the neighborhood park for a Saturday morning workout.  I knew 2 others were HC’s but was entirely hopeful for just 1 more from the neighborhood (that about 60 flyers went into paper boxes the week before).  NO ONE else came besides us 3, and 3 deer… and at this moment, I knew it was going to take tons of work.  To ask men to challenge themselves, when they “already have commitments,” is a great challenge itself. Dark Helmet Facetimed us before the workout and gave the 2 FNGs (then named TickTock and Buzz) the disclaimer that I’m an idiot and by NO means a professional.  That was amazing! TIckTock Splashed merlot TWICE, Buzz was nauseated, I think because they had never experience uphill Bear Crawls.  It was a solid workout indeed, but even though I have this sickness of enjoying pushing men to the brink physically, the fellowship is the glue and that is what I had to push for the most.  So why is F3 kalamazoo still here? Because of guys taking a chance, then coming back a second time, becoming vulnerable to each other about marriage, kids, work, things that we need help with, and overcoming weakness to do so (but wait men are weak?!), stepping out to VQ when it wasn’t perfect, building trust, constantly EHing others for the possibility of gaining deeper friendship that help men be healthier, live stronger, live longer, and love better. So, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith….3 words that represent so much across the nation, building men in ways that they never imagined and I personally can’t wait to see the end of chapter 2.  Cheers! -Iverson

Bald Eagle: T-Claps to Iverson for bringing F3 to the Mitten! When I first worked out with the Kalamazoo crew in March during a 34-degree raining Saturday I knew they had the real deal going. Five pax from Kalamazoo showed on Cinco de Mayo for the Grand Rapids launch – we would not be where we are without them and are proud to call them brothers. In F3 lingo we’ve taken a hybrid launch approach as a LEAP of a Mustard Seed, but we’ll always identify ourselves as part of the Lake Effect (we get the snow to prove it) as we grow F3 Grand Rapids. We were honored to be a part of celebrating F3 Lake Effect’s 1 year and look forward to continuing to grow our brotherhood together! – Bald Eagle

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