Circle station

QIC: Nugget

Date: 7/28

AO: The Aegis

Warmup. SSH, Cherry Pickers, High Knees, Butt Kicks & left and right Karaoke.

Run to first station, do 33 big boys, 50 American hammers & 50 Heal Touches x2. Mosey back to circle.

Run to second station and do ladder of 9’s. With Scraper Merkins and BTTW Derkins (45°). With Lt. Dans in between. Mosey back to circle.

Run to third station and do quick core workout: Mt. Climbers & Shoulder Taps. Mosey to fourth and last station.

Do Inch Worms. Dragon Crawl. And Bear Crawl. Mosey back to circle.

End in COT! Ran 2+ miles and had a nice full body workout! Thanks for joining HIM!

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Split Q

Q: (Split) Breu Haha 40 Sharkbait 20

Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Prison Cell Merkin Burpees PCMB’s 10 count
Annie Plank 10
3 Rounds
Pulse Row 20×3
On belly hands at sides lift hands up
Supermans 20×3
Hey Watch Iss
Burpees 10, Jump Squats 10, Jack Knifes 10, Copperhead Squats 40, Scissor Kicks 5
“Failure cannot cope with persistence.” – Napoleon Hill
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
One proud father here. Breu Haha led the extended 40 minute “Warm Up”. His brother was present for his 3rd F3 workout and requested an F3 shirt after. Fish on.
Sad news our brother Powder is off to Washington State August 10.
Light Pax as we had a 2nd F last night celebrating Priorities Birthday. Super fun especially watching those who had PreGamed (You Betcha).
Sharkbait Out.

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Escalator Beach Blast

Q: Sharkbait

Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20

The Thang
Escalator with Laps; Jump Ups, Burpees, Merkins, Squats, Elevated Squats.
The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to me.

Fun Hump Day Beat Down.  Always an adventure when the Sandominium Residence engage.

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Not So Safe Harbor

Date:  7/25/18

AO:  Primis

A couple of HC’s from the day before went soft, but five HIM broke the grip of the Fartsack, dropped a dose of the DRP (cf. the Matrix or F3 Lexicon), did the hard thing, and posted for another Q greeting in the Gloom.

Warm-O-Rama(Q tried to get the warm-up in on the move)

  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Shell Flipper – 10 IC
  • “Good Form” Merkins – 10 Down/Up on the Q
  • Wosey to Lightship Overfalls dock bollard’s for…Derkin Wave: PAX placed feet up on bollards, each did took turn doing 1 Derkin down the line and back until reaching #10 (a crowd-pleaser it was)
  • Bearcrawl across field to walking path
  • Lt. Dan, length of deck


The Thingy Thang:

Mosey south on Pilottown Rd. across canal bridge, left on Anglers Rd. to parking lot of Safe Harbor Hotel (herein affectionately referred to as Not-so-Safe Harbor) …mmm, smell that bacon!

Took a 3rd F breather here:

Q began by taking about the privilege he had last week in going to see his nephew graduate from Army Ranger School in Ft. Benning, GA. Great time had by a proud uncle! Ft. Benning is THE infantry training post for the Army. It has statues all over the place of a soldier in a forward moving stance, mouth wide open, and waving onward those who were apparently following him. You can, in fact, buy smaller desk-top versions of this infantryman. YHC used the statue all week as a life lesson for two of his 2.0’s who joined him on the trip. The soldier in the statue is an infantry icon. He is shouting “follow me!” That’s what leaders do, they lead…from the front. No cli-boarding there! The Rangers take it even further with their motto: “Rangers lead the way!” RLTW!)

YHC pointed out to the PAX that there was one more critical element; that to be a good leader, whether in the infantry or elsewhere, one had to first be a good follower — a follower of Christ, that is. Many of his 3rd F’s come from his Army experiences, so here’s the tie in: The words, “O well” were the infamous words of Drill Sergeant Allen, one of my DS’s in basic training. DS Allen was a SFC (platoon sergeant) and any time there was an issue, or we got ourselves into a pickle of sorts, that’s what he’d say…”Oh well, private!” He said it real slow and cool, of course.

DS Allen taught me to walk circumspectly, to be watchful–a good discipline for all warriors…for all HIM.

Once, while we were in the field the chow hall had trucked out hot food to us for lunch, a precious commodity especially in the winter (-30 windchill). After eating chow I went to dump my food tray into the trash-can, and as I was doing that, I kind of had my head down and wasn’t paying much attention to who else was around me. Another soldier came up and starting stuffing his trash into the can, but he was stuffing it down in between the outside of the trash-bag and the trash can. I distinctly remember trying to stop the guy, saying, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” The other soldier put his hand firmly on top of my Kevlar helmet and promptly lifted my head. I was ready to come up swinging. But it was at that point that I discovered the “other soldier” was DS Allen! Oh man, I must have turned 10 shades of red! Either that, or I turned white as a ghost! I was so glad I didn’t come up swinging!

And DS Allen, well, he just stood there looking at me face to face. He cracked a “possum eatin’ crap” grin, and then, without saying a word, he turned and walked away. In that moment he taught me a lot about being a good leader, he could’ve really busted my chops but didn’t (he wasn’t worried about his own ego). Also without saying a word, he taught me a lasting warrior lesson: Walk circumspectly, be watchful and alert. Know who’s around you and what’s going on around you at all times.

In Galatians 5:16 Paul wrote, “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.” Here the Greek word for walk is “peripateo“; it is from this that we get our English word parapet: A barrier which is an extension of the wall at the edge of a roof or terrace. This is a protective wall that keeps one from going over the edge. Paul was likening that to the Holy Spirit who the Lord has given to help us to walk circumspectly, to keep us from going over the edge. To protect us with a proper boundary.

In the same chapter in v. 25, he goes on to say “If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” But in this verse he uses a different word for walk. Here it is “stoicheo.” This word means to proceed in a row as the march of a soldier; to go in order. So the Bible says that living and walking by the Spirit is like marching precisely in formation, staying in step with the One who is leading us, the Spirit of God. He is the One saying, “Follow Me,” the One we must stay in step with and follow. If you’ve ever seen troops walking in formation, marching to the cadence of their commander, then you know how noticeable it is when one gets out of step. (Note: It is actually noticed by others around him!) In order to be a good follower, the one who misses his stride must correct his step and begin again to listen to the one leading the troops, and stay in step with him. Just some things to think about. But whatever you do, don’t say, “Oh, well!” because in order to be good leaders we must first be good followers.

Leaders leading leaders, aye! Back to the workout…

PAX partner up. Being the odd man out, YHC joined in with Chairman & Nugget. Objective: 1 partner runs parking lot to road loop (with descent or ascent on opposing ends — nice loop!) while other partner does exercise. Partners run then continue to switch until each of the following was accomplished accumulatively:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Dips (curbside)
  • 300 American Hammers (because we’re Mericans!)
  • 400 Squats

Well, that makes Safe Harbor not-so-safe! 🙂  Mosey return to AO. Time flew by today, but here’s some extras the Q had on his Weinke: 500 Plank Jacks and Hands-of-Time in the pavilion on the return. Maybe next time fellas!


Announcements: Keep EH’ing men in and around Lewes. Ownership is especially important for Lewes PAX in order for the Primis AO to grow—its time to lock shields with Vanilla, your QIC. Aye!

Prayers: Prayed especially for guy in motorcycle accident (details shared on site)


Nothing like overcoming the Fartsack and doing something hard and which most other people simply won’t do. YHC wouldn’t do it if you guys weren’t there! So, thanks for being HIM and posting. Great work by all, even those who didn’t have fresh legs (Summit, Chairman & Chappie). Eh, hem! Boom! Always honored to Q!

~Chappie, out!


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QIC: Fireplex

AO: CHOP Milton, De.

PAX:  Chairman, Chattahoochee, Leatherman, Skipper, Waterfall, & Fireplex.

Warm up

SSH – 20 IC

Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

Bolt 45’s (4 Count) – 15 squats to halfway down.  15 squats halfway to full down.  15 full squats.

Windmills – 15 IC

The Thang

Mosey 0.5 mile to “Oh Hill No” to complete the Thang.  Complete 10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins & 10 Big Boys.  Nur up the hill and run down and complete 9 Burpees, 9 Squats, 9 Merkins, & 9 Big Boys.  All completed OYO.  Rinse and repeat in descending order until reaching 5 of each exercise.  Extra credit and a shout out to Leatherman who did not hear the descending order part of the exercise and he completed 10 of each during each cycle of the exercises.  The F3 message (see below) was an opportunity to catch a breather, and because of time we did not complete the exercises descending all the way to 1 of each.  However, Chairman decided to “poke the bear”.  We added one full exercise evolution that was comprised of a crawl bear up the hill and bear crawl down, where we completed the next cycle of Burpees, Squats, Merkins & Big Boys before moseying 0.5 mile back to the AO.

F3 Message

Q spoke about Caleb and how he had spent 45 years in the wilderness in his obedience to God when others that were filled with disbelief created that exile.  He persevered when it would have been easier to fold.  Once all the disbelievers had passed away, and the promised land was realized, he went on at 85 years old to defeat the Anakites to take the hill country that he had been promised.  Caleb did not give up much like Jim Kelly, Hall of Fame QB of the Buffalo Bill who received the ESPY Jimmy V award for perseverance on 07/18/18.  His life is a testimony to perseverance as he led his team four times to the Super Bowl and was defeated each time.  He has two lovely daughters but had a son that was born with Krabbe’s disease which is a deadly nervous system disorder.  His son passed at the age of 8.  Mr. Kelly has battled cancer himself having been diagnosed in 2013 with oral cavity cancer that had been in remission.  Recent reports are that the cancer has returned.  I am sure that he will face that diagnosis as he has faced all other adversity; while all the time praising God and living for Him as is evident from the quotes below.

“We are shocked, heartbroken, sad, angry, confused, and just darn tired,” Jill Kelly said in her post. “Yet, despite how we feel, we KNOW that God is a promise maker and keeper.”

Kelly, who remained a towering force in Buffalo and in the N.F.L. despite all of his Super Bowl appearances ending in losses, said he was relying on what he called the “four Fs”: faith, family, friends and fans.

“With all of you by my side we will fight and win this battle together,” he said. “Staying ‘Kelly Tough’ and trusting God will carry us through this difficult time.”

“O Hill NO” doesn’t seem so steep and exercises don’t seem so taxing when you are inspired by these stories of facing such huge adversity.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and the Circle of Trust.  Prayers for traveling mercies for Chappie, peace for an upcoming event for Leatherman, heat related health concerns for brother Firemen responding to recent alarms.   Please keep all our HIM in your thoughts and prayers.

Respectfully Submitted,


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Dirty Thirty Birthday Beatdown


QIC: Vanilla

AO: CHOP: Milton, DE

PAX: Chappie, Chattahoochee, Chairman, Leatherman, Toy Soldier, Fireplex, Summit, Vanilla, Waterfall (Early Dismissal)


SSH – 30 IC

Seal Jacks – 30 IC

Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

Windmill – 15 IC

The Thang: Dirty Thirty Birthday Beatdown

Shuttle Run format with exercises on each end. 30 exercises for 30 reps with Prison Break in between from end to end of CHOP parking lot.

  1. Merkin
  2. Squat
  3. LBC
  4. Derkin
  5. FWD Lunge (Alt. Legs)
  6. Flutter Kick IC
  7. Incline Merkin
  8. Reverse Lunge
  9. Scissor Kick IC
  10. Diamond Merkin
  11. Mexican Jumping Beans
  12. Box Cutters IC
  13. Ranger Merkin
  14. Calf Raises
  15. Leg Lifts
  16. Wide Arm Merkin
  17. Iron Mikes (Lunge Jumps)
  18. High Plank – 30 Count
  19. Shoulder Taps
  20. Apolo Ohno’s
  21. American Hammers IC
  22. Overhead Claps
  23. Burpees
  24. Box Cutters IC
  25. FWD Arm Circles IC
  26. Broad Jump to Back Peddle
  27. Forearm Plank – 30 Count
  28. Reverse Arm Circles IC
  29. Wall Sit – 30 Count
  30. Big Boys

3rd F Message: The Joy is in the Journey

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

I’ve heard many times that if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. As I reflect on the last decade of my life, it looked nothing like I would have scripted. It had deep dark valleys and some wonderful mountaintop experiences, both of which I would not have expected. I had big goals set for things I wanted to achieve by 30 and quite frankly the bulk of them never came to fruition. But I’m confident in this, that He who began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope.” -Jeremiah 29:11

As leaders and High Impact Men, it is our responsibility to cast vision, set goals, and know our direction. However, as leaders, we also need to be emotionally stable enough to embrace and enjoy the journey, even when it takes us down a different path than planned. Leaders love the journey, leaders love the process. Leaders stay diligent even when things shift, because ultimately they know that God will work all things out for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). Embrace the Journey, Find Joy in the Journey, and keep traveling toward your destination, even when a decade is nothing like you expected.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, IF we do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,


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Primis Pavilion of Pain

5 HIM BEAT THE FARTSACK THIS MORNING   This truely is an awesome  location to be stretched, get uncomfortable, grow yourself and take in the perfection of Gods creation as the sun rises over the bay        You should try it sometime

QIC- Summit 


Capri lap around park

SSH- 18 IC

Cherry pickers – 18 IC

Windmill -19 IC
Moroccan night club – 18 IC
Imperial walkers -18 IC
Lunge walk baseline to baseline on basketball court.
Nur back
  • Mosey around Park , end at PAVILION of pain.
  • Super 21-

21 Prisoner squat – 21American hammer IN CADENCE..🤦🏼‍♂️

20 prisoner squat – 20 American hammer IC
‘Intermission’ after 15/15 for stairway to seven.
Mosey to stairway
  • Stairway to seven….
1 burpee, 1 Erkin on bottom step , run up to top stairs , 1 diamond merkin , then run back down.
Continue up to 7.
Mosey back to Pavilion of Pain
3rd F message
Pick back up with Super 21
14 prisoner squat 14 American hammer IC down to 1/1
Mosey back to basketball courts
  • 3rd F 
  • Stress testing builds reliance

    Reliance is the heart of Trust. For a Team to be Dynamic, the Members must implicitly and fully rely upon each other to Competently perform their part of the Team’s Mission-essential Tasks. It is not enough for a man to tell his Team Members that he can do his job, or even for the Q to do so. They have to see the man in action under stress for reliance to build.

    Whether it is the character of another man or a footbridge over a gorge, we only decide to step forward in reliance if we believe it is strong enough to keep us from falling. If we don’t believe a man’s character can bear the weight, we won’t rely upon him any more than we would a rickety bridge over a rushing river.

    The most efficient method to gauge the strength of something is to stress test it under a controlled environment to find the point at which it breaks. We do this with a footbridge by jumping up and down on it at a point where it spans a place that won’t kill us if we break through. If a bridge can hold the jumping-me ten feet over the ground, then I assume I can rely upon it to hold the walking-me fifty feet over the gorge.

    With men the stress test principle is the same, although the means and methods vary by what we need the man to do. For example, a candidate for public office is subjected to the stress of a political campaign. If he cannot withstand that without breaking down we deem him too unreliable for the pressures of the office he seeks. An attorney must shoulder the stress of the bar examination before he can be trusted to try a case. A doctor must survive the rigors of his residency before lives will be placed in his hands. Passing the stress test indicates sufficient strength to bear the weight of the real thing.

    When applied to a man rather than a thing, stress testing serves a dual purpose. Like it does with the bridge, it demonstrates reliability to others. But, unlike the bridge, it also demonstrates to the man himself that the reliance of others is justified. Passing the stress test gives a man the confidence he needs to take on the responsibility of what comes afterwards. “If I got through that,” he tells himself, “then I have what it takes to get through this”. You can trust me because I am reliable—I trust myself.

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ReeeSPECT Workout to [try to] Remember

QIC: No-Show Jones

Lol, a little humor at Waterfall’s expense. Apparently our fearless leader suffered a foot injury from Roving RuckF3st Friday and put himself on the IR, so he could not make his Q. Word was put out but no one stepped up to Q (Somehow Chappie missed it on GroupMe). That left Chattahoochee and Chappie to fend for themselves. Tempted to go for a cup of Joe and just do some coffeeteria, instead we tag-teamed a Wienke-less workout and filled the hour with some beatdown at the hands of two, count ’em, two, respectables. (That is to say we’re both over 50 and might not remember every part of the beatdown but we’ll give it a shot.) Help me out Chattahoochee; here goes…


SSH – 18 IC

SJ – 20 IC

CP – 15 IC

WM – 18 IC


The Thang:

Mosey to side entrance steps of County Admin Building

1 PAX ran steps up and down, while other did Merkins. Kept switching out until reaching 100 Merkins combined.


Mosey to library

Lt. Dan, length of lot

Bearcrawl back

Lindsey Vonn parking lot lines, length of lot


Mosey to Georgetown Elementary

On the short steps:

100 Squats, bottom

10 Burpees, top

100 Squats, bottom

10 Hand Release Burpees, top

100 Squats, bottom

10 DerkinBurps, top (on the high wall!)

Total: 300 Squats/30 Burpees

Wosey to nearby curb, 30 Dips (Chattahoochee said 25 but YHC did 30, so they’re being counted)


Mosey to intersection of N. Margaret & W. Laurel Streets

4-Count Freddies – 25 IC


Mosey to intersection of Robinson & Laurel Streets

Toy Soldier Set


Double-time Mosey (not quite prison-break) to intersection of Elizabeth & W. Laurel  Streets

…drawing a blank, again!


Mosey to wall @ County Bank

*discovered a new set of two-story steps on the way (for future reference, Q’s)

Aussie Mt. Climbers – 15 IC

20 OH Claps – OYO


Mosey to AO



Called it a day. Good stuff Chattahoochee, glad you posted brother! Waterfall, hope your foot heals up quickly so you get off the IR. Hang tough, see you soonsday.

All PAX: Keep EH’ing anybody and everybody you know in Georgetown.

Let’s own the mission: Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership. It won’t happen if we don’t make it happen!

Chappie & Chattahoochee, out!


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Slow burn 2.0

  • QIC- Summit


  • Warm up – IC 15 each
  • THE Thang- curtesy of Chappie’s chalk art -Slightly modified.
  • Each PAX pick a station
  1. Box Jumps
  2. Slosh Pipe
  3. Rapid Merkins–
  4. Rapid LBC’s
  5. Hair Burners – actually does smell like hair burning ….
  6. Squat Press Lunge w/cindy
  7. Upright Rows w/40lb. ruck
  8. Burpees
  9. Tire Flip
  10. Dragon Crawl
  11. Burpjacks – burpee with a bomb jack
  12. Plank
Work Each station for 60 seconds , Q calls next and move to next station for 60 sec.
12 stations. After 4 stations all Pax go for Mosey around block. Return for 4 stations, mosey , last 4 then Mosey.
There may have been a few 10 counts in there somewhere.
  • QuickBreak for 3rd F message
Each PAX then chose a ‘favorite’ station and we finished with  30 seconds at each of those stations.
Plus some LBCs for the fun of it …..
Chappie was concerned about a ‘slow burn’ from Tuesday…….I tried to clear any concern.
  • 3rd F (pulled from )

Disturbance To The Status-quo

Leaders influence movement to advantage

A leader is a person who can influence people to do things that they would not have done otherwise. Put another way, but for the influence of the leader, the things done by his followers would not happen. The leader is the agent, the impetus and the proximate cause of his followers’ movement toward the doing of those specific things that he identifies as advantageous. Without him, they would remain static and focused on maintaining the status quo. In the heart of man inertia will reign—absent a disruption.

The connection between movement and leadership is critical because it presupposes a need for movement, a recognition by the leader himself that the status quo is something less advantageous than some other place, a location the leader visualizes and then articulates to his followers. Only then can the leader begin to persuade them to follow him to the new place. He must describe it to them first because people will only overcome their inertia and follow someone if they believe that he knows where he is going. They won’t leave the known for the unknown, no matter how charismatic the leader is.

Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption

It wrenches people away from the place at which they were determined to remain. It causes them to question the foundation for their belief that their status quo was desirable and that stasis was in their best interest. It attacks the palpable (but false) sense of security that inertia provides. Like the agitator in a washing machine, leadership dislodges things long embedded in people’s emotional fabric, things that are impure and do not belong there but to which they had become accustomed—like a ketchup stain on their favorite shirt.

Being both Disruptive and agitating, leadership will naturally make people uncomfortable, at least until they begin to see for themselves that they are being led to a place of advantage.

If a man calls himself a leader but does not cause Disruption by initiating movement, then he is not practicing leadership. He might be doing something else, like managing or engaging in politics, but he is not leading. He is a leader in name only until people begin to follow him to an advantageous place that he has visualized and articulated to them. A leader influences movement to advantage.

A great leader’s legacy is built on love

The degree to which a leader is able to influence movement is dependent upon his level of skill. People will follow a leader when he is in the room. People will continue to follow a good leader when he has left the room. But only a great leader is able to influence movement to advantage even after he has died. That is a legacy leader, and he is a rare breed whose legacy is built upon love.

All great leaders aspire to leave a legacy. Leadership is a difficult skill to master, requiring desire, commitment and love. Having paid for that skill with blood, sweat and tears, great leaders have the natural inclination to pass on what they have learned and to be remembered for it. This yearning is what creates their legacy. It comes from the leader’s love for his followers and his sincere desire to see them obtain advantage.

A great leader accelerates throughout his life. He views leadership as a craft that must be honed through continual study and application. In the way that a lawyer or doctor practices his profession from the standpoint of service to his client or patient, the great leader’s focus is always upon his followers rather than himself. It is their best interests, not his, that motivates his actions. It is their advantage, not his, to which he initiates movement. This is only possible if, first and foremost, he loves them more than he loves himself.

The great leader knows that If his love is not great, than neither will be his leadership.

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