Post-Watch Workout

A classic go-to, this workout is what YHC would squeeze in after watch on the submarine. It is a ladder and can be tailored to the amount of time available, which varied under the sea.

Q: Quartermaster
Pax: Gipper

Mosey to the lower lot and up the hill to the Grand Ol’ Flag
– 10 x Merkins for ‘Merica (USA count, of course)

Continue mosey around the point, taking in the view, and to the playground by the upper lot.

– 10 x Don Qs
– 10 x Imperial Walkers
– 10 x Donkey Kicks

The Thang
– Big Boy Situps (start with 3 and increase/decrease by 3 up/down the ladder)
– 2-Count Merkins (start with 5 and increase/decrease by 5 up/down the ladder)
– 4-Count Squats (start with 5 and increase/decrease by 5 up/down the ladder)
– Pull-up (start with 1 and increase/decrease by 1 up/down the ladder)
– 1 Minute Plank
– Repeat (4 rungs up and then back down)
– Mosey to the rock wall in the lower lot and grab a 10 rep rock
– 10 x 4-count low half curls
– 10 x 4-count high half curls
– 10 x 4-count full curls
– 10 x 4-count shoulder presses
– 10 x 4-count skull crushers
– 10 x 4-count chest presses
– 10 x 4-count Rubekan Twists

– 20 x Freddy Mercuries
– 20 x WWII Situps
– 20 x Flutter Kicks
– 30 second side planks each side

Mosey back to VFW parking lot


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Misty Morning Mashup

Date: 20180426

Q: Quartermaster

PAX: Pistol, Archer, Ute


  • Mosey to beach lot
  • Inchworm 1/2 way across lot whilst taking in the sights and sounds of the waves
  • Continue mosey to bottom of Mt Suribachi
  • Bear crawl up
  • 10 x USA count Merkins around the flag at the top, led by Ute

The Thang

  • Boardwalk run w/ pain stations
  • Outbound: stop every 10th (or so) bench and pump out 10 of any of the following exercises: dips, pistol merkins, single-leg stand-ups, squats, partner merkins, one-handed partner merkins, donkey kicks, lunges, box jumps, bench seat plank ups
  • 10 burpees at the turnaround
  • Inbound: steady jog to make it back on time


Prayers for our brother Gipper and his family.

Thought for the day: Have those who impact you the most been told that they do so? A simple acknowledgement or kind word can go a long way.

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Post-Pi Day, Pre-Sunrise


YHC had the pleasure to jump back in the Q saddle with a gimp leg. Turns out that a workout with out running is even more challenging both for planning and physical difficulty.

Q: Quartermaster
PAX: Ute

Bear crawl from parking lot to upper lot (bonus stability training when crossing ice)
Imperial Walkers x 14
Toy Soldiers x 14
Donkey Kicks x 14/leg
Mountain Climbers x 14
Don Qs x 14

The Thang
Crab Walk to far island, pausing halfway for plank shoulder taps
Lunge from island to island
Squats x 14
Lunge from island to lower lot periodically pausing for additional wide and narrow stance squats
Change lunge to side lunge and crossover lunge
Ski boot sit x 5 at lower lot
Walking fly aways to rock wall
Grab a 14 rep rock
Standing chest press to shoulder press x 14
Skull crushers x 14
Full curls x 14

Crunch and Lift x 14
Freddy Mercuries x 14
Hello Dollies x 14

Walking mosey back to parking lot

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Submarine Circuit

Back when YHC was stationed on a submarine this circuit was a go-to since space is at a premium. With it being 19 degrees out this morning, it was necessary to warm up a bit beforehand. The whole thing went something like this:

Q: Quartermaster
Pax: Gipper, GriGri, Pistol, Ute

Warm Up
Mosey down the hill to the beachside parking lot
Take the hill to the unlit flagpole flying the Ensign
12 x USA-count Merkins for ‘Merica
Continue running around McCook Point, circling back to the upper lot
15 x SSHs
15 x IWs
10 x 4-count Fire Hydrants each leg
10 x Don Qs
10 x 4-count Donkey Kicks each leg
Lunge Indian walk w/the sprinter duck-walking up to the front (Still working on a good name for this)

The Thang
3 x Sit-ups
5 x 4-count Merkins
5 x 4-count Squats
1 x pullup
Repeato 3x incrementing the reps by that of the original count each time
1 minute plank after the 4th set
Back down the pyramid

Mosey to the lower lot and grab a 10 rep rock

Leader rotates one to the left each time, pax rotate 2 rocks to the left after each set so that everyone leads a set
10 x 4-count Full Curls
10 x 4-count Bench Press
10 x 4-count Bricklayers
10 x 4-count Skull Crushers
10 x 4-count Rock Merkins

10 x 4-count Russian Twists
10 x 4-count Rock Situps
15 x 4-count Pass-the-Rock
1 minute of feet at 6″ w/rock on your chest
2 x 1 minute Side Planks on rock

Mosey back to VFW lot

– prayers for Archer and his family battling pink eye

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