9 Pax, 3 FNGs, 1 Goal!

Date: 29 Dec 2018

Q: Croc

Pax: Sharkbait, Bru Ha Ha, Croc, Swordfish, Priorities, Free Samples, Burgundy (FNG), Mr. Rogers (FNG), Cleveland Rocks (FNG). 

What a great way to close out our 2018 Saturday workouts! 9 Pax started together in 30 degree weather welcoming and being motivated by 3 FNGs and finished strong amidst a gorgeous Monterey Sunrise!

Warmup –

SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigoda’s

Mosey to tennis courts – Paint the Lines

Hill Work-

Start at the bottom of the hill with 1 burpee, sprint up the hill and do 5 squats, mosey down the hill for 2 burpees, sprint up the hill for 10 squats. Burpees increase by 1 and squats by 5. Stopped after the 5 burpee/25 squat series. 

Mosey back to the field but first, the Pax each grabbed a cinder block coupon on the way back to the shot put area. 

Curls for the Girls/Descending Bear Crawls-

Start at one side of the marked off shot put area. Execute 2 reps of curls with your coupon, mosey to other end of the shot put field, bear crawl back to your coupon (~25 yds). Increase each set of curls by 2 reps, mosey to other end and bear crawl to the 20 yd mark, mosey back to coupon. Curls increase 2 reps each set and bear crawls reduce by about 5 yds each time. 

Aussie Merkins/Derkins-

Combination of the 2 exercises add to 11:

Start with 10 Aussie Merkins (horizontal merkin/reverse grip bench) and 1 derkin. Next set is 9 Aussie Merkins and 2 derkins, and so on and so forth. 

Ultimate Frisbee-

A Croc staple, I always like to set aside 20 min or a 3rd of my workout for some ultimate frisbee because it brings fun, competition and some unnoticed cardio (well maybe not so unnoticed sometimes). 


“If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.”

Wake up everyday setting yourself on the train you want to be on so you end up in the right destination. If you board the wrong train, no matter how hard you try, you won’t end up in the right place. But if you board the right train, with the destination you want in mind, even if you stumble or head in the wrong direction while on that path, your ultimate destination will still be the right place!



The F3 California Camping Trip is happening!  February 8-10 near Felton, CA just north of Santa Cruz.  This will be a weekend retreat for all Pax and 2.0s of school age and up.  Ticket price (still to be determined but will not prohibit ANYONE from going) will cover lodging, food and group activities.  The weekend will include some group participation as well as some leisure time to relax and have fun.  Also a workout or two…  Space is limited so sign up soon by filling out this form. Questions to f3monterey@gmail.com

Welcome to our latest FNGs Burgundy, Mr. Rogers & Cleveland Rocks!!!

L&R (love and respect),

Croc Out! 

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