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Today’s workout was based upon a post from iFit Blog, that you can find out more about HERE. Wanted to try something new. For those that didn’t watch the Oscars, I’ll summarize it for you in a matter of minutes.

– 6 Buttkickers every time someone said “My Fellow Nominees” (36 total)
– 6 Calf Raises every time a montage is played (48 total)
– 6 Copperhead Squats every time someone thanks the person who gives them their big break (36- total)
– 6 Leg Raises for every wardrobe malfunction (24 total) [3 times were tripping over a dress]
– 12 Narrow Lunges every time “The Favourite” Wins (12 total)
– 12 SSH every time someone thanks The Academy (132 total)
– 6 Wide-arm push-ups every time someone says “I love you” (54 total)
– 6 Freddie Mercuries every time someone says “Whoa” (42 total)
– 8 Luges for every award Bohemian Rhapsody wins (24 total)
– 12 Side Plank Crunches for every award A Star is Born Wins (12 total)
– 12 Mountain Climbers every time the camera pans to a runner up (48 total)
– 6 Burpees every time a speech is cut off by music (48 total)
– 12 Tuck Jumps every time “Roma” wins (48 total)
– 6 push-ups every time someone thanked the Cast and Crew (52 total)

The final workout was split up
– 6 Russian twists every time some thanked their family (156 total)
—- 25 Russian Twists
—- 1 Lap around the field
—– Total = 6 repetitions

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT.

Words of Wisdom: “No matter how busy life gets, Never forget what matters.”

Don’t forget to start thinking about the Spartan Race later this Spring. More Details HERE

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