Sumo Black Jack

Q Sharkbait
Pax Beach, Priorities & 29.
Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Merkin Close 10
Sumo Jump Squat 10
Rocking Plank IC 10
The Thang
Black Jack Dips / Step Ups
Reverse Snow Angle 25
Pike Push-ups 10
Moraccan Nite Clubs 25

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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Kraken Brau

Q Sharkbait
Pax Priorities w/ Lincoln for warmup, Croc, Sawdust & FNG Brau Haha.
Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
SSH 20
The Thang
Kraken Burpee 10
Iron Mike’s 10
Suicide Ladder Bear Crawl Hand release Burpees 5 -25
Bodies Hit the Floor
Pole Dance IC 10 – Half Lap – Dips IC 10- Half Lap 3 rounds
Jingle Balls 10
LBC’s IC 20
“Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.” ~ Unknown
“He that can have patience can have what he will.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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Misty Morning Mashup

Date: 20180426

Q: Quartermaster

PAX: Pistol, Archer, Ute


  • Mosey to beach lot
  • Inchworm 1/2 way across lot whilst taking in the sights and sounds of the waves
  • Continue mosey to bottom of Mt Suribachi
  • Bear crawl up
  • 10 x USA count Merkins around the flag at the top, led by Ute

The Thang

  • Boardwalk run w/ pain stations
  • Outbound: stop every 10th (or so) bench and pump out 10 of any of the following exercises: dips, pistol merkins, single-leg stand-ups, squats, partner merkins, one-handed partner merkins, donkey kicks, lunges, box jumps, bench seat plank ups
  • 10 burpees at the turnaround
  • Inbound: steady jog to make it back on time


Prayers for our brother Gipper and his family.

Thought for the day: Have those who impact you the most been told that they do so? A simple acknowledgement or kind word can go a long way.

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Block O’ Rama

Date: 4/21/2018

QIC: Ping

Pax: Iverson, Ryder, Stardust, Honeybear, Hollow Point, Ridge Crest, Dig, and Welcome FNG AESPN

0615 – “The Standard” (Pre-Ruck)


Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC

Shoulder Circles x 10 front/back IC

Cherry Pickers x 20 IC

Indian Run with Block

Last person runs to the front with block and then passes to the person behind them.  Block is passed through line until it gets to the end person.


The Thang:

Location – Field

Tunnel of Love – 3 Cycles

Elf on the Shelf (up/down) 10 both sides.

This exercise is done with one concrete block. Start with the block on the ground beside you. Grab the block and lift it from the ground across your body reaching up as high as you can. Like putting it on a shelf. After a set from right to left then do left to right. Named after some Elf on the Shelf mumble chatter at a workout around Christmas time.

American Hammer – Block Pass

3 Cycles around circle + 1 Bonus round.  Form a circle, while doing American Hammer, pass block to the guy on your right.

Shoulder Presses (Cusak)

Cycle around the circle.  (20 cycles)   – Do a wave with the blocks.  Make everyone hold the block above their heads until that wave has gone completely around the circle.  At the end, make everyone hold the block for 30 seconds above their head.

Bicep Curl

Up/Downs – Do 10 reps with close grib, 10 reps with wide grip, and 10 reps with arms inside the block.

Black Jack – Merkin/Squat at your own speed.

Start on the sideline of a football field. Perform 1 Merkin – run to other sideline – perform 20 Squats. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 Squats. Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 squat, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!

Farmers Carry with blocks.

Have everyone partner up, one partner carries two blocks from Point A to Point B and then back.   The other partner does little baby crunches.   Make them repeat it three times.

Ballerinas – Toe Squats x 10 IC

In parallel, raise heels off the floor then slowly squat as low as you can (stop before any knee discomfort). With control, straighten the legs all the way back up to standing while balancing on the toes. Can be completed with arms straight out for balance or with hands clasped behind head. Best performed either in a slow cadence or OYO.


Location – Hill

Dancing Bears/Bernie Sanders – Bomb

150 Total Dancing Bears.  One partner runs up hill backwards while other partner performs Dancing Bears.

Ended with COT.

Hollow Point and Ridge Crest made the trip down from Grand Rapids in preparation of there Muster Seed lunch next week. Expansion

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Terrible Tabata

Beautiful Spring Morning in Carmel

Q Sharkbait
Pax Croc & Sawdust

Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 25
Hill Billies 25
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Up Straddle Hop One Leg 20+ each side
Annie Plank 10
Doggie Paddle IC 10

The Thang

3 Rounds
Pulse Rows IC 10
Supermans IC 10

The Wolverine 10 OYO
(Underdog) Australian Merkin / Berpee
Quarter Pounder: Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, SSH.
Tabata Pole Dance
Moroccan Night Clubs 30

1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.

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Water Boarding

Warm Rain this morning.   Australian Merkins and every exercise on the 6 this morning was a mild form of waterboarding.  Sub Prime the Site Q for the upcoming Mountain View, CA AO’s enjoyed this mornings beat down. My cousin Nick is now FNG Powder.  Croc is back from maternity leave. You Betcha our marathoner was there too.  29’s first Saturday workout and Sawdust has reappeared.  Priorities was CIRCUMSACKed then STARSKYed with the two MiniPriorities & Donuts.  Am I rambling?  Here it is
Q Sharkbait
Pax SubPrime (down range from F3SanFrancisco), YouBetcha, 29, Sawdust, FNG Powder & Croc.
Warm Up
Imperial Walkers 20
Hill Billies 20
Abe Vigoda Slow 20
CooperHead Squat 20
Annie Plank 10
Doggie Paddle IC 10
3 rounds
Pulse Rows IC 10
Supermans IC 10
The Thang
4×4’s 10 OYO
Cindy Ish Super Sets 10 reps each 10 minutes +/-
Australian Merkins
Levitation Squats
DirtyMacDeuce Dips / Prisoner Squats/LBC”S
Merkins 20
Moraccan Night Clubs
Sun Gods
Epictetus said,“Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them.”
Marcus Aurelius, Stoic Philosopher and the once Emporer of Rome
“Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.”

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Beach Rhymes


Q Rhymes

Pax Beach

Deck of Cards Workout:
Hearts – Mountain Climbers
Diamonds – Squats
Clubs – Reverse Lunges
Spades – Spiderman Murkins
Jokers – 10 pullups/20 rows

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Q Rhymes

Pax Sharkbait

100 reps done with 25 # plate:
Floor Presses
Bent Over Rows
Overhead Press
Good Mornings
Bicep Curls
Overhead Extension
Reverse Lunges
50 reps American Hammer

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PING 101

Date: 3/24/2018

QIC: Ping
Pax: Iverson, Ryder, Stardust, DPug, Whodat, Honeybear, Trigger, Bloomer, Ticktock, Simba

0615 – “The Standard”

Principles of F3


Warmup/CoP (Circle of Pain)

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Matt Biondi x 20
  • Windmill x 10 (4 Count)

The Workout;

Coupon pass Indian Run. Last guy carries coupon from the back to front of the line, once at front of line coupon is passed to the back of the line by each PAX.

Indian run in between each parking lot/location.

Parking Lot 1

  • Mountain Climbers – 4 count in cadence

Parking Lot 2

  • Bolt 45s (Up/Down)
  • As in Usain Bolt Olympic runner. The Colt 45s of legs. Begin with 15 squats full standing position down to halfway position and return. Then go from halfway down position to full squat position and return up to halfway position 15x. Finish off with 15 full squats or jump squats.

Parking Lot 3

  • Shamrock Pushups – aka circle of merkin


  • Pull Ups – do the best you can/partner assist x2 sets


  • B.O.M.B.S. – Partner up
  • 50 Burpees/Duck Walk
  • 100 Overhead Claps/Bernie Sanders
  • 150 Merkins/Run

6 MoM
Flutter kicks with Ruck overhead

Ended with CoT

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We’re all Irish Today

QIC: Iverson
Pax: Ryder, Bloomer, Ping, Simba, Iverson, DPug, Dig, Roary.
Welcome FNGs! F3 and Disclaimer

Indian Run with:
Dublin Dry Docks 20 IC
Celtic donkey kicks 20 IC
St Patty cake Merkins 10 IC
Cherry pickers 20 IC
Leprechaun lunges -Zombie Walk 100yds
Pull-ups AMRAP
Irish Hill climbers 20 IC

Guinness bearcrawls up hill with partner Irish twists at the bottom totaling 400

Concrete block Circle (run and push down)
Then wave of Merkins in block

Farmers carry around flag x2
Partner overhead claps
4 leaf clover (legs) for 6MOM

The morning after a long Ruck for some had a legs and feet in a bind, got out in the gloom pushed one another Irish style. 3 FNGs joined with 5 vets (further growth expected next week!) but Bloomer felt weird doing Dublin Dry docks, but Carolina Dry socks are ok for his masculinity 😉 The message of “we aren’t lucky but here with a purpose” was left to chew on. Great way to start a beautiful weekend here in Kzoo Region.



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