Core Shredder

1 PAX braved the first cold day (feels like 23 degrees, so not really cold) and worked the core muscles to keep working on that beach bod. 

PAX: Sunspot (Q)


Windmill x10ic

Arm Circles x10ic/forward/backward

SSH x25ic


All done with a ruck…

3ct sit-up x10

Plank w/ ruck on x30 sec

Freddy mercury (ruck held up) x15ic

Leg lever (ruck held up) x20

Z-press x20ic

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x10ic

Ruck get-up x15

Z-press x10ic

WW2 (ruck on chest) x20

WW2 (ruck on chest) x30

WW2 (ruck on chest) x10

Mountain Climbers (ruck on) x20ic

Freddy Mercury (ruck on) x5ic

Mountain climber (ruck on) x15ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x50

Leg Levers (ruck held up) x10

LBC (ruck on chest) x20ic

Flutter kicks (ruck held up) x20

Leg levers (ruck held up) x15

Mag Tar Jai (ruck on) x10

WW2 (ruck on chest) x40

8 ct Body Builder (ruck on) x10


Solid work on the core this morning. My lower abs will be feeling that later. No matter the weather, post and be better because of it! 

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Wet. Naked. Cornhole. It’s Not What You Think

Date: 11/13/18

QIC:  Chappie

Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold. Old glory posted, how about you?

The rain or shine, hot or cold F3 principle was proved today by 4 HIM. Yep, only 4! What was it that kept PAX away? Was it the Fartsack? (No doubt, that cozy warm siren always beckons toward the craggy shoreline of more sleep. The undisciplined are her perpetual prey. Get out your Taylor Swift CD and Shake It Off!) Was it deer taunting hunters? (Uh, huh! Kill buck, wipe the blood stripes on your cheeks like the blood-thirsty warriors you are, and we’ll see you soon. And, oh yeah, don’t forget to bring some penance jerky.) Was it that age-old excuse, “I’m having a baby? (We’ve heard that one a lot around here lately! Seriously though, congrats to Vanilla and his M for bringing baby #2 into the world. Olive is a beauty!) Was it the forecast of rain? (Remember men, a principle proven is a principle [genuinely] held.) Or, was it the heads-up YHC gave the night before that his 3rd F would be a message about getting naked? (Ah, yes, that’s probably what panicked some PAX into the inky shadows of fartsackville.) Well, whatever it was–perhaps the perfect storm of all of the above–we still had 4 men post in the cool rain. This was by definition a small workout group of men, becoming more invigorated leaders. So, the mission was carried out and one of our F3 principles was solidified. Here’s how it all went down:


Warm-Up VQ well-executed by Semi! No problem amigo with the IC either–your cadence fears were unfounded! Great job, looking forward to what you bring to your full VQ.


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Windmill – 20 IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

The Thang:

Indian Run (long way around the block) while passing a cornhole bag to the PAX coming from the tail. PAX were to find increasingly creative ways to pass off the cornhole bag. If it was dropped, all the PAX hit the ground for 5 Burpees — WE DID ALOT OF BURPEES! (recollection says about 60+!)

Back at the AO…

F3 Cornhole: Not PAX against PAX, but all PAX against the boards and the elements of wind and rain. (Thankful we didn’t pair up, because pity the team who ended up with you know who….  You had to be there. :-0 )

1 PAX tossed the cornhole bag, while all other PAX did called-for exercise and we just kept rotating

  • Bag on board ends exercise
  • Next throwing PAX picks new exercise, executed until cornhole bag lands on board
  • Bag in the hole = 10 count

We did several rounds of this fun workout game which included at least these exercises: Merkins(2x), Squats(2x), Shoulder Taps, Freddie Mercury’s, Dollys, LBC’s, etc.

On a side note…CHAIRMAN, would you plea, he, he, he, hease hit the board!! Oops! Did I say that out loud?

We took a breather in the middle for the following 3rd F Message:  “You don’t need motivation, YOU NEED DISCIPLINE” is a phrase we’ve all seen memed in F3 circles recently. I’ve even sent it out and I think Vanilla has posted it on our F3FirstState Instagram. We tend to send out messages over GroupMe to MOTIVATE each other to post, but in reality it all comes down to DISCIPLINE. Because of that, over recent weeks you might have noticed I’ve laid off of the motivational messages to try to get men to post. I did that on purpose…until last night when I hit hard with a bunch of motivational stuff. The implication is in the following message on DISCIPLINE:

  • MIKE SINGLETARY  – watching game films to prepare, would often watch a single play 50-60 times. He knew every tendency of opposing players. His legendary success was the result of his remarkable DISCIPLINED life.
  • EARNEST HEMINGWAY – was characterized by obsessive literary discipline, spending hours polishing single sentences, searching for right words. His discipline transformed the way Americans, and people throughout the English-speaking world, expressed themselves in literature.
  • LEONARDO DA VINCI – was so disciplined that on one occasion he drew a thousand hands.
  • WINSTON CHURCHILL – famous for being THE quintessential impromptu speech-giver, was more disciplined than most know. Churchill wrote out and practiced EVERY speech, choreographing even the pauses and fumblings for the right phrase. He practiced endlessly in front of mirrors. F.E. Smith said, “Churchill spent the best years of his life writing impromptu speeches.” He was a natural! …a natural at being a DISCIPLINED hard-working man!

And the list goes on!


DISCIPLINE is exactly what Paul was talking about when he said to young Timothy “TRAIN YOURSELF TO BE GODLY.” (1 Tim. 4:7)

The word “train” is the Greek word “gumnos,” which means naked. From this we get our English word gymnasium. In traditional Greek athletic contests (from which the Olympics came), the participants competed without clothing.”

This was not some perverted practice; it was actually the outcome of DISCIPLINE. They competed naked, “so as not to be encumbered” by clothing. “Train” originally meant to “exercise/compete naked,” and Paul was calling for the same DISCIPLINE spiritually that one would exercise physically to compete at the highest possible level. He was calling for spiritual sweat; not legalism, but God-centered DISCIPLINE! “Just as athletes discarded everything and competed “gumnos” (free from everything that could possibly hinder them) we must DISCIPLINE ourselves to get rid of every encumbrance, every association, every habit, and every tendency which impedes godliness.” To excel “we must strip ourselves to a lean, spiritual nakedness.”

(Thoughts adapted from: Disciplines of a Godly Man, pp. 13-14)

HIM we “don’t need motivation, WE NEED DISCIPLINE.” 

Ended with our finishing rounds of cornhole.



  • Upcoming 2ndF – 2nd Annual F3 Christmas Gathering, hosted by Ruxpin and his M, Friday, Dec. 14th @ 6 pm. Watch GroupMe, word will be going out on other details.
  • Chickens for Haiti 5k/walk: Thanksgiving Day in Greenwood. See Waterfall for details (Waterfall, see YHC for 1 registrants cash — you gotta post if you’re gonna collect the dough bro.)


  • Praise for healthy delivery of Stretch & his M’s baby last Friday.
  • Prayers for Vanilla & M (Megan) as they’re anticipating their new arrival (she is here! Olive arrived prior to this writing).
  • Semi, continued search for a new job.


That’s it. Honored to Q it up again, even if it was only us 4 and no more. Shout out to Blacklung, a PAX in York, SC who posted about a cornhole workout, YHC merely borrowed and modified.

It was windy and wet but it was fun. A good beatdown too. Nugget, I took a page from your playbook, but you missed it all brother.

With that, get naked… i.e. STAY DISCIPLINED! YHC is not trying to motivate you or anything. Aye!

~Chappie, out!

TClap |

1 Mighty Warrior

It’s not easy to do the harder thing and get-up even when you know no other PAX are joining you in the gloom, but that’s what you have to do in order to become a better version of yourself. I want to be stronger, better, faster each and every day. I wish I could WO everyday, but life and work doesn’t always allow for that, but when the opportunities are there, #GiveItYourAll. 

PAX: Sunspot (Q)


SSH x25ic

Arm Circles x10ic

Windmills x10ic


Ruck up…

Freddie Mercury w/ ruck held up x20ic

Merkin pull/drag x15

8ct Body Builder x5

Ruck Curls x15ic

Lunge x10/leg

Ruck Curls x20ic

Z-press x15ic

Ruck OH Press x10ic

Ruck Squats x30ic

Plank 30 seconds

Merkin pull/drag x10

Z-press x20ic

Ruck get-up x5

Leg lever w/ ruck held up x20

Merkins x20ic

Ruck get-up x15

Ruck OH press x20ic

8ct Body builder x15

Ruck OH Squats x5ic

Pike Merkins x10ic

Ruck Squats x40ic

Merkins x10ic

Freddy Mercury x20ic

Ruck get-up x10


Whew, what a WO! This was brought to you by AllDayRuckOff #SoulCrusher WO generator. How the generator works it does NOT have them in cadence, so to make it suck even more, I added the IC to it. Nothing like 40ic squats to get those legs burning. You can do this at home without a ruck and it will still be a significant challenge. The PAX missed out but there is always next time to #GetSome

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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Big FNG Weekend in Rocklin


QIC: ’88 (YHC)

Pax: Ponch, Snag, Rabbit, Nomad (FNG), OG (FNG), Nighthawk (FNG), Stitch (FNG), Captain (FNG), 

Coffeteria post: Slice

The Thang: 

Strider- Length of soccer field

Dynamic Warm Up

IC 7 Fwd Arm Circles 

IC 7 Rev Arm Circles


20 Imperial Walkers 

Strider- Length of soccer field

Mosey to soccer baseline

Bear craw to 18

10 Burpees

10 Mountain climbers

Broad jump to midline

10 Burpees

10 Mountain Climbers

Crawl Bear to 18 

10 Burpees

10 Mountain Climbers

Broad jump to Soccer Baseline

10 Burpees

10 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to stairs near FB field. 

25 SSH I.C. 

Partner up 

P1: Russian Twists

P2: Run stairs then down ramp 3x switch 

SETS 3x…2x…1x

Mosey to wall near pool:

First person Sprints to mid soccer field and back

Second person holds plank

Rest of pax wall sits

Mosey to tennis court bleachers:

Ladder exercises: 

Triceps dips: 50 40 30 20 10

Derkins: sets of 10



Naked Moleskin

This week brought an avalanche of FNGs. Rabbit EHd his Dad (OG), Ponch EH’d Nighthawk from chruch, Nomad found us on the web in a way he doesn’t recall. YHC pulled in Stitch and FNG Mike to be named next week as he had to leave early, and Captain and YHC know each other from college. Finally feeling like fall weather temps began the morning at 39 degrees. Most pax came prepared with gloves this week. Slice was unable to post due to an emergency vet visit for his furry four legged family friend. He did make an appearance at coffeeteria. Conversation continued around possible EH opportunities. The pax are looking forward to hosting some DR pax next Saturday from F3 Monterey and F3 SF Peninsula. They are firing up the RVs and YHC knows they Monterey guys are pumped for Top Golf after they  Q a beat down.  

TClap |

Red Sky


Q Sharkbait

Pax Breu Haha, Beach & Jagger


Squat Hold

SSH IC 4 rounds of 10


Hill Billies

Abe Begota

Copper Head Squat


Man Makers 5, Thrusters 10, Bear Crawl to Rail, 5 Aussie Merkins, Lunge Walk  Back X3

Mosey to Amphitheater

10 Box Jumps, 10 Dips, 10 Toes Raises up 10 levels

Incline Merkins 10, Bulgarian Split Squat 5 reps each leg, 4×4’s 5 reps X3

Mosey around School Buildings


LBC’s 20, Flutter Kicks 15, Rosalita 10 X3

TClap |



Q Sharkbait

Pax Priorities & Flea




Hill Billies

Abe Begotas

Copperhead Squats

Plank Dips

Calf Raises

The Thang

Mosey to Wharf Market

Peoples Chair Air Press

Calf Raises

Assisted Pistol Squats

Mosey to the Plaza

Pax SSH Burpees while one Pax sprints to the other side of the Plaza and Lunge Walks Back.

BoxJump onto raised Seats


Mosey to Shuffle Ball Court Picnic Tables


Aussie Merkins

Mosey to Municipal Wharf

Peoples Chair Air Press

Mosey Back to Flags

TClap |

bear crawl bridge

11/7. Lewes, De. Nugget on Q.

Warm Up. 20 SSH. 20 windmills. 20 cherry pickers. 20 clock work planks. 10 oppo planks.

Indian run with last man doing scissor jump to bridge

Bear crawl bridge. Partner 1 bear crawls while partner 2 does 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 lbcs then runs to other side of bridge before picking up and continuing to bear crawl where partner 2 was. Partner 2 runs to start and does exercises. Rinse and repeat until there and back.

Wosey to Second St. C2C (corner to corner). Short sprint from start of Second St to Shipcarpenter Square, stopping and planking in-between each roadway/intersection. The sugar rays hold a plank until 6 is in then sprint to next stop.

3rd F on “all it takes is all you got”

AYG (all you got). One pax gets in middle of circle and calls an exercise for all pax to do until he gives AHG (all he got). We did merkins, 6 inches, four count freddys and x’s and o’s.

Mosey to courts for COT and handing the shovel flag and site Q responsibilities to Leatherman!

TClap |



QIC: Vanilla

AO: CHOP: Milton, DE

PAX: Chappie, Chattahoochee, Chairman, Fireplex, Leatherman, Ruxpin, Summit, Toy Soldier, Vanilla, Wildwing


SSH – 20 IC

Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Smurf Jacks – 20 IC

Plank Jacks – 20 IC

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

Windmill – 10 IC

Patriot Run to “The Hill”

The Thang: OH HILL NO! 3.0

Prison Break (Spring) Up, Mosey Down

10 Burpees

Nur Up, Mosey Down

9 Burpees

Bear Crawl Up, Mosey Down

8 Burpees

Crawl Bear Up, Mosey Down

7 Burpees

Boo Boo Bear Up, Mosey Down

6 Burpees

Lt. Dan Up, Mosey Down

5 Burpees

Prison Break Up, Mosey Down

4 Burpees

Inchworm w/ Merkin Up, Mosey Down

3 Burpees

Side Shuffle Up, Mosey Down

2 Burpees

Side Shuffle Up (Switch), Mosey Down

1 Burpee

Third F

“There’s a tenacity to persistence that’s easy to overlook. Day after day it just doesn’t let go regardless of obstacles. Dad (Truitt Cathy) was joyfully persistent; with his principles and his focus on excellence. The persistent leader is quietly tenacious and delightfully determined.” -Dan Cathy (CEO Chick-fil-A)

In my own life, I feel that I’ve always been persistent. However, to be joyfully persistent is a whole different story. I’ve spent most of my ambitious life “pissed-off persistent” if anything. I recently heard an Entrepreneur talk about the moment when he realized that he was committed to finishing what he started. He explained that if he was committed to finishing, than he might as well quit being angry through the process and choose to be joyful. Being “quietly tenacious and delightfully determined” takes an internal decision to choose “Joy” even in obstacles. So, with that, lets be joyfully persistent, quietly tenacious, and delightfully determined  to finish this and every beatdown! Aye!

Mosey Back to AO

Toy Soldier Set (30 LBC- 20 E2K- 15 Big Boys)

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,


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11/3/2018 Rocklin Launch Backblast


Q = ’88

PAX = Mustang, Turnimus, Ice-T, Bada Bing, Hammer, FNG Slice, FNG Ponch, FNG Snag, FNG Gremlin, FNG Rabbit

This is the first BB for F3 Rocklin. The first beat down wanted to pay homage to the F3 bloodline from F3 Metro in Charlotte. Girardi a F3 Metro Redwood Original helped with a leap expansion to the San Francisco, California Bay Area where his brother Hammer calls home. YHC moved from California to Charlotte on the date of the very first F3 workout, 1/1/11 and yet did not post until 7/1/17 in California.  We are a Mustard Seed born out of YHC moving away from the SF Peninsula pax and wanted to give it away to the men of the Thunder Valley area. 

The Thang:

Intro to F3


Lap around soccer field 

1 Indian Lap

Mosey to the tennis courts

11’s merkins and LBC’s

Mosey to Soccer field

Hands of time. With air Squats

COP-In cadence 15-10 of:

SSH 15

Mountain climbers 15

30 sec plank 

SSH 10

Mountain Climbers 10

30 sec plank

Jacob’s Ladder with merkins to 7

Plank up when done

6 min of Mary

LBCs, Low Flutters, Low Dollies, High LBC’s, High Flutters, High Dollies

2 Indian Laps, Second lap was a Indian Snake Lap

Circle of Trust

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, BOM

Name-o-rama was a good time as there were 5 FNGs to name. 

Naked Mole Skin

5 FNG’s for the first ever F3 workout in Rocklin, California. Most of the FNGs were EH’d by YHC and Gremlin was a Jr Hi school mate of Turnimus and we are glad for the EH. 5 F3 SF Peninsula pax made the early morning trek 2+ hours to help with the kickoff to demonstrate the culture of F3 and the credo of  picking up the six as well as leaving no man where you find him. There was good mumble chatter throughout the beat down with a rousing t-claps to Bada Bing for hangin with the six. 


10 of 11 pax went to coffee and there was great chatter around different pax’s F3 story. Slice even had EH’d 2 guys for week 2 and lots of talk about EH opportunities by this week’s FNGs. 


TClap |

Modified Soul Crusher

2 PAX weren’t afraid to do the harder thing this morning and posted to push the limits. I was made aware of the Soul Crusher WO generator via AllDayRuckOff so I took the gamble. Had to modify due to time but here is how we #Crushed the Soul Crusher. 

PAX: Fridge, Sunspot (Q)

  • Fridge used bricks and Sunspot did all w/ a ruck


Arm circles and a mini lap because we had lot of work to do


Ruck Curls x15ic

WW2’s x50 oyo (brick/ruck on chest)

Merkin / Ruck Drag x10

Mountain Climbers x20ic

Ruck Row X20IC

Z-Press x15ic

Burpees x30 oyo

8 Count Body Builder x10

Rows x10ic

Flutter kicks w/ brick/ruck held up) x10ic

Rows x25ic

Plank 90 seconds

Rows x15ic

Freddie Mercury x10ic

OH Press x15ic

WW2 x 40 oyo (brick/ruck on chest)

Merkin Drag x10

Curls x10ic

Mountain Climbers x10ic

OH Press x10ic


The only modification we did was for the sake of time we had to eliminate the distances with the ruck on. Regardless we CRUSHED it this morning. One day the weekdays morning WO’s will pickup and the PAX will get even more #Gainz. Nice work Fridge this morning. Way to help keep me accountable and post in the Gloom.

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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