Today marked the first true cold day of the winter season bringing us a brisk 18 degree temperature morning. Luckily the wind held off but that still posed a challenge for the lungs to expand. Garden State reached out for a Q, and since nobody took the lead, the PAX paid the price with #Sharknado.

PAX: 10AC, Hershey Kiss, Marvel, Herbie, Garden State, Eagle, Squared, Fridge, Inspector, Sunspot (Q)


SSH x25ic

IST x20ic

Arm Circles x10ic/each direction

Windmill x10ic



15 Burpees

20 Merkins

20 WW2’s

20 Diamond Merkins

20 Scorpion Dry Docks

After each exercise do a loop around the parking lot. Completion = 5 rounds. Burpee total = 75. Everything else = 100


Man what a WO it was in the cold weather! As the PREBLAST said, You Asked For It hahaha. I have been wanting to bring #Sharknado into the mix and was waiting for the right time. I didn’t feel like actually being creative but sometimes lack of creativity leads to a punishing WO. You guys did well with your first round of Sharknado. I’m glad we reduced the distance running as the PAX were pushing hard to get through those 5 sets. Congrats to those that finished as the 5 sets equated to 2 miles running. On the next round we will increase the loop size to push yourself to the next level.

Thanks for following the lead! Special shoutout to Eagle for the patch. Thanks brother! Means more than you know!

Until next time, Sunspot OUT!

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