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Conditions COLD!
QIC Iverson 
PAX: Ryder, Petros, Dig, DPUG, Bloomer, TickTock, Serrano, FNG-Charms, Probert, Ping, Dory, HoneyBear 

Warmup IC:
Happy jacks (5 SSH with 2 jump squats) x5
Goofball 20 IC

->elephant walk to baseball field 

Fence- dirty hookup 10 IC
Fire Hydrants 19 IC
Donkey kicks 19 IC

->elephant walk to stairs

Tooth fairy press (as sally) 

->elephant walk to cement pad where “we assumed “ring around the Ropey”
-while pax rope swing for 30 second, the rest circled around him doing an assortment of exercises including:
Frog hop, bear crawl, crab walk, lunges, reverse lunges, plank high and low, Dancing Chillcutt, side lunge both ways.

Febreze: 2 BB sit ups, 10 air presses
4 /20, 6/30 , 8/40, 10/50

Crab vs Bear soccer!!! (Not as exciting as it sounds lol) 

OPP?! = partner up overhead claps (in people’s chair) and planks jacks. IC together 

Partner Shrug x 15

1) Naming and welcome to Charms! 
2) Portage Saturday AO starting in 2 weeks 
3) YHC had a goal to complete an hour workout of exercises that everyone had never seen. 90% success! Some will continue, and 2019 momentum building great!! 

To coffeeteria for QSource #Language 
-Let your actions speak:
You do not write your life with words. . . You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do. 


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