Keep runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’

06 Feb 2019

Q: Priorities

Cold. Tired. 3 Pax beat the fartsack to get 2.79 miles in.


  • SSHs x20 IC
  • IWs x20 IC
  • Sun gods x15 IC
  • Copperhead Squats x20 IC
  • Burpees x15 IC

The Thang: Mosey. And keep moseying. To the parking lot outside NPS gate. 3/4 miles? Give or take.

1 minute squats AMRAP/1 minute lunges AMRAP x3

Mosey back to boardwalk steps. 8 minutes as many loops to the beach and back to rec trail.

Sprint back to flags then pick up the 6.

1 minute calf raises AMRAP

COT: Are you prepared? So you’re running a race. Can you run an 8 minute mile? Could you run an 8 minute mile carrying your kids? Could you run an 8 minute mile carrying me? What are you preparing for? Check out this weeks Q source and the 43feet podcast on Preparedness.YHC



The F3 CA camping trip is here! Don’t let the 20% chance of rain stop you. Come on out to Sunset State Beach anytime this weekend. Plenty of room. Plenty of food. YHC will be serving smoked meat all weekend long and a smokefest for a workout Saturday morning!

So you have two options for posting on Saturday. One the normal AO at Carmel High with You Betcha on Q. The second is at the camp ground in Watsonville with YHC. Get somewhere.

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