Absolutely No B.S.

Q: Flea


10 arm circles to the sides (FWD, BWD), overhead (FWD, BWD)
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Hillbillies
10 Merkins

Always looking for new ways to challenge eachother I came up with the following workout after hearing (joke) complaints from one of my fellow PAX during the Saturday Post.

Using a deck of cards we broke up into two groups of three.
One member drew a card with a workout printed on it (From the “F3 Beat Down Deck”).
They then state a number they believe that they can accomplish.
The other two members can then call B.S. in order and state a higher number (minimum increment of 5)
Each member can claim a pass
The members that pass must draw a new card from the deck and execute the new workout until the original PAX has completed their set number of workouts.

To help clarify cards: Any distance cards served as a “break” and all PAX executed a run around the soccer field after completing the next workout.

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT

I came up with this workout without the full set of rules worked out in my head and it worked out fairly well. The competition was great and my muscles are definitely feeling it.

Beach’s Spring Wing Ding Patio Party is coming up. You can message myself or him if you need details.
He also just sent out the following amplifications

“Hello Party People! Forecast for Saturday says 65 degrees, cloudy, 10% precipitation, and 11mph winds. If the forecast happens to turn bad by Saturday I will postpone to a later date. Expecting 22+ people. Parking may be challenging, you may have to walk a few blocks. I apologize in advance and will seek your forgiveness with free beer or a wise-crack at my expense. I’m open for business at 1pm or anytime after. Some ppl are asking if it is okay to bring their kids. Absolutely! I have some board games and nintendo if they need entertainment. If it starts getting chilly, I have a patio heater that looks like it got tortured by wind….because it was. Can’t wait to see y’all !!”

Also, for those that weren’t there Saturday, I took over second F coordinator I will be looking at setting up monthly thing for us all to get together and relax a little, this month will be Beach’s party though, so get there!  
Spartan Race is coming up! Don’t forget!
The 27th is going to be a busy day alot of opportunities.

Love Our Central Coast
Q School in San Francisco Area (See e-mail or ask me)
Also there is going to be a BBQ for anyone interested put on by some friends and I in Fort Ord area starting about 4:30 (you do not have to live in the area)

LEXICON: Word of the day-
An exhoratation to another Pax (or to oneself) to improve attitude, to not take things seriously that don’t warrant being taken seriously, and in general to approach life in a positive way. It is the belief of The Nation that no one hates Bacon. No one is sad to see Bacon. Even vegetarians and vegans probably like the smell of bacon, and would likely eat tofu bacon (if there is such a thing). Basically, it means to make yourself and your personality as agreeable and as widely loved as Bacon.

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1/16th sprints and bern

V: Cleveland Rocks



10 Merkins IC, 5 Moneky Humpers IC, 5 Gorilla Humpers IC, 15 Side Straddle Hops IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC

The Thang:

On the track. 10 burpees, sprint 1/16th of mile, 10 squats, sprint 1/16th of mile, 10 merkins, sprint 1/16th of mile, wall sits for 10 seconds, sprint 1/16th mile… repeat. Keep up until first place reaches last place. As posters catch up keep pace with last place for 1 more lap then it’s over.

20 count from @Bruha Ja

Suicides: start at goal line and go to 25, turning every 5 yards doing crab walk out and bear crawl back.

Mosey along to bottom of hill near baseball field.

Time to honor the backwards running of Priorities. Bernie Sanders (run backwards) up the hill. Feel the bern. Posters choice 10 squats, merkins burpees etc. Mosey back down. Repeat 3 times.

Teams of 2. One grabs cinder block. Line up on goal line. 1 team member inch worms while other runs with cinder block to other goal line and returns to meet inch wormer. Change places and repeat until you are both at the end zone. 20 count from Sharkbait. Repeat the other way but doing Crawl Bears back.

Wow, there’s still time! Let’s run the bleacher stairs and lean on a wall.



Welcome FNG Peak!

Words of wisdom: Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory…. and some discussion of who would win a battle between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.


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Simple 3×4 Set Workout

Or How I Came to Stop Worrying and Love the Week After DST.

Q: Flea




Today’s workout was a timed circuit that was set to take exactly 42 minutes so walked through some of the new exercises and went straight into it.

Each workout was 45 seconds during the first part with a 15second rest in between

3 Sets Total
1. Lunge-Knee Power Driver-Squat
2. Side Straddle Hops
3. Squat and Calf Raises
4. Plank
5. Curtsey Lunges
6. Diamond Pushups

7. 4 Reps (50 sec/10sec rest)
7a. Jump Squat/Burpees
7b. High Knees

Ended with Number-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, COT.

Words of Wisdom: “Saying Yes to Something is Saying No to Something Else.”

Don’t forget to keep thinking about the Spartan Race later this Spring. More Details HERE. Free Samples is taking Hard Commits now!!!

LEXICON: Word of the day-
FATHERTIME- That PAX who swears he can read the Q’s watch from up to 20 yards away. “This 7 minute AMRAP has to be over by now.” “Probably should head back for Mary to be safe.” “This has to be the last Mary exercise, I’m sure it’s 6:00 now.”

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Royal Rumble – F3 Style

28 Jan 2019

Q: Priorities

So y’all might not know this but YHC is raising up 3 kids to be die hard WWE wrestling fans. What might be more surprising is that M Priorities is actually the driving force behind this. Forced to watch WWF Monday Night RAW (still going btw) by her older brother as a kid, she became the world’s biggest fan of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Fast forward 25 years to last night and the entire Priorities family was screaming at the tv watching the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble!

So if you don’t know, the Royal Rumble is a match where a new wrestler enters the ring every 90 seconds. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. The last person left in the ring wins the match and goes on to headline WrestleMania! If you watch only one wrestling match every year it is this one. Fan or not, you should check it out next year. In case you missed it, we reenacted the event at Table Top the next morning. Here’s what went down:

A new exercise every 90 seconds. First two rounds were SSHs and Arm Circles to warm up, 90 seconds AMRAP. Every following round, 1 pax sprinted around the “ring” (perimeter of the soccer field). Any time left on the clock when the sprinter returned was rest for everyone. Repeat 30 times.


“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat, his lungs breathe their final breath and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalized. “

– Ultimate Warrior

This is one of the most motivating speeches in the history of wrestling. Ultimate Warrior came on Monday Night RAW and gave this speech 2 days before having a fatal heart attack. As #HIM we should continually be looking for ways to inspire others around us, not for our own legacy but in service to our community.


If you’re reading this, you need to join our Slack channel! Click here. It is the best way to trash talk and get a little information of course. Be prepared with your best facial hair picture for your profile pic!

Still time to join us on the F3 California camping trip Feb 8-10. Let someone know by any means necessary right now!

Lots of spaces open on the Q schedule. Get it done.

Welcome FNG Hogsbreath!!

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