They painted the football lines on the field…


QIC: Ponch

AO: Thunderdome


·         20 SSH IC

·         Capri Lap

·         Carioca

The Thang:

Gridiron – Run every line of the field stopping at cones to do

Goal Line – AMRAP Pull-ups on soccer goal

10 Yard Line – 10 Burpees

20 Yard Line – 20 Merkins

30 Yard Line – 30 Flutter Kicks

40 Yard Line – 40 Squats

50 Yard Line – 50 SSHs

40 Yard Line – 40 Overhead Claps

30 Yard Line – 30 Side to side hops over line

20 Yard Line – 20 Big Boy Sit-ups

10 Yard Line – 10 Burpees

Goal Line – AMRAP Pull-ups on soccer goala

Bearcrawl up hill, Crawlbear back down

Repeato in reverse

Mosey to Coupons

Coupon Fun:

Colt 45

Cusak to opposite fence

15 Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (10 count)

Cusak to baseball field

Chest presses

Cusak to gym

15 Wonderbra

Cusak to coupon den

10 Blockees

Mosey to B-ball Courts


20 Manatees

20 LBCs

20 Windshield wipers

20 Low Dolly’s

20 Crunchy Frog

20 American Hammers






  • We need pax to sign up to Q. Variety is the spice….you know the rest. Reach out to ‘88 to get on the Q calendar! We need you.
  • Memorial Day Murph- All across F3 nation AOs will be doing a Murph workout on Memorial Day. We will join in on the fun/pain too. Location TBA soon as we need bars for pull ups. Any ideas? Springview-Johnson Park…Twin Oaks Park…Central Park? Others?
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UF(3)O? Nope, only a frisbee.

Q 05/11/19

AO: Thunderdome

Q: ‘88 (YHC)

The Thang:

Strider across JV BB field


Strider to midfield and back


Get COUPONS mosey to soccer field near baseball diamond

Bears & Blocks

40 yds

Bear crawl til coupon between feet

Drag coupon in front of head. Repeato

Wait for SIX

10 burpees

Bears & Blocks back

Mosey to amphitheater

Squat jumps to the top

Run around and repeato 5 minutes


Team that scores chooses exercise and reps for other team

Team that scores does half.

90º cone sprints

2x each side

COP with Coupons-Down ladder 10,8,6,4,2

Bent over rows

Tight grip curls

Overhead press


Mosey and return coupons




Ball of Man


The strong numbers continue as the weather warms up. YHC knew of several pax who were unable to post due to various family commitments preventing them from doing and I was unsure of how many pax would post this weekend. This is the main reason we have postponed F3 Dads. My weinkie was prepared for low numbers and also for higher numbers as well. I was excited that when the clock struck 0700 we had 8 guys because this triggered me to be able to do F3 Ultimate Frisbee which I’ve been wanting to do for a while. So a few exercises got immediately cut once we began.  

AirWolf was in town from Hampton Roads, Virginia for a wedding and we pleased to welcome him. YHC is familiar with F3 Hampton Roads because of Priorities in Monterey came from Virginia. Dreamliner and the pax in Virginia seem to be a group of HIMs. (High Impact Men for those who don’t know the acronym) AirWolf originally hails from nearby Loomis so we hope to see him again in the future though it might be a while as the Air Force takes him to Japan in the near future. Will we see a flag planted in the Land of the Rising Sun? YHC is excited we’ve had a few pax join us while DR, guys are checking the map on the Nation’s site and finding our Mustard Seed.

Ponch brought out his drone this weekend and captured some aerial footage as a test run. We also used the drone to take our post workout photo from above. It’s a tad more high tech than leaning a cell phone against a water bottle on the ground. Hopefully we can get more drone video in the near future possibly to be used as marketing material.


  • Ponch has the Q next Saturday.
  • Sign up to Q or Co-Q with someone. F3 is stronger when many pax step up and lead.
  • F3 Dads has been postponed. Future date will be announced soon.
  • Sunday update: Ponch sends me a text in church that he had just EH’d a guy in the lobby. That’s what “Give it Away” is all about, talking to a local guy? Bring it up casually and invite him.
  • YHC believes that most pax are on our Band group. Be sure to let another pax know and he can send you the invite if you are not on there yet.
  • F3 will be expanding in San Jose this summer! Start EH’ing guys in the area. The AO will be at Santa Teresa High School

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Bada Bing, Bada…FNG


Q: ’88 (YHC)
Pax: Ponch, Hobo, Sparky and FNG ConAir
Down Range Pax: Bada Bing

Disclaimer: Given

1 BIG Indian Lap
Circle of Pain warm up around flag

Mountain Climbers IC 20
Imperial Walkers 20
Al Gore 60 seconds
Monkey Humpers 20

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire-

Pax circle around shovel flag

  • Bear crawl one lap around shovel flag
  • Pax plank
  • One at a time 10 merkins
  • REPEATO with hand release merkins

Rocklin Death March- Grab coupons mosey to Stanford Ranch
(coupon hill run with stops at each light pole)

Curls and tricep extensions up
Bent over rows and chest presses

50 Overhead claps IC
50 Seal Claps IC


Partner 1 runs approx 200 yds

300 LBCs
200 Squats
100 Merkins

Wall sits:
60 Seconds
30 Seconds

Circle of Trust:
Ball of Man

Naked Man Moleskin:
After a 12 week stretch of no FNG’s, and not for lack of trying by the pax…FNG ConAir posted after YHC applied the EH via his M who YHC met at our 2.0’s school. Glad he posted with us. Bada Bing was with us as well from F3 San Francisco Peninsula, he gave us an update on the happenings in the Bay. Always looking for pax to Q workouts. If you are thinking about it and telling yourself you aren’t ready…take the leap. F3 is about developing leadership skills as well as getting fit. Leading a workout furthers this in you.

1. April 26 & 27 Q School in San Mateo at Hill Yeah! Learn the why and what of F3. Friday is a happy hour 2nd F night. Saturday is a regular beatdown followed by the Q School led by FIB from Naperville, Ill.

2. May 4th- Lincoln PACE Race 10k. We will move the workout that morning to Lincoln. Exact site TBD. Sign up for the race on out team called “F3 Fitness” on the website. We have 4 guys right now!

3. On the horizon…
– F3 Dads Day: A fun time / workout with our 2.0s. Boys and girls welcome.
– 2nd F Event: Social Night to gather out of the gloom and be with the guys.

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