7 of Diamonds, etc.


QIC: Vanilla

AO: Aegis: Georgetown, DE

PAX: Chappie, Chattahoochee, Doubtfire, Fireplex, Hideous, Nugget, Summit, Vanilla


SSH – 20 IC

Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Smurf Jacks – 20 IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Windmill – 15 IC

Circle Burp

Mosey to Georgetown Elementary for the thang!

The Thang 1: “7 of Diamonds”

Using a square of sidewalk in front of Georgetown Elementary with roughly 100 yards between the points, the PAX went through 7 rounds of pain. In each round the PAX stopped at each tip of the “diamond” to perform the given exercise and reps. Mosey transitions

Round 1: 7 Burpees

Round 2: 14 4-Count Flutter Kicks

Round 3: 21 Merkins

Round 4: 28 Squats

Round 5: 21 LBC’s

Round 6: 14 Iron Mikes

Round 7: 7 Diamond Merkins

After first 4 rounds, we broke for a third F. I read an excerpt from “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge


“Which would you rather be said of you: “Harry? Sure I know him. He’s a real sweet guy.” Or, Yes, I know about Harry. He’s a dangerous man…in a really good way.” Ladies, how about you? Which man would you rather have as your mate? (Some women, hurt by masculinity gone bad, might argue for the “safe” man…and then wonder why, years later, there is no passion in their marriage, why he is distant and cold.) And as for your own femininity, which would you rather have said of you–that you are a “tireless worker,” or that you are a “captivating woman”? I rest my case.

What if? What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the life we were meant to live? God gave us eyes so that we might see, he gave us ears that we might hear, he gave us wills that we might choose, and he gave us hearts that we might live. The way we handle the heart is everything. A man must know he is powerful, he must know he has what it takes. A woman must know she is beautiful, she must know she is worth fighting for. “but you don’t understand,” said one woman to me. “I’m living with a hollow man.” No, it’s in there. His heart is there. It may have evaded you, like a wounded animal, always out of reach, one step beyond your catching. But it’s there. “I don’t know when I died,” said another man. “But I feel like I’m just using up oxygen.” I understand. Your heart may feel dead and gone, but it’s there. Something wild and strong and valiant, just waiting to be released.”

Mosey to National Guard for The Thang 2!

The Thang 2: “Grizzcalator”

PAX Complete 1 Merkin with hands on the bottom step and then 2 Merkins with hands on the 2nd step, 3 Merkins on the 3rd step, etc., all the way up to 14 merkins on the 14th step. Total = 105 Merkins

Mosey back to the AO for “Johnny Cash”

Johnny Cash: Part 1

PAX circled up and all hold 6 inches. 1 PAX at a time completes 10 Big Boys while everyone else holds 6.

Ended with Number-Rama, Name-O-Rama, & COT/BOM

Humbly Your QIC,



TClap |

Catch me if you can!

3/26/19. Milton, DE. Nugget on Q.

Warm Up. 20 SSH, 15 windmill, 15 cherry picker. Capri lap.

Catch me if you can… partner up, person A runs to bottom of hill while person B does 7 burpees then runs to bottom of hill. If person B catches person A before the bottom of the hill person A has to do 13 burpees. (we will rotate on way back to AO.)

March Merkin Madness. 10 tricep extensions. 20 rangers. 30 hand release merkins. 40 merkins for a total of 100 merkins, ouch!

Crawl bear up Milton hill and bear crawl down just for fun.

Catch me if you can back to AO. (switch positions, same format.)

3rd F talked about a post I saw on instagram from a Pastor who’s instagram name is dad.tired. title was ‘God is using your wife and kids to make you more like him.’

Ultimate football. when team in possession drops ball they have to do 1 burpee before resuming play. at the end of the game the winning team has to do X amount of ranger merkins while losing team does twice the amount but in regular merkins. MVP was the dynamic duo of Doubtfire and Fireplex. Great push HIM!

TClap |

North, East, South and West

March 9, 2019

QIC- Summit 

Another damp morning at the georgetown circle but that didn’t slow us from hitting double digits for the first time at the AEGIS! Great push by all men!


Merkins IC 

Arm circles forwards / backwards 

SSH ICCherry Picker IC

Windmill IC

 Moroccan NC IC

Mountain Climbers IC 

The Thang-


Mosey to church lot for Abs 

Super Toy Soldier Set -In Cadence 

25- lbc, 10 e2k, 10 Big boys 

Flutter kicks 15 IC 

American Hammers – 25 IC

 Mosey back to Circle 


Mosey to Masonic Lodge parking lot.

Aiken legs set 

20 squats

20 wall jumps 

20 lunges (forward, 10 each leg)

20 split jacks 

Wrap up with each pax runs up 2 flights of stairs and back down 

Mosey back to circle 

Break for 3rdF-  ‘Say Not’ 


Mosey to opposite side of Fire Hall 

Partner up -one partner holds plank while other partner does merkins. Switch for each set of 20. 


20 reg 

20 wide 

20 hand release 

20 ranger 

20 reg 

Mosey back to circle. 


Mosey to M&T bank lot   – 

Partner up one partner does dips while other partner does merkins. Switch for each set of 10 Merkins- 

10 reg 

10 wide 

10 hand release 

10 ranger 

10 reg 

Mini Aiken legs 

10 squats

10 curb jumps 

10 lunges (forward, 10 each leg)

10 split jacks 

Mosey back to circle.

Wrap up with toy soldier set 

30 lbc. 15 e2k,  10 big boy 


3rdF- ‘ Say Not’ from Mark Battersons book ‘Play the Man’  The hardest part of the body to subdue is the tongue. So, let’s issue a gentleman’s challenge. What we refer to as locker room talk, the Bible calls sin.    Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk of course joking, which are out of place.
     Here’s a simple rule of thumb: don’t say something about someone that you wouldn’t say if they were standing here. And above all, honor your wife with your words. If you’re going tot all about her behind her back, make sure you are bragging!    There is a powerful little phrase repeated in Scripture: “ say not”     Whatever you verbalize, you give power to. When you voice negative thoughts, you’re reinforcing what’s wrong. Over time, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.    Instead of verbalizing negativity, speak words of faith.    Instead of verbalizing complaints, speak words of praise.   When God called Jeremiah to be a prophet, Jeremiah felt overwhelmed and under qualified. He used inexperience as an excuse, and God rebuked his excuse.    Say not, I am a child
So Quit making excuses!I’m too old.  I’m too young. I had bad parents. I’ve made too many mistakes. I don’t have the education. I don’t have the experience. SAY NOT!       What needs to go on your “say not” list?  You can start with obscenities, foolish talk and course joking.  While you are at it, add gossiping and lying. And to top it off, quit insulting others or bragging about yourself.       If we can subdue our tongues, there is no part of our bodies we cannot control. James likened the tongue to the rudder of a boat— it turns the whole ship.       “ When we put bits in the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever  the pilot wants to go.  Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.”Say not!   

TClap |

99 problems… and then some.

warm up

20 ssh. 15 windmills. 15 cherry pickers. butt kicks. high knees. L & R shuffle.

mosey to alley to do 11’s (almost) of Mike Tyson’s w/ a bear crawl in-between sets.

Mosey to Pine st. and do patriot run with last pax doing a burp before he sprints to front of line, all the way to the middle school.

3rd F. on scheduling/planning/calendar. Luke 14:28 For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?

99’s- in front of middle school with sets of sidewalks, run to 1st side walk do 33 pike press, nur to start. run to second sidewalk do 33 bicep curls(each arm), nur to start. run to 3rd do 33 merkins, nur to start. new round, same format but do 33 leg raises, 33 reverse crunches and 33 big boys.

mosey to AO for COT.

good push HIM!

TClap |

3 Years. 3 Stops. 500 Reps.

QIC: Chappie

Date: 2/16/19

When YHC chimed in to volunteer to Q on this date, he had a couple things in mind. 1) That it would be near his 3-year manniversary, and 2) It would also be near the Daytona 500. With that he had to adjust after realizing it was a Saturday workout, not a Thursday as he initially thought. (The plan was to use the traffic circle at H.O.B. in Milton as a mock track for our own sort of “Daytona 500.”)

Enough said, the PAX met in Georgetown at the Aegis AO for a Saturday workout celebrating YHC’s 3-Year Manniversary. Thanks to all the HIM who posted and a special welcome to FNG Mrs. Doubtfire. Great to have a new brother among us! And, yes, we’ll drop the “Mrs.” Reeeelaaax! In honor of FebNG and assuming the credit for bringing the FNG, Vanilla executed 2 Burpees as we circled up.

Here’s how the rest of 3 years, 3 stops. And 500 reps went down:


  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Imperial Walker – 10 IC
  • Smurf Jack – 15 IC (No, YHC cannot start Smurf Jacks in the Seal Jack position.)
  • Calf Raises – 30 (TI), 30 (TO) OYO (plantar fasciitis prevention?)
  • Cherry Picker, Crab Flipper, Hairy Chigger – 15 IC
  • PC Merkins – 10 OYO

The Thang:

PAX were gathered at the edge of the traffic circle. Each man ran a timed lap of the circle for “Pole Position.” Tclaps to Vanilla for winning the pole at 29 secs. The Pole Winner would be the first to run steps at our 3 COP’s (Circle Of Pain) along the workout route. Plus, each man was supposed recall his own pole time at the end of the workout and execute the corresponding number of Burpees. YHC conveniently forgot about that by end of workout. There’s always tomorrow.


Mosey to 1st Stop — Steps on backside of County Bank

Pole Sitter (Vanilla) commences to run up steps & back down while other PAX did Seal Jacks, switch out with next PAX. Rinse & repeat until an accumulated 500 Seal Jacks are completed. Oh, come on! It was only approximately 72 Reps/PAX

YHC shared 1st portion of 3rdF Message:

3rd MANNIVERSARY: Three years ago this weekend I went to my first F3 workout after my buddy Wade (Nunchuk) put the EH on me to check it out. I want to share a few things I’ve gained from F3–things that kept me coming back: FITNESS – This is the “why” for any man who comes to an F3 workout. This one speaks for itself, but here’s where I came from: Spent just short of 12 years in the ARNG, and always stayed in great shape. I had that carrot (APFT) to motivate me. But I got out in April 2001. That’s 15 years with only a few short bursts of exercise BUT NO FITNESS. F2L (Freed to Lead) notes the difference: F3 “…is about fitness, not exercise…we’re far more focused on staying in shape. Getting in shape is a sprint fueled by the enthusiasm of a change for the better, but staying in shape is a marathon sustained by discipline and near-maximum effort virtually every day of a man’s life” (36). “Train yourself…”


Mosey to 2nd Stop — Steps on front of ARNG Armory

*Pit Stop: Dragon Crawl, NAPA parking lot

2 PAX at a time, Vanilla & Nugget got us started running up, then back down the steps to switch out with PAX doing Merkins. Rinse & repeat until an accumulate 500 Merkins is completed.

YHC shared the 2nd portion of his 3rdF Message:

FELLOWSHIP – This is “why” any man keeps coming back. At the first (and every subsequent) workout all the other men kept encouraging me; they kept encouraging one another! In a matter of terms, each was saying, “Brother, you’re the reason why we’re here” (F2L 20). Afterward we all went to coffeeteria, and I knew I’d found something I’d been longing for–the camaraderie experienced that day. I’d found a group of men serious about locking shields and serious about going steel-on-steel like Prov. 27:17: “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Through F3 I’ve gained deep friends in SC, here, and deep bonds in a lot of other places. The common problem that F3 solves (and why men keep coming back) is that men “forgot how to make friends.” “We could make friends when we were boys. We watch our sons do it now. Somehow, by the time we’re adults, we lose our grasp on that elemental skill” (F2L 50). To be honest, it’s an even greater challenge for me as a pastor, so I found F3 to be the perfect solution for curing the embarrassing problem of loneliness. Again, this is the common problem among men–not just among pastors. It’s also the reason we need to PROTECT and PROMOTE the 2ndF more. “Because the fellowship acts as the glue for F3, protecting and promoting the 2ndF is critical. Erode the fellowship and the PAX will come unstuck from the workout” (F2L 25). In another portion of F2L you read this: “Life..is all a mountainside that you either climb up or slide down, a little bit every day…F3 may be a better way for you to keep climbing. The plateau thing? That’s a myth” (F2L 38). Personally, F3 has helped me to keep climbing!


Mosey to 3rd Stop – Steps on Side of County Admin Building:

*Pit Stop: Lt. Dan from power pole to power pole

Pole Sitter commenced to Bear Crawling up, then Crawl Bear down the steps, then switching with next PAX. Rinse & Repeat until an accumulated 500 Squats are completed.

YHC shared the 3rd portion of his 3rdF Message:

FAITH – Some of you may think the 3rdF (the way we do it) is BECAUSE I’m a pastor. But I want to tell you the ratio is significantly offset between the number of PAX who are pastors and those who are not. Many of the AO’s out there operate just like ours. The faith YHC personally expresses is NOT part of my life because I’m a pastor. I’m a Christian man first (God just happened to call me as a pastor) and my contribution to the 3rdF’s we have, gives me (each of us) an opportunity to share where true and lasting strength and leadership comes from. As far as the overall mission of F3, “To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership,” I keep coming back because I’m NOT a born leader. Leadership is a skill developed by learning and exercising leadership. I’ve continue to gain so much from others’ (yours) thoughts, insights, AND exercise of leadership. F3 has sharpened and invigorated me personally as a leader. And I hope to be able to say I’ve offered you the same in return, so that we’re all better leaders in our homes, workplaces, and communities in which we serve. For 3 years now different aspects of the Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith have taught me that “despite our easy lives, we need something hard to do, something to reach for” and so this incubator of leadership has trained me and been a catalyst for pushing through hard stuff in life. But where it counts most, I’ve learned to be a better husband and father. THAT’S WHY I KEEP COMING BACK!


Mosey return to AO at the traffic circle

2 Minute Abs to wrap up the workout – 20 secs each non-stop (AMRAP) :

  • Knee to Elbow Crunches
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Dying Cock Roaches
  • Gas Pumpers
  • American Hammers

That’s the deal. 3 years. 3 stops. and 500 reps (in honor of Sunday’s Daytona). Honored to Q and glad to be able to keep at it after jumping in as an FNG 3 years ago. Here’s to another 3, at least! Appreciate all the PAX posting and making the workout worthwhile. Appreciate all you guys.

Number-Rama – 7 PAX including FNG, Doubtfire



  • Announcements: Crayons & FNG’s, bring ’em. Crayons accepted until Friday 2/22 when we’ll ruck them to Milton PD to contributed to Faryn Adams’ collection to give to child patients at AI and other local hospitals. Remember, crayons are worth 1 Burpee/box and FNG’s are worth 2. Time is ticking, let’s get those crayon’s
  • Prayers: Chairman’s mom, Brenda; other requests concerning some HIM in PAX’s lives who are facing health battles

Chappie, out!


TClap |


1/19/19. Nugget on Q. Georgetown, DE.

Warm up. 25 ssh. 25 windmill. 20 cherry pickers. 20 mt climbers. butt kick half way round georgetown circle, butt kick other half.

A. abs-100 heel touch. 80 lbcs. 60 reverse crunches. 40 flutter kicks. 20 big boys.

L. legs-lunge half way around georgetown circle. jump squat other half. wrestling squat side shuffle around half circle, switching sides at half.

L. legs-100 step ups on bench.

R. run-mosey to georgetown middle.

I. interval-basketball suicides down 9 stripes of parking lot. mosey back to circle.

G. get…

H. huge- 48 dips, 24 hand release merkins. 12 tricep extension push ups(suckers). then 30 dips, 15 merkins.

T. talk-3rd F on alright vs all right. James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

TClap |

And Now, the News…

QIC: Chappie

Date: 1/18/19

Okay, so you watched the Name-O-Rama video, and if you weren’t there (one of those “you had to be there” moments) you’re probably asking, “Friendly New Whaaat??” Btw, we should’ve taken that elusive selfie.

Yep, there was a young lady who joined us in the Gloom this morning! She and cameraman, Beau, were kind enough to show up from WBOC to do a story about @F3firststate. Beau had to stay behind camera but before we knew it Sydney was right there, courageously jumping into action to workout with the PAX. She brought our number to the “Dirty Dozen” so, yes, we named our Friendly New Gal later in the COT. Welcome Scoop! No worries Nation, she was here to do a story, our story. We did mention FiA and if she’s ever able to get something started in Salisbury, MD she’ll have quite the story to tell about how she’s already been named. Come to think of it, that’d be a great location for F3 as well. Did someone say Mustard Seed? Yeah! Anyway, no matter what the camera shows, here’s how it all went down:


  • SSH – 18 IC
  • Crab Flipper (a.k.a. Cherry Picker) – 10 IC
  • Windmill – 15 IC (courtesy Vanilla)
  • Seal Jack – 18 IC
  • Shoulder Tap – 10 IC (courtesy Ruxpin)
  • Smurf Jack – 15? IC (courtesy Summit)
  • Shoulder-Tap Merkins – 10 IC (But they didn’t count! YHC, seriously fouled that up. Anything to make the PAX laugh.)

Did YHC get all that with accuracy? Hope so.

The Thang:

  • Paver Pass – PAX each grabbed 1’x1′ paver from the stack, and restacked them on the baseline. PAX passed pavers down the line, doing American Hammers, while 1 PAX Mosey’d around the 4 cones and back. Routine was gladly Omaha’d about half-way thru from AH’s to Squats. At one point, PAX read various quotes written on each paver while working through this routine.

Quotes: Act Like Men. You’re Never Out of the Fight. Push Yourself Further & Farther. DFQ (Don’t Freakin’ Quit). You Don’t Need Motivation, You Need Discipline. Find An Excuse to Win. No Guts, No Story. Do the Hard Thing. Engage in Consistent Action. Leadership is An Action. Success is Not Final, Failure is Not Fatal. Eager to Learn, Eager to Lead.

  • Paver Drive: (Partner up!) 1 PAX “drives” the Paver (holding paver out front, driving left/right), while other PAX mosey’d around the 4 cones. Four rotations. From Cone 3 to 4 each PAX did one of the following on return to switch with partner: Dragon Crawl. Bear Crawl. Fiddler Crab. Crawlbear.

3rdF Message. PAX circled up at the half-way mark. Here’s what was shared:
YHC’s humble addition to what follows from Q Source: I believe LEADERSHIP was one if the things the Apostle Paul was referring to in 1 Cor. 16:13 when he commanded them, “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, ACT LIKE MEN, be strong.” All of those are in a tense (present imperative) that tells us Paul was not addressing momentary attitudes but continuing state.

Of the things that were absent (Wakefulness  Stability, Manliness, and Strength) and therefore addressed, acting like men has come under serious fire this past week by Gillette. Yet, here, God says it in His Word: “Act like men!” Again, I believe he was talking about leadership. He gave this command literally to counter the immaturity apparent among the Corinthian men. It was the culture that was part catalyst to make them that way. There was an absence of manliness, maturity, and responsibility… hence, LEADERSHIP, and so Paul commanded the men to “ACT LIKE MEN.” Be the man. Be mature and responsible. Be the leaders that GOD has called you to be!

———————————- FROM Q SOURCE… “Leadership is a skill that a person must learn and master during their lifetime rather than an attribute of their character with which they are born. As a skill, it is like learning to play the piano. If it were an attribute, it would be like having blue eyes or a square jaw. Because it is a skill, a person must commit to learning to lead in the same way that they would learn to play the piano. The degree to which they will ultimately master it will depend both upon their natural ability and their willingness to practice. Because we are all born with some leadership ability, even a man with very little natural skill can still be an effective leader if he is willing to practice hard. But a man who will not practice at all will never master the skill even if he is born with the heart of a lion. The decision to become an effective leader is volitional. No one else can make it for you.” To continue reading see the Q Source at F3Nation.com

Back to partner pavers…

  • Paver OH Press Squat: 1 PAX does POHPS while partner mosey’s to Cone 3 for Burpees before completing loop and switching with partner. Burpees at cone 3 per round: 4, 3, 2, 1.
  • Paver Sunday Drive: PAX 1 Sunday “drives” paver Easy Like Sunday Morning (shout out to the Commodores) around all four cones before switching out. Partner holds Plank while other is driving. 1 round per PAX.

5 Minutes of Mary:

  • Flutter Kicks – 20 IC (courtesy Chattahoochee, of course)
  • Big Boys – 15 OYO (courtesy Summit)
  • E2K’s – 20 per OYO (courtesy Chairman)
  • LBG..uh, C’s. LBC’s – 20 OYO (courtesy Wildwing)

Great push by all the PAX today, including FNGal, Scoop! You’re one tough cookie! Maybe Beau was hiding behind the camera? Just kidding, Beau, just kidding…we wouldn’t want you to “accidently” lose your footage from this morning. Seriously, a huge and humble thank you to both of you for posting, putting together a story on F3firststate, and helping us put F3 on the Delmarva map. Your willingness to take on this project at O-Gawd-thirty is awesome! It’s amazing for each of us to watch our own fitness and leadership transition, and just as amazing to see that transformation taking place in the men who join us. “Iron sharpens iron.”


Name-O-Rama and naming of FNG


  • Announcements: Nugget on Q in the Gloom at the Aegis.
  • Prayers: Ruxpin’s M, Shawna had appendix removed late last night. Chairman’s Mom, Brenda (ankle infection), and Dad, Denny as he faces medical testing
  • Tclaps to Semi for being a good partner to our FNGal!

And Now, the News: Sydney (F3 Scoop) and Beau stuck around to give an interview. YHC can only hope he said something half decent. Shout out again to Chattahoochee & Fireplex for making this happen. Not our normal schedule, so thanks to all the PAX who allowed me to lead them by posting on a Friday!

That’s it.

~Chappie, out!

TClap |

Nugget beatdown

11/29/18. Milton, DE. Nugget on Q.

Warm up- 20 SSH. 15 windmills. 15 cherry pickers. 15 shoulder taps. Capri lap.

C2C (corner to corner) sprint in between telephone poles and plank until 6 is in to food lion parking lot for beatdown.

8 pax divide into 2 lines of 4. first guy does a crawl exercise about 20 yards then does 10 hand release merkins then does another crawl exercise back. while second guy does calf raises. while third guy does squats. while fourth guy does SSH. 1st crawl exercise was lt. dan there and jump squat back. 2nd was bear crawl there and crawl bear back. third was dragon crawl there and inch worm back. 

3rd F on Planning. Make sure we plan our lives to live out God’s plan and to fulfill ultimately His purpose and good works and not for our own selfish plans. Make sure you use God’s word for counsel and the wisdom from others who have achieved success in what you are looking to accomplish to help you reach your goals.

12 tricep extension push ups. 25 mule kicks. 50 big boys, all OYO. Mosey home back to AO for COT. 

Good push HIM!

TClap |

‘slower-lower’ body beatdown

11/17/18 Georgetown DE Nugget on Q.

warm up

20 ssh. 15 windmill. 15 cherry pickers. 20 clockwise plank. lap around circle with high knees, butt kicks, left shuffle, right shuffle, cupid shuffle (just kidding to make sure you’re paying attention!)


Werkin (wide merkin) 50, American Hammer 100 single count, Step ups LONG 150, Hip thrust 200… awkward but funny.


pax side by side in plank by stair case, first pax does 1 merkin then runs up and down stairs to back of line. next pax does 2 merkins and so on to 12.

mosey to middle school for 3rd F. Jeremiah 33:3 “call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” had good discussion about how we hear God.

red barchetta.

run 100 yards do 100 ssh nur to start. run 75 yards do 75 mt climbers nur to start. run 50 yards do 50 lbcs nur to start. run 25 yards do 25 merkins nur to start.

mosey to circle. AYG tricep extension push up until we were saved  by the bell. 

ended in COT. thanks for posting HIM!

TClap |

bear crawl bridge

11/7. Lewes, De. Nugget on Q.

Warm Up. 20 SSH. 20 windmills. 20 cherry pickers. 20 clock work planks. 10 oppo planks.

Indian run with last man doing scissor jump to bridge

Bear crawl bridge. Partner 1 bear crawls while partner 2 does 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 lbcs then runs to other side of bridge before picking up and continuing to bear crawl where partner 2 was. Partner 2 runs to start and does exercises. Rinse and repeat until there and back.

Wosey to Second St. C2C (corner to corner). Short sprint from start of Second St to Shipcarpenter Square, stopping and planking in-between each roadway/intersection. The sugar rays hold a plank until 6 is in then sprint to next stop.

3rd F on “all it takes is all you got”

AYG (all you got). One pax gets in middle of circle and calls an exercise for all pax to do until he gives AHG (all he got). We did merkins, 6 inches, four count freddys and x’s and o’s.

Mosey to courts for COT and handing the shovel flag and site Q responsibilities to Leatherman!

TClap |