4/6/19 AO:Thunderdome
Football Indian Run (around both fields 2x)
Run to front, throw to back, catch ball run to front, repeat
Anytime ball drops, shout drop, everyone drops and does 5 merkins
Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S. (around basketball courts)
Partner 1 – Coupon Run,
Partner 2 – Exercise until complete and catch partner 1, swap
Burpees 5 each x4 (20 total)
Outlaws 10 each x 4 (40 total)
Merkins 15 each x 4 (60 total)
Big Boy Situps 20 each x 4 (80 total)
Squats 25 each x 4 (100 total)
Bricker of Fire (tennis courts with coupons and callout cones in center of each half)
8 stations rotate when station 1 finishes run around all four courts
1. Coupon Run
2. Curls
3. Overhead Press
4. Tricep Extensions
5. Derkins using coupon
6. Blockees
7. Elf on a Shelf (alternating)
8. Chest Presses
20 E2Ks – on your six, right ankle over left knee, left elbow to right knee, switch.
20 Captain Thors – sit-up with 4 hammers at the top of each

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Turkeys & B.O.M.B.S.!

QIC: ’88
Pax: Hobo, Ponch, Slice, Captain, Rapid
Turkey count: 20+ (no really, we have a flock that roosts in the trees surrounding the AO and make their way on the grass each week)

Indian Lap- Snake
20 SSH IC20 Merkins
20 Squats
50yds 2x Side shuffle
50yds 2x high knees 
40 yds 2x  Bear crawl 
40 yds 2x Karaoka
30 yds 2x Sprints
30 yds 2x Wheelbarrows
20 yds 2x Broad jumps
20 yds 2x Lunges
10 yds 2x Inch Worms
10 yds 2x Imperial Walkers

B.O.M.B.S (Partner work)
Partner 1 runs around all 8 basketball courts
50- Burpees
100- Overhead Claps
150- Merkins
200- Big Boy Sit-ups
250- Squats

20 Bicycles IC

Spanish Count-o-rama to “¡seis!”
Ball of Man

After experiencing several weeks of wet and “cold for California” weather, we got a nice morning in the mid 40’s. This week we welcomed back our brother Slice who had posted at the inagural workout on 11.3.18 and had gone MIA since. It took a full court press from YHC and Ponch. A clown car offer from Ponch put it over the top for Slice since they live in the same neighborhood. Great to have him back! The partner setup for the bulk of the morning made for some good mumble chatter each time back at the BOMBS station.

Run Rocklin Run is April 7th, (Sunday). Ponch set up a team set up when you register.

Lincoln PACE Race is May 4th (Saturday) Hobo has created a team to sign up under. Look for “F3 Fitness” Hobo and YHC have signed up for the 10k.

Stitch and Rapid are both in different running events next weekend. Go get ’em guys!

VQ ALERT: Next week Hobo takes the Q!

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String of Pearls

QIC: ’88
Weather conditions: 50º and heavy rain.

YHC wanted to take it back to basics with a textbook string of pearls. Exercise, mosey, rinse and repeat using various elements of pain. YHC did my best to mix up the exercises to hit different parts of the body. The rain gave us a light ruck feel as all were completely rain soaked fairly early in the workout.

Here we go…

Capri lap around football stadium track which was to our surprise unlocked this morning!

20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Merkins OYO

Mosey to Stanford Ranch
Run as much as you can to front of firehouse. Run/walk pole to pole as a mod.

Thor Hammer ladder 1:4 up to 3:12
Planks 1 min
Repeat-o with a down Thor Hammer ladder

Mosey to coupons
20 overhead coupon squats
20 coupon curls

Mosey to SB field 
20 walking lunges (10 each leg)
20 plank shoulder touches IC

Mosey to tennis courts
11s with Air Squats and Jump Jacks

Mosey to Covered Quad Entrance
20 yards Bear crawl
20 monkey humpers

Mosey to coupons
20 weighted squats
20 overhead press

Oops, our water logged brains forgot the BOM

Naked Moleskin:
5 pax again in the downpour. Ponch was on 2.0 duty while his M is down range for the weekend. Cheers to his efforts on the home front. The rain was no bother other than when it came time to get back into your car. YHC wrung out my outer layers and quite a bit of H2O was returned to the earth. Mud Gear pre order is live, you have until March 8 to get your order in. Run Rocklin Run is coming up in early April and Lincoln Pace Race is beyond that in May.

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Sugar Cookies

AO: Thunderdome
Q: Ponch
Pax: Rapid, Rabbit, Hobo, Captain

The Thang:
Capri lap
Jog backwards
Finkle Swings
Mosie to Coupons
Coupon Set
10 Blockees
Colt 45
Cusak around the B-Ball Courts
10 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
30 Pistons
15 Wonderbra
Mosie to bluff at the far end of the soccer field
Ring of Fire in the mud with bear crawls up and down the bluff worked in for fun
Mosie to B-Ball Courts
Railroad tracks to home plate at baseball field
Sugar Cookies- 30 second Superman in the swamp grass followed by 20 hand release push-ups on the baseball diamond
Modified Dora 50-100-150
3 minutes of Mary
15 Manatees
15 Windshield Wipers
15 American Hammers
15 Freddie Mercury’s

Count o rama, Name o Rama, BoM

Naked Moleskin:
YHC finds it awesome we are continuing to see 5+ pax each week in the winter months. Keep EHing guys you know and lets give it away!

‘88 has the Q next weekend.
Run Rocklin Run team has been started by Ponch. Sign up under team F3 Rocklin on the race website. 6 pax would make a team and get “F3 ROCKLIN” put on the back of the shirts for free.

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New tricks.

Q: ’88

Pax: Rapid, Captain, Ponch, Hobo, Rabbit, Sparky

YHC is back from a family trip to the Pacific Northwest and posted 2 times with the pax of F3 Puget Sound. Several of this week’s exercises are from the trip. 

The Thang:

Capri lap

High knees half field

Karaoke half field

Side shuffle half field

Side shuffle other side half field

Karaoke half field

High knees half field

Capri lap

Puget Sound Triangle 50 yards

Broad jump/Burpee

Bear crawls


Repeat-O X2

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Jillian Michaels

Thor hammers 

1/4, 2/8, 3/12, 4/16, 3/12, 2/8, 1/4

Overhead claps IC 75

Pax choice. 20 reps of any exercise they choose



-Tree Hugger Squat

-Modified Bonnie Blairs

-20 seconds of sprinting

-YHC fails to recall the other exercise

Mosey to baseball bleachers

Superset of:

5 uneven pushups right high

5 uneven pushups left high

10 diamond pushups

15 dips

Mosey to Stanford Ranch Blvd (The hill)

Mosey up the entire hill. While just under 0.4 of a mile its a burner in terms of elevation gain. 

Exercise was to run 2 street light poles then back pedal 2 light poles and repeat to the top. 

Count o rama, Name o rama, COT

Naked Moleskin:

YHC finds it awesome we are continuing to see 5+ pax each week in the winter months. Keep EHing guys you know and lets give it away!


F3 California Dads Camping Weekend is Feb 8-10. Rabbit will have the Q that weekend at Thunder Dome. 

Rabbit’s 2.0 is selling Girl Scout Cookies hit him up on Band for any orders. 

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